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Timeka Marshall confirmed for Jamzone N.Y.C.!

Timeka Marshall

Timeka Marshall

Guyanese songstress Timeka Marshall will be performing live when Hits and Jams Entertainment takes Guyana's greatest event to New York City!
Jamzone NYC, which is slated for August 09, 2014 at The Village, Ralph Avenue, Brooklyn, is promised to be nothing less than adrenaline-charged and plans have definitely kick-started in this direction with the first booking of Mavado and now Timeka!

This talented young woman launched a music career in 2005 when she emerged as the winner of the first GT&T Jingle and Song Competition. She has since rose to stardom and is currently working diligently to improve her craft while residing in 'Dancehall-Reggae Nation' Jamaica. Her most recent singles are 'Come Over', 'Take it Easy' and 'Undercover Lady'

More acts are yet to be added to the Jamzone NYC lineup.
While this will be the first year for Jamzone to be hosted in the U.S., the event is in its fourteenth year in Guyana where it is established as the greatest calendar event. Promoters are aiming for Guyana's most anticipated event to make a similar impact on the international scene.


John Legend and Beres Hammond for “Night of Love” concert in Guyana January 2014

John Legend

R&B Icon John Legend, who recently released his fourth album 'Love In the Future', will be performing in Guyana on January 04, 2014 alongside Reggae genius Beres Hammond!
This concert, which is dubbed 'Night of Love', will see the fusion of R&B and Reggae but what is for certain, both Legend and Hammond are strong advocates of love and their music surely identifies with this trait.

The news of this grand event came soon after the conclusion of the 'Redemption Concert' which was also referred to as 'The Night of Legends' Concert which was hosted on October 19, 2013. Headlining that show was R&B King R. Kelly. Also performing were Morgan Heritage, Kes the Band, Karma the Band, Jumo and Rkhty. On this evening, R&B, Reggae, Soca, Chutney and Dancehall were fused together. The response was overwhelming. As a result, Hits and Jams Entertainment and McNeal Enterprise decided to team up once again for the 'Night of Love' event.

Beres Hammond

John Roger Stephens, who is better known by his stage name John Legend, has recently resumed his position within the eye of the public with the successful launch of his fourth studio album 'Love in the Future'. The third single off the album, 'All of me' impacted American mainstream urban radio and became the highest charting song of the album.

Meanwhile, Hammond, being no stranger to the Guyanese audience, was unquestionably a sure pick for the 'Night of Love' concert. With songs like 'Tempted to Touch', 'Sweet Lies', 'Sweetness', 'They gonna Talk' and 'Angel Eyes', Beres can be described as the Reggae voice of love in his own right.
The organizers promise yet another unforgettable evening with quality entertainment that most would be able to witness only once in a lifetime!


Slingerz Caribbean Summer Jam

On Saturday the 17th day of June, 2013, Slingerz Family Entertainment staged their Slingerz Caribbean Summer Jam at the Guyana National Stadium. The two featured artistes were supposed to have been Tommy Lee and Mavado of Jamaica. There were also performances by other local artistes, whom Slingerz have been at pains to promote.

These local artistes, who included Alabama, Malcolm Ferreira, Kwesi Ace and Jory, charmed the crowd and represented fully the budding and exciting crop of local artistes now appearing on the national stage.

Tommy Lee also performed and enthralled and enchanted his fans for just over an hour with a thrilling and powerful performance.

Slingerz Family extends its heartfelt thank you to the Artistes, fans, Guyana Police Force, organisers and contributors to the event and promises the local fans to continue its quest to bring quality entertainment to Guyana.

Unfortunately, however, Movado did not perform at the said event as advertised and for this Slingerz Family extends its profound apologies to the Guyanese public.

However, notwithstanding the false and malicious statements made by and attributed to Movado regarding the events that led to his non-performance, Slingerz Family wishes to bring to the public's attention the true facts.

The agreement to have Movado perform at the show was entered into since on or around the 26th day of June, 2013.

