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Karma Band Experience Press Release

It's on at the GCC Ground!

Karma will be performing at the GCC Ground Bourda on the 6th December, what we call the BIGGEST SOCA CHUTNEY PARTY of the year! While it is not a mega concert like we usually do, it will be a soca chutney party to remember. People will definitely enjoy themselves and this will serve as a prelude of what is to come next year with the Karma Band. Even though we had received general reports that it is going to be a rainy season, our sources informed us that we should be good for the 6th December. The "Karma Experience" will be just that on the 6th December at the GCC Ground -  A REAL EXPERIENCE.

It will be the biggest soca chutney party of the year and people can come out to thoroughly enjoy themselves. Karma will be performing for a FULL 2 HOURS and that is why the show is named the Karma Experience, so people will get to enjoy everything from Soca, chutney, Hindi remixes, dancehall and hip hop. As everyone knows Wildfire Productions creates some mega shows whenever we do concerts, so for us this here is how we would do a party style event.

The heart throb Ravi B (as many of our female affiliates refer to him) will be in full gear with his energetic performances while his sexy sister (as we the men see her!) Nisha B will be ready to tear it up again. Guyana can expect a great party to start the Christmas off. Tickets will only be sold at the venue and will be only $1,500 VAT inclusive. Karma Band was here in July for our Wild Fire Fest 2k8 in July in which they were the highlight of the show and the talk of the town after it. We would like to say thanks to Caribbean Airlines who partnered with us and all of our sponsors who have helped us along the way.


Introducing: Raymond Hamilton (Young D.O.C)

“On a musical quest for greatness”

D.O.CBorn in Georgetown on May 20, Raymond Hamilton (Young D.O.C) grew up in Gordon Street Kitty then he migrated to the US in April of 1998 and has made the USA his home. There he started pursuing music in 2000 and has since been writing, recording and appearing on shows around the DMV (DC, Maryland, and VA). Like most artistes he has always dreamed of making it in the music big leagues because according to him "it inspires me to do positive things with life". Even as he earns a living on the daily grind at one of the Foot Locker Stores in the USA he often thinks of life back home in 'good old Guyana.' "I would like to do a lot for my home country, because I know the younger generation listen and look up to musician in the music industry today and that in itself is motivation for my music". Boasting more than ten years of officially being a singer/ song writer he is one to watch as a budding artiste. His inspiration he gets from the now dead 2pac Shakur and his grandparents. With his eyes on the prize to become a mainstream international artiste he started recording and writing because he knew it was something that he always loved and to him he's at that point were he's ready to drop a few albums.

He is also hoping that his talent can take him to the next international music level with tours while granting him opportunities to show what the Guyana born US based kid can do. "I'm also hoping that through my music a lot of doors will open not just for me but also for other youths following after me. Ultimately he says he's after 'the whole 9 yards' as he has over 100 songs and has also dropped a few mix tapes in Maryland. At present with more than 100 compositions penned and the release of several mixed tapes he is now working towards releasing an album hopeful by Spring of 2011 and will be dropping several singles in the next 2-4 weeks. The first single will be titled 'WO MA LIFE WOULD BE featuring himself and local artistes 'Natural One'. When asked how far he hopes to take his music he said "to all the young kids around the world starting with my country and I will make a different I promise you."


RDX for Linden Show November 27th

RDXThrough sponsorship from Banks DIH hardcore Dancehall lovers can head to the Mackenzie Sports club ground for an all out high energy concert on November 27th 2010.

This publications has been reliably informed that Jamaican acts calling themselves RDX are to touchdown in Guyana next week to head to Linden to entertain as part of efforts to diversify international entertainment on the local shores. One of the promoters told  this publication that the event is aimed at raising funds to donate towards the refurbishing or rehabilitation of one of the nations  main sports and entertainment venues. It is badly in need of upgrading, so we at Banks DIH decided to throw in our lot to assist. Banks DIH said that the event is not aimed at making  major profits for the company  but  more of a way of showing its corporate to the  Linden Community. A source from Banks DIH said "As part of the offer to persons  who flock to the location the entrance fee is just $500 for a night of  live international  action and the first 300 patrons will have a free  Banks DIH beverage  of their choice from the many being offered by Banks DIH. I’m Ok 2010 Christmas Gift !!!"

