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Miss Guyana World 2011: Delegate #1 Arti Cameron

Miss Guyana World Delegate #1: Arti Cameron

Platform: Empowering Abused Women

Biography: Arti Cameron is a highly motivated 22 year old with a passion for life. She is currently pursuing a career in medicine. Towards that end she has recently completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Arts and Sciences (majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry). Arti’s interest in medicine was sparked when she was nine years old after meeting her future role model and stepmother who was about to begin her medical studies at the University of the West Indies. This curiosity in medicine heightened significantly when Arti suffered severe asthmatic attacks and was admitted to the Savanna-La-Mar General Hospital in western Jamaica. She wanted to understand the nature of her illness. Arti also sought to find out why the other children on the ward were admitted and what was being done to help them recover. Since this period of ospitalization, Arti has experienced an unwavering interest in the field of medicine--an experience that motivated her to work hard throughout primary and secondary school in pursuit of her childhood dream of becoming a medical doctor. Having just completed a degree in biology as a pre-med student, she is currently preparing to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), a requirement for admission to medical school in the United States.

So far, Arti Angelita Cameron has lived in three countries--Guyana, Jamaica, and the United States-- and considers herself a world citizen. She was born in Georgetown, Guyana, and attended Starters Nursery School and Sacred Heart Primary School prior to migrating to Jamaica in 1995 where she lived for about five years. Once in Jamaica, she attended the Savanna-La-Mar Primary School and began assimilating into the vibrant Jamaican culture. She quickly joined the school’s prestigious marching band as part of the cheer leading squad that was the flare and pride of her school, and she was part of that school’s dance group that won a prominent parish-level dance competition. While in Jamaica, she formed life-long bonds with many people and will always consider Jamaica her second home. In addition, Arti was given the opportunity to form many additional life-long friendships when she returned to Guyana in August, 1999, and re-enrolled at her old school--Sacred Heart Primary. There she prepared for the Common Entrance Exam and moved on to St. Joseph High School in 2000. Her myriad extra-curricular activities at St. Joseph High served to enrich her academic life and she represented this school in many ways: she played netball, participated in Mashramani dance competitions, was chosen to be the first speaker on the school’s debating team, was elected president of the environmental student group- The Green Team, won the 2003 Miss St. Joseph High School pageant (Junior Queen), modeled at school events, and passed nine subjects at the CXC O’level exams in one sitting. Arti then moved on to Queens College just prior to migrating to the United States in December, 2005.


Miss Guyana World: Delegate #2 Soyini Fraser

Soyini Fraser

Miss Guyana World Delegate #2 - Soyini Fraser

Platform: Empowering Guyanese Women through Spirituality

Biography: Enthusiastic, daring, determined, ingenious and radiant, this is me, Soyini Asanti Fraser. I was born under the Zodiac sign of Taurus on the 8th May, 1990 to Lynden and Deborah Fraser, in the “Garden City,” Georgetown in the beautiful country of Guyana, land of many waters. Over the years I have grown into a spirited dancer, an aspiring Christian Child-Psychologist, role model, a true Guyanese!

My formal education began at the Mae’s Under 12 School, and when I was promoted I continued my education at the West Ruimvelt Primary School where I undertook the Secondary School Entrance Examination and placed among the top one percent (1%) of students who wrote this examination, gaining a place at Queen’s College, the leading Secondary School in Guyana. Throughout my school life both in Primary and Secondary School, I have been a member of every school’s athletic committee. During my six (6) years at Queen’s College I enjoyed a full and healthy School life. I have been an active athlete, in both track and field events where I have gained several titles for myself and Pilgrim House to which I belonged, a member of the school’s Steel Pan Orchestra from First to Sixth Form, a Sub- Prefect in Fourth Form being one of the persons responsible for the second form level of the school, among many other duties while still keeping my academic life in check. In an endeavour to continue and broaden my scope of academic enhancement and elevation I am currently in my fourth and final year at the Life Christian University here in Guyana reading for a bachelor’s degree in the area of Theology. Upon the conclusion of this Degree Programme I plan to continue the journey of academic pursuit by studying Christian Psychology. This will bring me one step closer to accomplishing my Career objective of becoming a Christian Child-Psychologist.


