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Guyanese Miss Guyana Earth 2010 Crown introduced

Miss Earth CrownOf the line up of seven local beauties listed to contest the Miss Guyana Earth title who ever wins the title will walk away   with the first crown designed and handcrafted by jeweller Lance Da Silva and was launched last Sunday at the swimsuit competition Crown was fabricated with sterling silver and features a combination of roses, butterflies, flowers, leaves, vines and fruits; colourfully adorned with semi-precious stones and accented with a piece of the rare and beautiful Snakewood - all natural symbols of Earth’s beauty and magnificence.

According to Da Silva all of the stones used in the Crown were found in the jungles of Guyana and cut and polished, cabochon style by the Guyana Geology & Mines Commission Lapidary Department.

Semi-precious stones used on the Crown include Amethyst, Agate, Fire agates and banded agates, Jasper: Red & brown, Quatrz: Rose and green, Granite and Snakewood piratinera guianensis.

Last week Sunday the delegates took to the stage at the Princess International Hotel in the swimsuit competition and proved quite a competitive bunch. The queen goes to Vietnam.


Oliver Samuels and cast arrive for Puppy Love

Oliver SamuelsJamaican comedian Oliver Samuels and his cast have arrive and are promising much excitement and family oriented edutainment for lucky digicel customers who won tickets to the Puppy Love.

That show is slated for show at National Cultural center tonight and on Saturday. The cast hosted a press conference yesterday at the Digicel Head office where they share a sample of what  patrons can expect when a married couple get old in their relationship grow apart and a young pretty miss get into the picture  and her love is strong for the more matured artist.

The other cast members are Dalia, Natasha and Earl. in this photo they share alight moment with Digicel head of Marketing Jacqueline James and PRO Shonette Moore.


Wildfire Entertainment – Press Release

TemperatureWildfire Entertainment's heat for the Temperature Concert has reached boiling point! The final tally for the texting promotion is in and Wildfire Entertainment's CEO, Jonathan Beepat, has made a very special announcement, "We are very pleased with the response from all of our supporters in the texting promotion.  In the end, it was Gyptian who had the most texts and is, technically, the winner. However, since Tarrus Riley was very close behind in the number of texts received, we realize that many fans in Guyana want to see Tarrus as well. All of our events is a WE ting, and so we have decided to give everyone their desire and bring both artists! Therefore, the Temperature concert will be featuring Tarrus Riley AND Gyptian! Wildfire Entertainment would like to thank everyone for participating and making it a WE ting!"

The concert will be held on July 3rd at the National Park. The early bird tickets were available for a short period and are already sold out. Regular Tickets are now $2,500 and are available at Beepats, Giftland Officemax, White Castle Fish Shop, Nanda's Boutique, and the venue on the night itself. Wildfire is advising persons to buy tickets in advance as the gate price will be $3,000 and also would save them from having to stand in line to get tickets. Also, patrons are asked to purchase the tickets from official ticket outlets. There will be a VIP area for the event and these tickets will be limited and available through promotional activities of our sponsor partners. Sound PA will be provided by Slingerz international sound which has a brand new power system built for large capacity arenas. CEO of Slingerz, Javed Ali says, "We are happy to be the selected P.A. system for the Temperature concert and will not disappoint the expected huge crowd.

Our new system was built on December 25 2009 and we have played at our Christmas Village night which featured Ding Dong, and our Anniversary at Joe Veira Park which featured the mighty Stone Love out of Jamaica. We are more than confident to be able to provide adequate sound and power for the event and the people can expect to have a great time with no fault of sound quality." Light and stage gears will be provided by the Brutal Tracks Company who are also veterans in providing quality lighting and stage gears as they have done many events.
Warren Williams, Wildfire event manager, stated, "We have always ensured that our events are well secured and this one is no different. We have employed the police and a private security firm to handle the security aspect and we will also be providing secure parking for patrons."

The local artists are Spidaman out of the Wildfire camp, and Mystic and Ilaman out of Brutal Tracks Recording Studio. Also being introduced to Guyana are two new Guyanese artists Eva blazin and Dublin. Dublin is a new addition to the Wildfire camp and holds promise. Musical entertainment for the evening will be provided by Stereosonics, Slingerz and Trendsetter. Our partners for the show are BTV2, Giftland Officemax, and our diamond sponsor Digicel, Guyana's bigger better network. WE hope to see all the fans of the artists and Wildfire at the event to jumpstart the summer. The Temperature for the summer was rising, but now, with both Tarrus Riley and Gyptian on the concert, and who have great hits individually, it has just reached boiling point!


Guyanese galore for Guyfest 2010

Roger Gary and modelGuyfest 2010 set for staging July 10, NYMichelle Cole

Cole, Cotes, Gary for Style and culture show
Karib Nation, Inc. a registered non-profit organization will be hosting the annual Guyana Cultural Festival - "Guyfest 2010" on Saturday July 10, 2010 at the Anne Arundel County Fairgrounds, 1450 Generals Highway "MD Route 178" in Crownsville, Maryland and Guyana will be well represented at the event.

The day's event will highlight a "Musical Journey"- featuring Guyana's musical icons, including Terry Gajraj and the Supertones Band, Jumo Primo, H20 Wata Flo, Eddie Neblett, Timeka Marshall, Tony Ricardo, Adrian Dutchin, Geeta Bisram and the Angels Caribbean Band.
While the local designers and fashion industry may have their knit picking that have thus far created factions, three Guyanese designers are set to showcase their creations today in Maryland, USA. That lot includes USA based Roger Gary, Pat Coates and Michelle Cole-Rose.
According to Gary the three were getting ready for the "STYLT & CULTURE" in Maryland and Gary said "I'm looking forward to showing along with two of Guyana's best designers."

