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DeSinco Trading gives back for Christmas 2013

In Picture from left to right - Sarah Savory (DeSinco Trading Marketing Manager), Andrea Phillips (Field Officer Red Cross), Alicia DeAbreu (Director, DeSinco Trading), Rebina Panday (Merchandiser at DeSinco Trading)

Local distribution giant, DeSinco Trading is going above and beyond this Christmas in their philanthropic efforts to give back to the community.
Instead of their customary company calendars, the organization will be investing funds into a new project which will undoubtedly serve as the icing on the cake of the company's community projects for 2013. Every week until Christmas, DeSinco Trading will be donating a substantial amount of products to one local charity from their extensive food, personal care and household lines.

On Tuesday last, Guyana Red Cross Society's welfare officer, Prudence Bowman and field officer Andrea Phillips received two boxes of personal care products on behalf of the organization for the senior citizens who benefit from their outreach programs.
"We've decided to switch it up this year", said DeSinco's Marketing Manager, Sarah Savory. "Our normal Christmas plans would include printing calendars and distributing hampers to our customers, but this time around we're upping the ante in hopes that we can make meaningful contributions to the people who look forward to it especially during this time of year".

DeSinco Trading is Guyana's leading distributor of quality consumer goods. For over twenty years, the company has been serving the Guyanese public and ardently supports youth development through sponsorship of educational facilities and sporting activities nationwide.


Fashion Designer Tyrone Nelson: English Duck International Designs



A Graduate of the University of the West Indies Cave Hill Barbados within the field of Business Management,

CEO and Fashion Designer of English Duck International Designs (EDI), which was established and created in October 2006 by Mr. Tyrone Nelson, a young, energetic, creative, confident and artistic individual, Before Mr. Nelson became a part of the fashion industry as a designer he launched his career in Barbados as a model in the Ebony Model Agency, he have captured two titles after competing in two (2) male pageants, Namely: Mr. Ebony Barbados, and Face of Shabough Barbados,
Mr. Nelson have graced the run way in Barbados as a model on numerous stages including Barbados Fashion Week.

EDI Designs was officially launched in 2007 at the Barbados Manufacturing Expo (BMEX), under the title Evolution; with great reviews, for its artistic and creative work. He obtained a Diploma in "Fashion" at the Barbados Community College, and escalated into the fashion world by representing EDI Designs on stages such as "Caribbean Fashion Week, Barbados Fashion Week, Style Week Jamaica, Red Run Way Fashion show in Trinidad & Tobago, Ester Barnes Fashion Show in Toronto Canada, Guyana Fashion Week and is presently turning heads on the fashion arena in the island of Bahamas where he currently resides".

EDI Designs have been mold into one of the most futuristic and talked about designs around Guyana, and the Caribbean, EDI Designs also expand its services and expertise, by coordinating, and constructing wardrobe and pageants, such as the Miss Guyana Talented Teen, Miss Free Port, in Bahamas and Point a pier, in Trinidad, including numerous others etc. He has also judged trained and produced models for numerous pageants around the Caribbean.
August 2011 in Trinidad & Tobago Mr. Tyrone Nelson launched his all-male clothing line "venom" at in Trinidad and Tobago and was widely received.

It’s there he was challenge to create, design and produce Carnival Costumes, both kiddies and adult in 2012 in Trinidad and Tobago, Many of which have won prices such as Band and Individual of the year, throughout Trinidad & Tobago, and has expanded to the fashion and carnival arena, in countries such as Miami, Barbados, Grenada and Antigua, etc.
EDI Designs continue to showcase its creativity and uniqueness around the Caribbean where ever the opportunity arises, and continue to voice his expertise in judging, training, producing and coordinating male and female beauty pageants around the Caribbean region.
It is the aim of Tyrone Nelson, to bring the future fashion world into the reality of today, with his unique and creative ideas, with the usage of Pin Chains, Furs, Cords and Ropes ETC.
EDI Designs, Setting the Trend for the Future Designing World.


