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The Zoom Inn cocktail Bar – Hanging at a new level

Zoom InnPersons looking for a cool place to hang out away from the regular bar scene may find a new spot in the Cocktail Bar. Located on the bottom floor of the Zoom Inn international Hotel, it's a public bar but at present is the best kept secret probably for exclusivity.

Entertainer happened upon this location by chance and by confession is now hooked for the extremely homely atmosphere where one can sit, sip and chat privately while taking in a movie or the latest sports action on cable TV.

The music is soft and ideal for unwinding after a hard days work. Save for four tables, the seating arrangements include two plush sofas with pillows and several bar stools at the international cocktail bar that also offers the best in local beverages. Its ideal for the alone time that one might need with that special someone or slected friends looking to connect, reconnect or simply hang out at another level in a mostly dimly lit atmosphere that's fully air-conditioned.

Additionally the menu list allows for a freshly prepared serving of seafood such as prawns and Lobster or golden brown fried fish cutlets. It's a Calamari (Squid) lovers delight. The meat variety is unending and includes such delectable as steak, and Buffalo wings as well as many other offers aside from the regular. On Saturdays it's mostly Guyanese Creole cuisine such as black and white pudding, souse and real a Guyanese soup with dumplings and ground provisions.

Notable is the personal attention that each customer gets from the in house staff and on Friday nights one may enjoy live, solo serenading from a singer strumming an acoustic guitar. To some its the ideal home away from home experience of royal treatment.