The company  says the efforts is part of ways that it seeks ensure that it fulfills its obligation as a Corporate Citizen and is calling on Guyanese from all parts of the nation to head to  the MSC ground to support a  worthy cause. RDX comprises Renegade (Carlton Williams) and Delomar (Andre Bedward) and the duo are known for the creation of some of the more high energy filled dance moves. They came into being in 2006 producing dance hall anthems.’

By Mondale Smith


Roger Hassle is ready to get Groovy

Roger Hassel'You want me' is the message that Roger 'Brains' Hassle a former lead singer with the Brutal Jammers Band is  taking to the  inaugural Banks Groovy Soca Monarch competition aimed at copping the coveted title.

The father of one who is a construction worker will take on 13 others including Jumo, Big Red, B52, Dallas Forte and Shelly G amongst others Saturday  at the Uitvlugt Community Center ground in  round one of the competition. "I was in one of  Carib Soca Monarch Competition and made it to the top ten but after that I've not been in competition... however I'm ready for this one," he told this publication.

He said he entered this competition because it takes him closer to his line of music where you actually sing. There is no clear front runners because it very competitive and any of the lot can win he added." My song was written long before the competition was announced and was waiting for release and then the competition came  so here I am and ready to sing for real groovy soca music.

His musical experience spans more than ten years when he began singing with the all boys group titled 'Heart Beat.' But after four years in existence that group was quashed and he became a lead singer for the Fire Klann Band. His next stop was as a member of the Brutal Jammers band.

Guyanese music lovers may remember him for songs such as 'proud to be Guyanese', 'Baby just Wine On Me and Can't Hold Me Down. He also is one of the voices on the Brutal tracks 'Step-Hard Medley' singing about 'Money' and will soon be launching the video for the competition song.

The song's hook is "I know you want me, cause I see you watching me...yes the way you watching me" set to a soca groove that tells of his forward approach to a young lady who sees him as eye candy.

He is encouraging all Guyanese music lover to come out and support the event as it offers Guyanese an addition of new quality December 18th at National Stadium


Dallas Forte to share story of Unspeakable Joy Groovy Style

Dallas ForteIn the history Groovy Soca singing on the local shores there has not been many gospel based songs entering competitions but  through Dallas Forte this is about to change. One of 28 singers who made the shortlist to compete in the inaugural event he believes that he's got the right arrangement and message to win the inaugural Banks Groovy Soca Monarch. The 26-year-old says "My song (Unspeakable Joy) is actually my personal testimony of where I used to be and where I am now through God's grace".  He opines that many people can identify with his storyline and added that "the hook will certainly have people grooving in a positive direction." Dallas who has been singing since age 9 in the West Ruimveldt Boys Choir is known in some circles as the guy with some suave pipes who can dish almost any RnB or soulful tune with little effort. However, he's since become a 'church boy' who serves as a worship leader in his local church and is  pinning his  public  votes on and support on  his fellow  Christian  brethren as well as those who like positive vibes. Todate the PC Graduate he has written and recorded several songs such as "Serve, Trust, Love" a pop worship song making circulation in Barbados, the USA and Trinidad.

He entered the competition as he says "to do me and throw down with any artistes while sharing the good news of Jesus Christ". Speaking of his chances she says "I stand a pretty Good chance despite the fact that I'm going against the crème de la Crème of artiste in Guyana". His ultimate musical aspiration is to make music a career while showing youths that one does not have to be part of the negative crowd to be popular and successful. He has performed as an opening act for artistes the likes of Papa San, Stitchie, DJ Nicholos and Christafari and is still a lead singer with the Second coming Band. He was also a finalist in the inaugural GT&T Jingle competition.

