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Car and Bike: from the sleek to the ridiculous

The Ninth Annual Hits and Jam (HJ) Car and Bike show proved to be a spectacle as participants turned out in moderate number for the yearly event held at the Everest Cricket ground.

Most vehicles were more or less similar to those of last year with huge sound systems, a number of flat screen TVs and spinning rims; same trends, different year. Some cars however took the cake and went overboard when their owners decided to put odd twists to their outrageous vehicles.

One in particular, PEE 1820, chose to place his sound system above the engine of his car, in front of the windscreen. The layers upon layers of speakers of varying sizes totally blocked the view of the driver, who had to be assisted onto the stage at the show.

However onto results.

After being crowned Car Show King, PLL 2679 drove away with the second place prizes in the categories of Best Car and Cleanest Car.

First places for the Best Car and Cleanest Car categories went to PKK 1262. The Best Antique Car and Cleanest Antique Car first place prizes went P 6834, while CF 2152 took second place in the Best Antique Car category.

A yellow SSR Chevrolet was given first place for the Super Car or SUV category, while first place for Best SUV went to PKK 9891 and second place to GKK 2220 won second place for Cleanest SUV, the only prizes for the three vehicles. PKK 7183 won second place in the Best SUV category, but copped first prize in the category for Cleanest SUV.

CF 3371 was a clear favorite as it took away all the first place prizes in the Best Antique Bike, Best Bike, Cleanest Bike and Cleanest Antique Bike categories, while CF 2152 came second in each of the Best Bike, Cleanest Bike and Cleanest Antique Bike categories.


Sunday is Car and Bike show day

After almost a month's delay to facilitate auto shops, all is set for a most memorable showcase of Cars, SUVs and Bikes at the Everest ground on Sunday.

Entertainer Kerwin Bollers of the Hits and Jams group is reporting that all is set for what could well become the most mega auto fair and showcase on the local shores.

All told, the seventh annual event will feature cars, bikes and SUVs competing in various categories for tangible prizes as well as bragging rights and trophies.

With two additions, the categories include Cleanest Car and Bike, Best Car, SUV and Bike, Best Antique Car and Bike, Cleanest Sounding Car and SUV, Loudest Car and SUV, Super Car or SUV, and Car Show King and for good measure, there are also prizes for Best Graphic Designer and a CBR burnout clash.

The king walks away with a giant size trophy and other prizes as well as one year of bragging rights.

The show that was carded for last month was postponed according to Entertainer Bollers following requests from some of the contenders of the event. He had earlier:"The body workshops owners asked us to hold because they need some more time to import supplies to dazzle and surprise fans."  Bollers reiterated that his team remains committed to providing the best quality events to help develop the local entertainment offerings.

The family event takes the format of a fair and will also feature booths in which automobile parts and accessories providers and sellers and well as automobile owners will showcase their toys. The show is sponsored by GT&T and Banks Power Stout and HJ-TV 72.

By - Mondale Smith