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Machel Sell Awwf!

Machel Montano and HD Band at Advantage Concert

When you woke today and saw all the media avenues talking about the Machel Montano Show last night at the National Stadium and you realized that you were not there, and you started feeling bad, it served you right! It was absolutely the most fun the team has had in a while. Hands down!

The atmosphere was fantastic, with lights and stage settings that would make your jaw drop. There were bars and food stalls at every convenient location. Even the portable toilets were strategically placed! After taking in the ambience and being hyped by the juggliang skills of the Fusion Sound Company, the night's first entertainer was Spiderman. Even though the crowd did not seem to be completely feeling his vibe he held his own. Then we were pleasantly surprised when we knew that Militant was our next performer. The guy that brought us songs like "Passion" took us down memory lane and paved the way nicely for the next big local artiste. Jory, with his clever play on words and great ability to ride on any rhythm, made us laugh, shout and scream to all of his hits. Even an old controversial favorite rocked the crowd without pause. After Jory's amped performance Fusion continued to wow us with their smooth track selections while we waited with glee for the King of Soca and his entourage.

Gyrating Crowd

Then, as if we could have prepared for it anyway, Machel Montano was on stage blowing us away with just his mere presence. It was an extremely wonderful collage of soca hits, calypso tunes, classics and hot new road marches. He definitely proved to the lucky citizens of this country that he is indeed the King of Soca (sorry Rupee). The HD Band did not miss a beat as they backed up Mr. Montano, nor any of the other performers for that matter. Farmer Nappy was on next to continue the soca fete with hits like "belly dancer" that had the ladies "screwing the bulb" all night. Then Patrice Roberts ensured that our waists were completely gyrating when she tore the place down with her sexy voice and sultry moves. Some men could not keep their eyes glued from the stage. Zan, though his act was short and sweet, made sure that there was never a dull moment in last night's festivities. Let us also say, in no uncertain terms, that the HD Dancers were fabulous! They did not even seem tired even though they danced non-stop for hours with choreographed and spontaneous sessions.

Patrice Roberts performing at Advantage Concert

The beautiful Patrice Roberts and a dancer named Whitney showed us time and time again how to shake a backside, move a waist and tremble thighs like it was a dance class for beginners. They were exceptional!

However, they cliché that reads "nothing good lasts forever" was unfortunately proven again. There were audio problems that endured for what seemed like an eternity. We at understand that these things happen and sometimes they are uncontrollable, but that did not help when the crowd became frustrated and started to depart in small increments. Eventually, the sound was restored but at a mediocre level and it was too late. Patrons were using profanity to describe their disgust while they walked to exits. After quite some time the sound was properly restored and the jams resumed like there was never a problem to begin with. Machel and his crew did a job well done and made it seem effortless. If that isn't entertainment then we don't know what is. Thank you H&J for making our nights, and our weekends. We socanites cannot wait for the next concert!

By Patrice Wishart