At the time it was agreed that fourteen (14) persons would make up Movado's entourage. The initial deposit, being 50% of the agreed sum, was paid to the Artiste.

The travel itinerary agreed upon between the parties was communicated to the artiste and accepted. The artiste was supposed to have begun travelling on the 15th day of August, 2013, with a view to arriving in Guyana on the 16th day of August, 2013 by way of Caribbean airlines. All the necessary bookings were made and paid for by the Slingerz family Entertainment Group.

The travel arrangements made included funds sent to the artiste management team to facilitate travel from his residence in Jamaica to the airport. Whilst it was agreed that Slingerz Family would fund the cost associated with the travel of the artiste and his entourage to the Jamaican airport where they were expected to board the same flight upon which Tommy Lee travelled, it was incumbent on the artiste management team to make the arrangements for their transport to the airport.

Earlier, communications were received from the artiste management team that everyone had checked in online and everything was in place for them to travel.
However, upon checking with the airline to determine whether the artiste and his entourage had arrived at the airport and checked in to travel, Slingerz Family learnt that they had not.

Contact was then made with the artiste manager who indicated that the bus they had enlisted to transport them to the airport arrived late and as such they missed the flight. He indicated that “god aint coming and if yall want god fuh come u have to send a private jet for he” After expressing the view that this was likely to put the Slingerz Family Entertainment group in an embarrassing position as they had established a reputation of always delivering on their promise to bring artiste to these shores, Slingerz Family promise to do all within their power to ensure the artiste arrived in Guyana.

The chartering of a private jet at that ninth hour appeared prohibitive in terms of accessibility and cost, however, in an effort not to disappoint its Guyanese fan base, Slingerz Family sought to make every possible effort to ensure the artiste arrived, which would be at an additional cost to Slingerz Family, through no fault of theirs.

After great endeavours, Slingerz Family enlisted the help of a private local aircraft to travel to Jamaica to transport the artiste and his team. The specifications of the aircraft and the flight schedule were communicated to and accepted by the artiste and his management team.

The flight departed Guyana and arrived in Jamaica, where, Slingerz Family learnt, the artiste made several objections to the type of aircraft, having already been apprised of the specifications of the aircraft before it travelled. Slingerz Family were also informed by the flight officials that when the flight stopped in Curacao for refueling, as was discussed and agreed upon between the parties, the artiste began to behave in an untoward manner complaining bitterly about various matters whilst proclaiming that he is “the god' and demanded that he be taken back to Jamaica. This caused the flight to be delayed in Curacao for three hours before the artiste was persuaded to rejoin and to continue the journey.

This delay caused the flight to enter the Guyana airspace after 18:00 hours on the 17th day of August, 2013. Slingerz Family Entertainment received communications from officials at the Ogle International airport that because of international regulations the plane would not be permitted to land and as such the plane was redirected to Trinidad. This caused a further endeavours were made to get clearance from the relevant local authority for the plane to land.

After acquiring permission through the intervention of the good offices of the relevant officials, the plane landed at Ogle International at approximately 23:45 hours. After clearing immigration, a process that took some time due to the lateness of the hour and the fact that the flight was unscheduled, Movado and his entourage were met by officials from the Slingerz Family and transported to the Princess hotel, arriving there at approximately 01:20 hours. There Movado occupied the Presidential suite as per request and his entourage other rooms.

At the hotel, after refreshing themselves, the artiste management was asked to have his band attend the stadium to tune their instruments. It had been explained to Movado that he would appear on stage before before Tommy Lee as, based on past experience, Slingerz Family Promotions had concerns about the restlessness of the crowd when Tommy Lee, who has developed a wide and impressionable fan base, appeared.

At that point, Movado and his entourage objected vehemently stating that he was the “superstar” and insisted that he headlined the show.

All this time, Slingerz Family Entertainment was hard-pressed since they had been given a stipulated time by the police authority regarding when the show should conclude. At their request, the Guyana Police Force was even kind enough to extend the time a bit longer.

