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Tarrus Riley for Free Domestic Violence School show today

Tarrus RileyAs a follow up to the launch of the new company the Wildfire Entertainment group in staying true to their aim of making every event a WE ting will be supporting or creating activities to aid in the entertainment and tourism development product for Guyana.

Explaining further Jermaine Softley, VP of Operations said "Our new company WE is designed to ensure that we do our part in aiding the betterment of our society. And as such he noted that "When we say every event is a WE ting, it is because of the many people involved in making it a reality. Even when our events are over WE will contribute in some form or the other to the community and all our paying patrons are basically the benefactors.

In giving back, the WE group will be hosting a free school show in the National Park today (Friday July 2nd) from 16:00hrs to 17:00hrs to raise awareness in the fight against Domestic Violence."

Jonathan Beepat, CEOof wild fire productions said "We have realized that recently Domestic Violence cases have been on the rise and we decided to use our influence to add our voices to assist in this fight.  Expressing the belief that men and women are like the wings of a bird he said without one wing the bird cannot soar to greater heights and Domestic violence cripples us and we are saying stop domestic abuse! Tarrus is an advocate against this ill and, through Wildfire Entertainment, will be giving a special message to all who attend.

This event is free and is the group's way giving back.


Wildfire Entertainment – Temperature Time

GyptianWildfire Entertainment is on fire for the much anticipated Temperature concert this weekend which features Jamaican chart toppers Tarrus Riley and Gyptian live at the National Park.

Word from the team is that all systems are at go for a successful staging and as at last evening Tarrus Riley was scheduled to touch down in Guyana while Gyptian is scheduled to arrive Saturday out of St. Maarten. Jonathan Beepat the promotion's CEO said Gyptian is currently enjoying an extremely busy schedule working virtually every day of the week! But assured, "he (Gyptian) will be here, (in Guyana) and ready to perform".  An exclusive all white reception will be broadcasted live on NCN on Saturday from 16:00hrs-17:00hrs, where patrons will can get the exclusive first look Tarrus and Gyptian."  Tickets are $2,500 and on sale at Beepats, Medicare, White Castle Fish Shop, Giftland Officemax and Nanda's Boutique.

Beepatt noted that while the tickets have a misprint that says Thirst Park BUT the event will be held at the National Park.

Security the group assures will be extra tight as the Guyana Police force have made mention that they will be searching everyone and will have a no tolerance policy on all illegal items/activities. People are urged not to walk with any firearms or weapons. Security will also be provided by a private firm and 6 self generated lights provided by star party rentals will be placed around the venue to light up the dark areas. When asked why the National Park Warren Williams, Event manager, said that " is the only hard surface venue in Guyana for a concert. If our event were at any other venue, the previous rainfall would have made the grounds soft and muddy. We chose this venue as we are in the parts of rainy season and we want to ensure the people have a comfortable and enjoyable show." The Temperature show is definitely carrying the heat as it is the most talked about event for the weekend. Vijay Panday added, "The Temperature concert is going to be the biggest and hottest reggae show of the summer as both Tarrus Riley and Gyptian are on top.

They reiterate that even though there are many events planned for this Caricom weekend, Temperature concert will be carrying the heat! Start your Caricom holiday weekend and summer right with the hottest concert!"