By Mondale Smith


I’m Ok Concert

Destra GarciaEven as the day draws closer to the staging of the Conscious Minds Promotions concert  at the National Stadium  Corporate citizens Banks DIH through its Guinness and Banks Beer brands as well a Digicel has thrown their sponsorship weight behind the Christmas Gift to ensure that entertainment seekers on the local shores have a "Merry Christmas" at an affordable cost of $1000.  Public Relations Officer to the event Mondale Smith said that Beenie Man will not only be entertaining the masses with his high energy style for this event along with Future Fambo and Richie Loops. " We have added a soca component that  caters to soca lovers to the cards and  that high energy will come from Trinidadian Soca Queen Destra Garcia live on stage. Smith said that both artistes are "coming with their bands and admonished that it's now a 'Dance Hall King Beenie Man meets Soca Queen Destra concert."

He said that more details will be made available about the concert but informed  that plans are accelerating  even as sponsors are responding very favorable to the promotion.

Over the years we've seen the likes of many international shows brought to Guyana by various promoters but only few have been able to attract thousands to venues such as the National Park and The National Stadium. Those shows include events promoted by local businessman Lennox Lewis and included the 'November to Remember' in 2008 which featured Vybes Kartel and the Portmore Empire, Erup, Konshens, Bugle, Future Fambo, Spice and De Angel.   Prior he had staged a Pre-Easter Bashment that featured Busy Signal, Demarco, Tony Curtis and Daville. In 2007 the Pre-Fathers Night Bashment featured:  Tanya Stephens, Natural Black and DYCR.

This concert comes after a  two year promotions hiatus and will also feature a line up of local acts. Promoter Lewis who resides between Guyana and Jamaica has informed that Guyana is his home and that he's ready again to offer Guyana an international lineup of entertainers to add to the development of the local entertainment industry offerings for the festive season. The show is slated for staging on December 18th at the National Stadium.  In addition to the artistes being present to entertain, Jamaica's RETV will be on location too to cover the event. Beenie Man is no stranger to the local shores and always attracts a large following of Guyanese.  The door remains open for more of corporate Guyana to jump onboard to give Guyana a most memorable Pre-Christmas event.

Lewis notes that in years past "all of our events have been violence free and well supported by the masses and we do not foresee that mode changing".

He also noted that "As part of our plan we are proposing to give a minimum of 10 percent of the profits from this event to bring Christmas cheer to the children of the Joshua House Children's Home".


Its Uncensored Time!

The brainchild of veteran comedian Lyndon 'Jumbie' Jones, UNCENSORED is the latest hot show to hit the stage of the National Cultural Centre. Opening for one night only this Saturday to an adults only audience, UNCENSORED will feature the cream of Guyana's comedians and poets. Stand up icon Habeeb Khan, Henry Rodney, Lyndon 'Jumbie' Jones,
Miranda Austin, Chris Gopaul, Chubby and Odessa are just a few of the participating artistes.

We sat down for a moment with Mr. Jones and he is advising patrons to come early because they will be starting on time and you may miss your favourite comedian. When asked about the content of the show, he opined that there are a lot of situations in society that can cause serious offence if discussed at a public forum bluntly. However, a comedian has the freedom to comment on these situations candidly and offer solutions that will be highly amusing to people but, if seriously considered, may very well be the best thing. "Ting fuh cry we does tek and mek laugh. " Lyndon said, "UNCENSORED is all about sending serious messages under the guise of comedy. If something is funny, we want to be able to say it without watering it down and undue censorship. In our society we tend to lampoon serious things because sometimes you just have to laugh it off. There is nothing else you can do." Undoubtedly a show of this nature has never been attempted here in Guyana where the comedians will have the latitude to fully express themselves without fear of offending the younger members of the audience. This means that a lot of their material would have never been exposed to the public prior to now and the artistes are doubly
motivated to perform at their best. According to actor and comedian Henry Rodney, it's something that all should see and they are guarding against people's suspicions because of the name UNCENSORED. He claims that they are aware that people think that they are going to be down and dirty. He is advising people that it will be straight talk and not bad talk and added that it's a must see. He further noted that if you have a sixteen year old, parental guidance is advised because they will not be indulging in lawlessness but subtlety will be the name of the game. Henry said, "I think it's a privilege to be a part of UNCENSORED. We will be dealing with issues that are quite attached to all and sundry
and I think that we entertainers, humorists, comedians, social commentators, et al; only we will know how to put it over. All should come with an open mind and be entertained."