Nevertheless, word was sent to the Tommy Lee camp asking whether they would facilitate the promoters by appearing first and they readily agreed. Tommy Lee took the stage a little after 2am.

Movado then expressed his reluctance to perform nevertheless stating that he felt Slingerz Family Entertainment disrespected him by seemingly promoting Tommy Lee and Gaza over him.

At the conclusion of Tommy Lee's performance and whilst still discussing with a Slingerz Family representative whether he would perform, Movado indicated that the present show was Tommy Lee's show and maybe Slingerz family should hold a show the next day, which would be the Movado show.

A short while after word was received that members of the Guyana Police force had called an end to the show.

Slingerz Family Entertainment's deepest regret in all of this, notwithstanding the substantial financial losses and public image damage involved is that the local fans were cheated of an opportunity to experience all that they were promised. Slingerz family Entertainment vows to ensure that a repeat of this unfortunate situation does not reoccur by enlisting artiste in the future who are cognizant of their responsibility to the public as much as their own financial well-being.

We deny owing Movado the sums he has alleged in his statements or any sum at all. Slingerz Family Entertainment has honoured all financial obligations to the artiste in accordance with the agreement and the artiste's inability to perform was in no wise due to the fault of Slingerz Family Entertainment. We have experienced considerable difficulty with the particular artiste regarding flight arrangements, being forced to change same on several occasions. We regret the inconvenience caused to our fans.


HJ collaborates with Rose Red Productions for Boom Concert Pre-Party!

As anticipation builds for the big Boom Concert, Hits and Jams 94.1 in collaboration with Rose Red Productions brings to you ‘Flavour Friday’ as a pre-event for those excited party goers!

This party will be hosted at Palm Court on April 12, the night prior to the big Boom Concert and fun day. Patrons can enjoy mixing by some of Guyana’s most popular DJs such as Entertainer Dwight, Selector Diamond and other guest DJs.

Admission into the club is $2,000 before 23:00 hours while ladies will be admitted free up to 22:00 hours so come out and continue the celebration of the biggest radio station launch in Guyana, 94.1 BOOM FM, The Next Generation Radio for Next Generation Listeners!
Remember, the fun continues the following day at the National Park from 12 noon to 12am! Twelve hours of packed entertainment for our supporters throughout the years. Apart from the many giveaways, inclusive of a brand new motor car, fans can enjoy live entertainment by local artistes and other exciting activities, all free of charge!


Adrian Dutchin, Jomo, Brandon Harding, Chiney among others confirmed for HJ’BOOM Concert’!

With the already huge success Hits and Jams 94.1 BOOM FM has seen since its launch just two weeks ago, the Entertainment giant is bringing the curtains down on this super launch in a booming way!
Come April 13, HJ supporters will be treated to an evening of live entertainment by Guyana’s biggest artistes and best DJs including Adrian Dutchin, Jomo, Brandon Harding, Chiney, Charmaine Blackman-Alves, G-Money, Heat Wave Band, Fusion Sound System, Stereo Sonic, Slingerz and Pier One.

There will also be tons of giveaways with one lucky person driving off in a brand new motorcar. Among other prizes are motorcycles, Ipads, Beats headphones, radios etc. The public will also be given the opportunity to meet and interact with the radio personalities they have grown to love in only a short space of time.

This is our way of giving back to Guyanese for all the love and support we have gotten over the years and with radio, being our most recent but most anticipated endeavor, we are pleased to be able to give away millions in prizes to our fans for one entire month. With just one phone call, persons have been winning great prizes but the best is yet to come.
It continues on April 13 when persons are invited to come down to the National Park and enter free of charge to get the opportunity to win more fabulous gifts and even cash prizes! Be sure to tune in to the Boom station for more details on this event.