Is there a Rihanna Concert in the making for Guyana?

From left to Right: Kerwin Bollers, Robyn "Rihanna" Fenty and Rawle Ferguson

Guyana and Barbados share a special bond, a bond that Pop songstress Rihanna is obviously the living proof of!
Since this little sun-kissed beauty touched the international music scene in 2004, rising to stardom and now being described as one of the 100 most influential people in the world, she has proudly owned her Bajan and Guyanese roots.
This was most recently exhibited on social media over the weekend when Rihanna celebrated her grandfather's birthday in the sunny island of Barbados where she grew up. The Directors of Hits and Jams Entertainment, Kerwin Bollers and Rawle Ferguson, were pleased to have been invited to the private function which was hosted at the songstress' mother's home for relatives and close friends on Sunday, November 03. During their visit, they used the opportunity to speak with Rihanna and her team about a possible concert in Guyana.

From left to right: Kerwin Bollers, Jay Brown and Rawle Ferguson.

Rihanna's Manager, who is also the Co-Founder and President of Roc Nation, Jay Brown, was also present at the Birthday celebration and discussed with Directors of Hits and Jams Entertainment Rihanna's interest in performing in Guyana. Brown said that he is very opened to the proposal especially since Rihanna is thrilled to perform here.

It was gratifying to discover that Rihanna and her family are still very much in tune with Guyanese culture and are proud of their heritage. In honour of her grandfather's birthday, Rihanna posted on Instagram "Happy Birthday Grandfadda Bravo!!!!! You are so special to all of us!!! If it wasn't for you buying out the whole tray of mangoes from gran gran Dolly that one day you got off your ship in Guyana, and charmed her with that smile laced with a gold cap, NONE of us would be here!! So I'm saying a special thanks to you for having a heart of a lion, my Scorpio Kind, Legend!!! They will never know what it took for you to get us here!! I love you way past unconditional!!! You're true as steel BRAVO!!!!"

The Pic-Collage Rihanna posted on her official Instagram page of herself and Grandfather Bravo.

Rihanna's mother, Monica Braithwaite, took pride in the Guyanese dishes she prepared for the birthday function which included pepperpot and curry. "She said she cooked this curry the real Guyanese style with the Guyanese spices aggi and geera," Bollers recalled with a smile.

Monique Braithwaite dishes out Kerwin Bollers a mean curry and dhal puri!

Meanwhile, Rawle spoke about his encounter with the megastar and stated that she struck him as a "very calm, very down to earth and very natural person".
Rihanna is one of the leading Pop artists with a total of 238 awards from 540 nominations. Apart from awards for her work, Rihanna has also received awards as an artist, including 22 Billboard Music Awards, 17 Barbados Music Awards, six NRJ Music Awards, three MOBO Awards and two BRIT Awards. She was also named the most liked celebrity on Facebook at one point, ranked as one of Forbes Magazine's top-earning women in music and even third most googled woman!
Earning herself some of the biggest acknowledgements this generation of artists have ever seen, Rihanna definitely lives by a demanding schedule. However, a concert headlined by Rihanna is foreseen in Guyana! "The perfect time has to be set but a performance in Guyana is not too farfetched," Bollers said.

Hits and Jams Entertainment has worked with international Grammy Award winning artists such as R. Kelly, Rick Ross, Neyo, Trey Songz, Akon and Eve and is in the process of organizing a January 04, 2014 concert with John Legend and Beres Hammond.
Rihanna and her family have not returned to Guyana in several years and are looking forward to returning soon for a huge celebration in the form of a concert with the Guyanese fans.
Hits and Jams Entertainment is very optimistic and excited about the possibility of bringing yet another, and one of our own, back to Guyana! The entertainment giant also believes that this can possibly be the artist's biggest Caribbean concert since Guyana is located in South America and bordered by countries which are home to a large portion of Rihanna's fan base! This will therefore result in a large influx of tourists benefitting this sector greatly.