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Guyana Fashion Weekend 5

Guyana Fashion Weekend Set 2

Guyana Fashion Weekend 5 (GFW5) was a testimony to the resilience of a burgeoning Guyanese creative industry, in light of the prevailing economic conditions.It was an expression that non-traditional forms of income generation must be accessed. It was a sign that a talented and creative community exists and that at all cost they would utilize their ingenuity to create business opportunity. GFW5 was indeed a celebration of Guyanese style and a proclamation for Caribbean fashion. The five year history made an indelible impression on the promotion of the Caribbean aesthetic as a viable global style alternative. Five years marked the end of phase one of the plan to develop a Guyanese fashion industry. It goes without saying that part and parcel of this movement is identity branding which includes mobilizing all aspects of the Arts to corral the components of a true creative industry. This is the stuff of which sustainable development is made - the reliance on economic diversification strategies to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. All of which ensure youth empowerment and nation-building action.

So we are at the crossroads. GFW is now a biennial event which fosters ongoing ,pro-active and relevant participation from its protagonists and stakeholders. Its far reaching effects are not limited to the event alone, for it has engaged stylists, make-up artists, models,graphic artists, performers,set designers, event planners, costumers,handicraftsmen, hairstylists and even culinary artists,over the last two years, in meaningful innovative interaction. The event has been able to propel corporate social responsibility initiatives. All in all, GFW has positioned itself on the national calendar of events as an anticipated and essential feature of Guyanese event tourism, Caribbean creative industry networking and strategic, cultural development, locally

Guyana Fashion Weekend Set 2011

The next stage of GFW is critical. It is the second stage of development - the sixth installment. 'Six becomes one' is our underlying theme as we commemorate the United Nation's International Year of Water Cooperation . In this land of many waters, it is incumbent that we acknowledge and associate with the concepts of sustainable management of fresh water resources and raising awareness on the potential for increased cooperation in light of the growth in demand for water access, allocation and services. This is how we garner international recognition of our fashion wares by aligning with international observances, for fashion has become a medium used to consolidate disparate interests. Fashion is a fascinating mechanism of popular culture and hence drives many related industries forward by harnessing and honing inter-disciplinary strengths. GFW would no longer be a weekend event. This is the first year of Guyana Fashion Week, chocked full of industry-building activity which would augur well for national pride,economic prosperity,youth empowerment,destination marketing, fashion production/manufacturing/marketing development as well as updating technological and intellectual fashion input. Indeed, we are readying ourselves for exporting and presenting Guyanese capabilities to the world.

Guyana Fashion Week is set for 22nd - 27th October, 2013. An annual calendar of events is planned, kicking off on March 22nd, World Water Day. This year promises an event like no other , bringing together six races to pronounce one people
six days of fashion activity to celebrate one fashion week, six senses,including the mind, to chart one vision, six types of Arts to claim one creative industry,six nationalities would be present, to identify our collective brand, and this our sixth event would continue to forge our unique destiny. GFW pays tribute to water's sustainable properties, in declaring that water is essential to our very existence. There is no life without water so GFW 2013 hopes to bring life to fashion and as a result bring fashion to life.

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RDX for GFC Ground on Mash Night


The excitement of Mashramani 2013 continues into the night with Jamaica's hottest dancehall duo, RDX!
Stereo Sonics' annual Mash Jam at the GFC Ground will feature this dynamic act which is sure to keep the party alive even after the floats would have long left Vlissengen and Irving Streets.

RDX consists of deejay Renigade whose real name is Carlton Williams and singer Andre Bedwar who is also known as Delomar.
After bursting on to the Jamaican music scene in 2003 with the group Xsytment, Renigade and Delomar evolved into RDX in 2006 and made quite an impact in the dancehall underground, but it was not until early 2007 that RDX really broke through.
The hit song 'Dance' brought a new energy to the music selectors' CD pouches and the sequel, 'Everybody dance' is right up there with its predecessor, hard thumping beat, catchy melodies and highlights the greatest dance moves fresh from the streets of Jamaica. This momentum continued with hits like 'Bend Over', 'Daggerin', 'Jump', 'Broad Out' and 'Mad Boss'.
Stereo Sonics has hosted this event for seven consecutive years and is known for featuring some of the hottest artistes such as Mavado, Popcaan, Tony Matterhorn, Kiprich, etc. Also, Stereo Sonics makes certain not to exclude Guyana's local talent and is known for featuring the best DJs at this event.

Tickets will be available at both White Castle Fish Shop locations, Nigel Supermarket and Ashmins Trading and cost $1,500. Tickets at the gate of the event will cost $2,000.