RDX for GFC Ground on Mash Night


The excitement of Mashramani 2013 continues into the night with Jamaica's hottest dancehall duo, RDX!
Stereo Sonics' annual Mash Jam at the GFC Ground will feature this dynamic act which is sure to keep the party alive even after the floats would have long left Vlissengen and Irving Streets.

RDX consists of deejay Renigade whose real name is Carlton Williams and singer Andre Bedwar who is also known as Delomar.
After bursting on to the Jamaican music scene in 2003 with the group Xsytment, Renigade and Delomar evolved into RDX in 2006 and made quite an impact in the dancehall underground, but it was not until early 2007 that RDX really broke through.
The hit song 'Dance' brought a new energy to the music selectors' CD pouches and the sequel, 'Everybody dance' is right up there with its predecessor, hard thumping beat, catchy melodies and highlights the greatest dance moves fresh from the streets of Jamaica. This momentum continued with hits like 'Bend Over', 'Daggerin', 'Jump', 'Broad Out' and 'Mad Boss'.
Stereo Sonics has hosted this event for seven consecutive years and is known for featuring some of the hottest artistes such as Mavado, Popcaan, Tony Matterhorn, Kiprich, etc. Also, Stereo Sonics makes certain not to exclude Guyana's local talent and is known for featuring the best DJs at this event.

Tickets will be available at both White Castle Fish Shop locations, Nigel Supermarket and Ashmins Trading and cost $1,500. Tickets at the gate of the event will cost $2,000.


Next Level Entertainment to host Grandeur featuring Jamaican songstress “Tami Chynn”

In keeping with our trend of bringing the best events in Guyana and grandest event to usher in the New Year, Next Level Entertainment brings to you Grandeur- an evening of Magnificence and Seduction featuring Jamaican songstress Tami Chynn at the Tower Hotel and Pool Side.

Tami Chynn is known for being the woman with the most angelic voice in Reggae music and she's promising an unforgettable evening and to serenade patrons with her various hits that includes “Over and Over Again", "Nevah Know (Wicked Inna Bed)", "Frozen" a collaboration with Akon and many more.

This is our third outing at promoting events of such kind, dating back to 2011 when we first brought R&B Superstar Mario to Guyana and last year Alaine and Dancehall star Konshens.

We're of the view that Tami Chynn, the wife of dancehall artiste Wayne Marshall, is as good as it gets in the reggae industry and with this is her first time in Guyana; she's looking to make a major impact on the Guyanese public

Regular entrance tickets cost $5,000 whilst for $8,000 ticket holders will also gain entrance to the Edge Night Club.

VIP Tickets cost $20,000 and includes entrance to the Pool side area, access to the Edge Night Club, Dinner at Flame Restaurant located in the Hotel and the local bar.

Tickets are presently on sale at Vinu's Shoe Box in the City Mall, Hotel Tower, Walter and Walter (Western Union) located on Alexander Street in Kitty. Glamour Designer Brands is the ONLY place where VIP tickets are sold.

Meanwhile, Next Level Entertainment will be hosting a Press Conference on Monday December 31, at the Tower Hotel at 11:00 hours with Tami Chynn.


Conscious Minds November to Remember 2 – Night of Divas

Soca Queen Destra Garcia

Soca Queen Destra Garcia

Divas, both big and small (and fluffy and slim) congregated at the Guyana National Stadium for Conscious Minds' "November to Remember 2 - Night of the Divas" concert last Saturday, November 17, 2012.

I understand that with November being the month to raise awareness for Domestic Violence, head of Conscious Minds thought it wise and timely to hold an event showcasing Caribbean Dancehall & Soca Divas. However, he neglected to include his own Guyanese divas but I guess we'll discuss that later, first let me tell you about the show.
The show was hosted by Lisa Punch and Mondale Smith. Lisa, though not slated to perform opened up with a song (a song the DJ took forever to find) before she introduced the first act of the evening. Rags up! Flags up! If you're not a soca loving diva then you would really find it hard to appreciate Destra Garcia's music. Bringing the revelry and excitement of Carnival, Destra took us from hits to hits of her sweet sweet soca music. Many of the stiletto wearers decided to forego their ridiculous heels for flats to jump and frolic around to hits such as Max It Up, In D Air, Carnival, Jumpin' and many more. She had patrons moving from one side of the stadium to the other. She even called a young lady from the crowd to represent for the Guyanese ladies. No one from the VIP opted to represent so a very willing young girl from General jumped the barricade to join Destra on stage. Her jumping did not go in vain because she surely didn't disappoint.