The excitement is in the air about UNCENSORED and a check with the ticket locations reveals that tickets are going really fast so you need to be in place early to guarantee yourself a seat. Reports are that the younger fans of theatre and the comedians themselves are extremely disappointed about being left out but according to producer Maria Benschop, this only applies to those under sixteen. She assures us that there will be no indecent language or unnecessary vulgarity but they will be taking it to the limit and
hence, felt the need for some degree of caution. She said, "It's the kind of show that I will let my eleven year old see but I doubt that there are many parents as liberal as I am. In order to curtail criticisms that we were offensive, this is our way of dealing with the situation. Even adults who are easily offended can make an informed choice. Our comedians are taking this to the limit and are going to be extremely suggestive while not going over the limit. After all we remain cognizant of the fact that this is the National Cultural Centre and we still have to maintain the respect." When asked about her future plans, Mrs. Benschop revealed that part IV of "Nothing to Laugh About" is in the making for next year along with a couples pageant and a play that she has been working on for some time now. Tickets are available at the National Cultural Centre, Giftland
OfficeMax, Matt's Record Bar, Nigel's Supermarket, Payless Variety Store and Johnny P Supermarket and are going for $600, $1000 and$1500.


Introducing: Empress T.G aka Fire Angel

EmpressOn the musical circuit where women few and far comes a Guyanese woman with intense entertainment allure: Empress Thelma Andrea Gaskin, under the moniker the Fire Angel. Born August 1972, this buxom Leo beauty was born into a musical family. Her parents are Calypsonian Carlton 'the Mighty Contender' Gaskin and  Elizabeth 'singing Desiree' Gaskin.
Her passion has always been for music but her father never wanted his girls to sing so she used her writing abilities  to pen short stories. But in 1996 as she  enjoyed motherhood (two beautiful children) she meet song writer and composer 'Major Bumpy' who encourage her to put melodies to her stories and before she knew it she was  singing her

In the years that followed she sang at Karaoke sessions and small gathering but her passion for original music grew and although at that time there was no avenue for Guyanese music, she continued writing songs and kept focused. It was not until the year 2001 that Andrea found her true inner self, through the Rastafari Faith, and that lit the torch to her burning desire.

EmpressInfluence strongly by Guyanese reggae sensational group FIRST BORN she then, brought to the fore her original compositions, and a new spirit was born, a Rastafarian Empress who had wanted her voice to be heard and her thoughts to mold. In the year 2004 Andrea had audition for a role for singers, actors and dancers in a play "In search of happiness" which focused on ABUSE. She played the lead role, and for the first time, was able to perform her original song title 'Almighty Father' and the stage was set, and this songstress had geared her self for the many more opportunity to come in the near future. Surprisingly in March of 2005 she met Walter Fraser, Manager and Producer of the VIZION SOUNDS RECORDS and at the same time she meet and felled in love with one of the FIRST BORN members Troy Anthony Azore. It was a dream come true for the Empress, being inspired by the group, and then actually falling in love with one of the members. The door way was opened, and after working intensively with him through the years, Andrea was nick named by Troy, Empress TG the FIRE ANGEL for the fiery lyrical content within her songs.

Psalm 104-4, The Creator maketh his angels spirits, his Ministers a flaming fire. In 2008, FIRE ANGEL had now release her first single and video entitled MY PEOPLE BE WISE {cocaine}, under the TIL-SHILOH RECORDS label GATHERING OF THE PEOPLE PRODUCTION, Own by Azore . Since then FIRE ANGEL have perform on several School shows, at Ras-Ville day, Haiti relieved show on Brother BOB day, and acted in plays such as return of Jason, and Shatter Dir, by Errol Chan and appeared in the move, The Black Box, Dir by Son of a Nancy. To date her latest release is Baby my love is true that also has a video, Love is like a river and be strong, combination. Coming soon she will releasing singles such as 'these are the times' & 'love is not a toy'. A promising Artiste is on the rise Empress brings a difference to culture & entertainment.

By Mondale Smith