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XM Carifesta Cocktail Mix-Off

The place to be after the extravagant opening ceremony for CARIFESTA X was Banks DIH Thirst Park. This was to be the venue for the XM CARIFESTA cocktail mix-off. The event was to see the coming together of the best known cocktail mixers around the country to compete for prizes, a trophy and bragging rights for being the best mixer in Guyana.

There were six competitors in the competition. Each was to mix their own special blend of three drinks; the margarita, the shooter and the cocktail. Two bars were set up so as to minimize time. Each competitor had 3 minutes to mix and pour their special blends using products provided by Banks DIH and other specified ingredients. After mixing their blends each competitor had to present their finished products to the panel of jusdes for the taste test.

Between the changes in drinks to be mixed persons attending the event had the opportunity to listen to the winner of the recently concluded Banks Premium Beer Karaoke competition. He serenaded the crowd with classics from yesteryear, causing some persons to even take to the dancefloor and waltz. Persons were also afforded the opportunity to acquire cocktails, using their chits from the barso as to get a sense of what the competitors were mixing.

Following the sampling of the numerous mixes the judges had the difficult task of selecting the winners for each category and the overall winner of the competition. After much deliberation it was decided that the winner of the mix-off was Vishnu Singh.

Despite the soggy state of the ground due to heavy rainfall earlier in the day the event was well supported.