Denise "Saucy" Belfon

In the middle of her performance Destra introduced on stage with her another one of Trinidad's soca sensations, Denise 'Saucy Wow' Belfon. Saucy wasted no time in getting down to business and displaying her agility as she did the bicycle and many other gyrations. She even schooled the divas on what to do to their men when they got home, I hope many took notes. Saucy Wow's energetic performance featured hits such as "Saucy Baby" and one of the best impersonations of Tina Turner's song, "Private Dancer". Destra got back on stage and the soca duo performed "Obsessive Winers" together before Destra finished off her performance and culminated the soca aspect of the show. Yes, I can tell you that many persons were dripping at the end of all that wining.

Tanya Stephens

Tanya Stephens

From Trinidad to Jamaica, from soca to dancehall, from the revelry of Carnival to stimulating social commentary, from the soca queen to the dancehall queen, from Destra to Tanya Stephens. The ladies (and surprisingly some men) all rushed to the front of the stage to get a little closer to Tanya. Women respect Tanya because they can relate to each and every one of her songs, some of the few she shared included "Yuh Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet", "Tek Him Back", "Boom Wuk", "It's a Pity", "What a Day", "Good Ride", "These Streets" and many more. A for Amazing Tanya!


The show got a little hyper when dancehall diva Spice came on stage, the very vulgar Ms. Jim Screechie , who looked much better in her outfit last night then the clown suit she wore in August belted out the few tracks she has and then invited fluffy Pamputae on stage with her. Pamputae might be fluffy but she can move thus her recent single Slim vs. Fluffy which she sang with help from Spice and two girls, one fluffy and one slim from the crowd. The fluffy girl outdid the slim girl just like the song says. LOL. Pamputae ended her performance with her signature "Pat Yuh Pu$$y" and left Spice on stage who did an amazing but very raw rendition of the Power of Love.

Dancehall Queen Lady Saw

Dancehall Queen Lady Saw

The last diva to grace the stage was the Queen of Dancehall, the one, the only Lady Saw who got right down to business by taking off her heels and belting out hits such as "If Him Lef", "Woman Mi Name", "Sycamore Tree", "Gal No Worry", "Wife a Wife", "Hardcore (It's Raining)", "It's a Pity", "Push

Over" and concluded with her very recent "Heels On".
The show was an epic one I must say. Kudos to the Divas!
But I would have really liked to have at least two Guyanese divas on stage maybe Timeka Marshall & Jackie Hanover (sticking to the dancehall genre) and one last thing before I go, why was the show so scarcely attended?

Click to view album --> November to Remember 2 - Night of Divas


Timeka Marshal teams up with Konshens for ‘Come over’ single

Timeka Marshall

Timeka Marshall

In the past years we've seen and heard Timeka Marshall alone and with other regional acts and then a brief silence followed but at present she's teamed up with Jamaican sensation Konshens and the combination is electrifying.

Fans can look out for the new projects such as the Under Cover lady Video with a prequel to follow. It tells the all too familiar reality story for some women who have played the secret role of mistresses... The songs tells the story of a woman being tired f being the best kept secret while the video contradicts the message where an exotic dancer is heartbroken...the rest is to be seen in the prequel coming soon.

