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Hikers Hockey Team Reintroduced Into the Night

Supporters Having Fun

Duke Lodge came alive on Saturday night when the Hikers Hockey Team reintroduced their phenomenal party, Into The Night. It was a themed based event that featured past times and music of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. The atmosphere was quite a sight! There were afros, knee length socks, dhashiki shirts and flower printed baby doll dresses that complemented the well lit, acoustically correct location. The team was there and we soaked up every bit of fun and excitement that the show offered. Now we will say that we were a tad bit nervous for the Hikers Hockey Team when we heard that they were taking this risk. But those nerves quickly vanished when we saw people of all ages jamming to the vibes that played non – stop (even though the DJ had some trouble mixing the music smoothly).

We haven’t had that much fun since the Machel Montano Show, and that is quite a statement because it is Machel we are comparing them to after all. Nevertheless, the event (sponsored largely by DDL’s El Dorado Brand) was a seeming success. The crowd turnout could have been better by our standards but who says you can’t have fun in small groups? Pictures never lie (unless they are photoshopped) and you can most certainly see out truthful pictures at

On the scale we give it a comfortable 8 out of a possible 10 and we urge everyone, yes everyone, to come out the next time. Even if you don’t know the music the atmosphere will certainly entice you to have a blast.

By - Patrice Wishart