Miss Guyana World: Delegate #3 Ruquayyah Boyer

Ruquayyah Boyer

Miss Guyana World Delegate #3 Ruquayyah Boyer

Platform: Breaking Barriers: The journey from homemakers to CEO

Biography: Twenty one year old Ruqayyah Boyer is an amalgam of international identities – born in Suriname to a Guyanese mother and a Surinamese father, she spent her first two years in the Dutch-speaking South American country before moving to Canada where she spent the next five years. Later on, Ruqayyah moved to her mother’s home country of Guyana here she has resided to this day.

This early experience as well as her dual heritage became the foundation for not only her bilingual abilities (Dutch/English) but a passion for global affairs. A second year International Relations student at the University of Guyana whose goal is a career in political sciences and law, preferably within the United Nations framework. Prior to this, this young Ambassador would have completed her two years of sixth form at the St. Stanislaus College, where she was a part of many extra curricular activities some of which included, Volunteering at the National Library, embarking on group activities through the Rotaract Club and also working her passion in the entertaining Arts.

In addition to her educational endeavours, Ruqayyah has had a stellar launch into the world of fashion and pageantry, Firstly partaking in the Miss Guyana talented teen pageant, going on to represent the land of many waters at the Miss Teen Universal and the returning with the experience of a lifetime and handily winning the Miss Linden Town Week 2010 – copping trophies for Best Talent, Evening Gown, Body Beautiful and Intelligence – before receiving top billing in fashion events like Guyana Fashion Week 2010, Roger Gary Fashion Show which was a part of the Miss Guyana Earth Pageant and also making an appearance in magazines such as Profiles 98 Edition and De Pulse which is yet to be released this year.


Miss Guyana World: Delegate #5 Utieka John

Utieka John

Miss Guyana World Delegate #5 Utieka John

Platform: Women and education

Biography: Life is full of surprises and everything happens for a reason; whether good or bad. For every bad thing, expect something good and for every good thing, expect something GREAT! This motto supports my philosophy of life.

Born on the 18th of May, 1991 to Nicole Williams and Llewellyn John this Taurus Gem has grown to become a beautiful, confident, vibrant, energetic and self determined individual who finds comfort in helping young children and motivating others to achieve their goals. I possess a strong determination to distinguish myself from the ordinary and become a catalyst for change.

My formal education began at the Head Start Nursery School, then to Sacred Heart Primary School where I gained a position at Saint Joseph High School after writing the Secondary School Entrance Examination. After completing CSEC and graduating with distinction I attended the Bishops' High School where I gained my Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Diploma. I am currently pursuing studies at the University of Guyana in History. This move takes me one step closer to fulfilling my desires making my life -long dream a reality. My dream and aspiration is to become an Attorney-at-Law in an effort to help to rid the world of injustice.

Apart from being an optimist and bursting at the seams with the love of life, I marvel in the joy of meeting and interacting with new persons and if chosen to represent Guyana would value the privilege of being able to see the world through different cultures. I possess an innate love for singing, dancing, modeling, meeting interesting people, reading romance novels, listening to music and hanging out with my friends. I try my best to be involved in community activities and enjoy helping my peers! My involvement in community activities has placed me among other individuals who believe in the greater good of seeing others excel.


Miss Guyana World: Delegates #6 Siestra Allen

Siestra Allen

Miss Guyana World Delegate #6 Siestra Allen

Platform: Changing the Role of Teenage Girls

Autobiography: Blessed with Dutch names – Seistra Thremiel Allen was born on July 29, 1993 to Zilda Heywood-Smith and Jerome Allen. She was cherished and loved by her family who told her she’s beautiful and spoke of the joy that she brought to them.

At age 11 Ms. Allen migrated to Barbados in the eastern Caribbean where she continued her Primary Education at the Hindsbury School. There, she faced tremendous pressure from her peers as they made a mockery of her Guyanese accent which led her to be very reserved. But, that didn’t stop her passion for singing and dance which she did at Church.

She then sat the Common Entrance Eleven Plus Examination giving her the opportunity to attend a school named after one of Barbados' Prime Ministers and currently the name of their International Airport “Grantley Adams Memorial School”. There Seistra came into to her own, topping her class and a held a major role in the theatre arts group. Seistra made a bold step to sit the English Language and Social Studies CSEC Examinations in Third form, gaining passes in both subjects. In her fourth year she was named the school Deputy Head Girl and recently graduated with the Valedictorian honour and held the award of Best Graduating Student in her theatre arts class.