But that's just the tip of the ice berg in the world of Timeka as she's also got a few new songs such as the dancehall Caribbean up tempo Si (see) How MI Hot on the Love Bug rhythm by producers Washroom entertainment out of Jamaica. That song is already tearing up the hot 97 airwaves in New York. Then she has a song titled 'I'll be there for you' on the focus rhythm, Kisses softly on the 9.58 rhythm, Steeling feeling on the Sweet ride rhythm and the new single titled 'Come over' produced by the subkonshus label. The later has been doing great on various charts and the video shoot is set for Timeka's return to Jamaica. The director for that video is Gareth Cobran whose work with Timeka in the past include Feel fah and Secretes/ Hush with Timeka and Peeth Morgan.
As the year draws to a close and the New Year dawns Timeka is working to release several videos that will certainly leave tongues wagging with requests for more.

What started out as a by chance entry into the GTT Jingle competition in 2006 and a follow up release of the separate song has come full circle for Timeka Marhall. This Guyanese eye candy with countless releases to her name is not just in the music for singing but also is a writer who has co-wrote hits not just for herself. Her collaborative sojourns have seen her pairing up with Busy signal, Peetah Morgan and Skinny Fabulous. And word is she's already done recording collaborations with Romain Virgo, Laza Morgan of 'one by one' fame, D'Major and Konshens.

The six years ride thus far in the industry has been good for me and I know for a fact that its definitely been about growth... I've grown and the name as well as the accomplishments has been many as I've been able to take kind the council the years from producers and artistes alike that I've encountered. She has worked in Jamaica, Barbados, Antigua, Canada, the USA and Trinidad.
Ultimately Timeka is based in Jamaica these days and as she progresses she says 'Sky is the limit not just for me but for the work I do.


11 make Inaugural Miss Region 3 Shortlist – Pageant set for December 21

Delegates for Miss Guyana Region 3 Pageant

After tedious assessing of applications and interviews the Miss Region 3 committee has arrived at a shortlist of 11 beauties who shall contest the coveted title for a chance to take home in excess of $800,000 in cash and prizes.

The training and grooming of the delegates has started under the guidance of Classique dancer Paul Charles and efforts are in train to have the delegates sponsored. The saching ceremony is set for Tuesday at the Aracari Resort. It is the delegates have joined the pageant with the main purpose of winning the pageant and ultimately entering the Miss Guyana Universe or Miss Guyana World pageant to prove that Guyana also has beauty ambassadors who are capable from Region 3.
Aged 17-25 they describe themselves as pretty, intelligent, outgoing and having the drive to be a beauty ambassador. They all hail from region3 and answered the call for the opportunity to shine, win fabulous prizes valued at more than $800,000.

The road to the staging of the first Miss Guyana region 3 pageant started several weeks ago under the stewardship of Extreme Entertainment headed by businessman Terrence Evans of number one canal. His team includes Onetta Chisholm Administrator, Classique ace dancer Paul Charles who is the artistic director and Stefan Granville and another businessman. "Our aim is to find that one young lady from one of the many villages in region three and motivate her to pursue her dreams to hopefully be a true region three representative at any of the national pageants while rewarding her with lucrative prizes at the same time, says Charles.
Explaining the rationale Evans says he is investing in excess of $2.5m because he is sure that region 3 has beautiful, talented and educated enough women who also should be recognized and possibly groomed into being a national representative at the two main local pageants to win and be a Guyanease beauty ambassador Internationally. "We have found 11 beauties who have began to go through their paces with Mr.Charles to compete for the title because too often we see women from other parts of Guyana winning pageants and region 3 is not represented. We want to change that while bringing some entertainment to the region and if all goes well we will make this an annual affair so that other regions can join the train to take pageantry to the next level where each region would want to have their best beauty ambassador step up to the plate and have a real national pageant to select Guyana's best to the international arena."
For further information persons can also contact the Artistic director Mr. Charles on 6632750 or Mr. Terrence on 6936748. The team is specific in stating that this is a serious venture that would see the young women being respected, trained and celebrated and they are specific in stating that parents have no need not fear anyone on the committee with their daughters for this life changing opportunity to be the Miss Guyana Region 3 Queen as all involved have integrity.