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GuyExpo 2011: Night Two

Guy Expo 2011: Entrance

Guy Expo 2011: Entrance

The National Exhibition Site was once again home to the country’s largest trade fair and exposition of culture, talent, skill and innovation and the team managed to peek into the world of GUYEXPO 2011 for another year. The theme is “enhancing growth through competitiveness” and boy was there competition.



Guy Expo: Banks Village

Guy Expo: Banks Village

There were first of all booths from various countries in the region showcasing a small part of who they are and what they have to offer. We saw Surinamese Travel Companies, Indian Jewelry and other facets of commerce from countries like Mexico and Brazil. We browsed through the technology giants like ENetworks, GT&T, Digicel and Gizmos and Gadgets to see what all the hype was about. Each company (and those like it) either offered a promotion, a service or product at a reduced price, or both. The business savvy and marketing skills were fierce but that is what makes GUYEXPO what it is. There were booths everywhere! From hardware supplies to beverages and food items, from agri – and aqua – culture equipment to security software and hardware, there was a wide array of visually pleasing segments in the beautifully decorated and strategically laid out venue. The locally made furniture stole lots of our attention and the manufacturers said that they only managed to bring out a small section of their products; space did not permit them to bring more. That just makes us smile and feel a tingled sense of pride as a Guyanese. In the background we could hear local music and even the performance of Jory, one of our own stars, while we browsed but that was short-lived since the music ended early.

GuyExpo 2011: Carib Village

However, we have to stop smiling to be open - minded and provide constructive criticism for you our readers. First, the insolent idiots that call themselves Police Officers almost spoiled the writer’s mood with his manner of speech. He decided to be stupid and disrespectful and was quickly embarrassed and put to his place and I sincerely hope he learns from that experience (Cadet Officer Thompson of the Guyana Police Force, if you are reading this please take heed, but if you decide not to please check for the byline so that you will know the name of the person that taught you to speak to all persons better). Then, let us say in no uncertain terms, that this year’s GUYEXPO was the smallest and weakest of the past four years (despite the Honorable Minister Manniram Prashad’s statements). Yes, there were lots to enjoy and learn, but the actual entities that were a part of this exhibition seemed somewhat unprepared.

GuyExpo 2011: Exhibitor

The flyers and business cards looked the same; some employees were not versed in the companies’ activities, products and services; and there was not much flare from the larger local establishments. The residents of this beautiful nation maybe anticipated that and responded poorly in attendance (in comparison to the past three years), and that definitely wipes the smile off the face of any proud Guyanese. The structure at the round – about was nothing to jump about but it was still nice enough to take a photograph of (if that is any consolation). The Banks DIH and Carib Villages drew the largest crowds, as usual, and even those crowds were smaller than before. The bottom line is this: do not be swayed from visiting GUYEXPO 2011 because of what you read here. There is much to see but we at just thought that it had much, much more potential to be greater. On our scale it gets a 6 out of a possible 10 (and that is only because of what it represents and because there was a children’s section that allowed them to play and frolic all night long). So, take the family and friends and have a blast, just try not to interact with the members of the Guyana Police Force.

By - Patrice Wishart