Jovan Wilson aiming for second crown in 2011

Miss Guyana Jamzone - Jovan Wilson

Many of you may remember this ‘dark horse’ who eliminated her competition on Independence Night to claim the title of Miss Guyana Jamzone 2011. Well, this Berbician beauty, presently in Antigua competing in the Miss Jaycees Caribbean Queen show is also making preparations to represent Guyana at the upcoming Miss Jamzone International 2011 pageant.

This talented 21 year old enjoys fishing, modeling, hospitality research, photography and reading. Wilson attended the New Amsterdam Multilateral School, where she secured nine subjects at the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate examinations. She also obtained an Associate’s Degree in Tourism and Hospitality Management from the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College based in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

Wilson explained that since it is her first International pageant, she intends to use the Miss Jaycees Queen Show as a stepping stone and apply the knowledge and experience gained to hopefully win her second crown for 2011.
Jovan would like the general public to continue supporting her as she enters this new venture.

By - Hits and Jams Entertainment


Miss Jamzone International: Meet Stacy Norine Ceder of Suriname

Suriname Delegate - Stacey Norine Ceder

Suriname heads to Guyana once more for the second staging of the Miss Jamzone International pageant. This time, armed with veritable conviction and a 21 year old show-topper who plans to leave no stone unturned in her quest for the crown. The Dutch representative Stacy Norine Ceder is currently studying to become a Chemical Analyst at the Suriname Nature Technical Institute (NATIN).

Though her favorite hobby is modeling, Stacey also enjoys swimming dancing and believe it or not, this beauty loves Thai Boxing. Ceder is an avid fashion enthusiast and has also participated in numerous runway shows and modeling competitions throughout her country including the Miss Suriname 2008 pageant.

Ceder describes herself as a rigid, persistent individual and a very redoubtable opponent.

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Eve added to Jamzone International Night 2011 Lineup

Eve Jihan Jeffers

Renowned rapper Eve will be performing at the Jamzone International Night Super Concert along with confirmed R&B Megastar, Trey Songz on Saturday August 13th, at the Guyana National Stadium! The news, which was disclosed on Monday by the Hits and Jams team, has been receiving great reviews from fans both locally and internationally who are even more excited to witness the once in a lifetime event.

Eve Jihan Jeffers 33, is an American recording artist and actress. Her first three albums have sold more than 8 million copies worldwide. She has also achieved success in fashion as she started a clothing line titled "Fetish." She ranked number 46 on VH1's "50 Greatest Women of the Video Era" show list. As an actress, she is best known for her roles as Terri Jones in the films Barbershop and Barbershop 2: Back in Business and as Shelley Williams on the UPN television sitcom 'Eve'. This year, Jamzone Summer Break will feature ten days of incredible activities suitable for people of every age and varying personal interests.

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Hikers Hockey Team Reintroduced Into the Night

Supporters Having Fun

Duke Lodge came alive on Saturday night when the Hikers Hockey Team reintroduced their phenomenal party, Into The Night. It was a themed based event that featured past times and music of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. The atmosphere was quite a sight! There were afros, knee length socks, dhashiki shirts and flower printed baby doll dresses that complemented the well lit, acoustically correct location. The team was there and we soaked up every bit of fun and excitement that the show offered. Now we will say that we were a tad bit nervous for the Hikers Hockey Team when we heard that they were taking this risk. But those nerves quickly vanished when we saw people of all ages jamming to the vibes that played non – stop (even though the DJ had some trouble mixing the music smoothly).

We haven’t had that much fun since the Machel Montano Show, and that is quite a statement because it is Machel we are comparing them to after all. Nevertheless, the event (sponsored largely by DDL’s El Dorado Brand) was a seeming success. The crowd turnout could have been better by our standards but who says you can’t have fun in small groups? Pictures never lie (unless they are photoshopped) and you can most certainly see out truthful pictures at

On the scale we give it a comfortable 8 out of a possible 10 and we urge everyone, yes everyone, to come out the next time. Even if you don’t know the music the atmosphere will certainly entice you to have a blast.

By - Patrice Wishart