The show titled "STYLE & CULTURE" lunches "Guyfest 2010" celebrating Guyana's culture and will be staged at "The Atrium at Treetops" in Landover Maryland. Mischele Cole is showing Facts N Roses sportswear and Pat Coates is showing evening creations. Guyfest 2010 is a celebration of Guyana's unique cultural heritage, drawing on the traditions of its African, Amerindian, Chinese, European, Indian and Portuguese roots. This day long celebration will draw an estimated 6,500 people to enjoy the rich sounds of Guyanese music, cuisine, visual and performing arts, activities for the entire family, displays of arts and craft by vendors from across the US, Guyana and the Caribbean.

Visual and performing arts,  including traditional folk dances, theatre and poetry, Art & Sculpture - Children's and family play area featuring, Maypole plaiting, slides and more. A Food Court featuring authentic Guyanese, American and Caribbean dishes: Vendors of arts and crafts from across the United States and the Caribbean will be participating. Karib Nation, Inc. is the host of Guyana Festival "Guyfest"


Treyon Garrett working on solo album – Releases first video

Trayon GarrettDuring a television interview Tuesday last the 29 -year-old who is caught between contractual landscaping and his music introduced the video of a recently launched single done with Jamaican artiste 'King Prof' under the Vision Sounds label. This is one of about 12 songs which will be featured on his soon to be released solo Album.

"This video is a cover for the oldies 'Worried over you' and we actually tried to do it three times and apparently this is the right time to release it. I encourage all Guyanese music lovers to support by buying a video CD combo at Matts Record Bar" the soft spoken dreadlocked youth said. The track was built in Jamaica while the song was recorded at the Vision Sounds Studio in Guyana.  Originally the son was to have been done with Edwin Yearwood of the famed Kross Fyah band and when that didn't work Bonny Alves was called in and that too did not work according to Trayon.

It was shot and edited by Troy, another member of First Born but the motivation for a remake of the original song was encouraged by veteran Music producer Walter Fraser (Wally).

Speaking about his career he said his 12 track album has already been recorded and will soon be mixed before being released before year end.

To him music is life and he was always supported by his father and mother and relatives from the time they recognized his talent. "I used to beat drums plenty as child and then my mother got me involved in Star Search way back in 1993," he recalled.

His message to aspiring artistes is "continue working and keep your focus on your talent as a first love and a dream to be realized by you."

He also encouraged supporters to keep supporting local.

This is the first song and video of my solo album so look out Guyana Treyon as well as some members of first born are doing things solo for now.

In a humble tone he is also encouraging persons interested in having their lawns and yards spruced up to contact him as he has started a land scaping business.

By Mondale Smith


Whats Up with First Born

FirstbornGroup still functioning void of management- Treyon

They have performed for close to13 years as proud Guyanese voices in the Caribbean and various parts of the world. Now while we have not heard the last of them, speculations are rife that they have split up for reasons unknown.

However, recently on the BTV2, Caribbean Music Box programme Treyon Garrett one of the five members of the First Born group confirmed that all is not well with the group.

"As First Born (the group) we are under a self management basis, two of us are working with Vision Sounds, Sean is in Berbice doing some personal show organizing, Rawlston is in Linden and Lambert is in Trinidad at present", he told the fans of the programme.

While the other members of the Guyanese group could not be reached for comment Treyon said "We are at a level where the members have decided to do some solo." Amidst rife speculations of the gropu being split he said  some members have parted ways with management but "the group is still the group together, whenever its that time you will see us perform together but right now we are not delaying we're doing solo recordings."

Expounding further the 29-year-old said that "it's a little situation going on, We (Firsts Born) have some differences as some members are not under the Vision Sounds management any longer but the group is still the group whenever we come together and it is no longer managed by Vision sounds".

Before the separation from management Treyon said some members did want to be away from management but all of us weren't in total agreement so two of us remained under Vision sounds as solo artistes.  A lot of people have been wanting for us to do solos but management never saw it that way but that's what is happening.

Explaining further he said it's a group and management issue where some members just wanted to be away from management for different reasons while others did not want it that way as such the First born Group is no longer being directly managed by Vision sounds.

First Born is known for songs such as Bounce yah head, Irits and headlines as well as How are we gonna survive and Black Joint.

Some members of first born will be touring Europe shortly through an arrangement with Vision Sounds boss man Wally Fraser along with other artistes.

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KKR artiste Jovinski Thorne Rocks Cellink Kids stage

Jovinski ThorneThe Kross Kolor Studios artistes have yet another reason to celebrate victory following the finals of the Cellink Plus Kids stage competition last weekend at the Theatre Guild in Kingston.

After a night of very memorable competitive performances by the nation's future entertainers KKR artiste Jiovinski proved the best in the 11-14 category of the inaugural Cellink Kids stage competition.

Initially the six month long competition started with more than three hundred children drawn from across Guyana displaying dance, dramatic poetry and singing but on finals night the line up was down to twenty one: ten in the 8-10 category and eleven in the 11-14 category.

Minus a few glitches the evening sparkled with mostly good performances by the majority and kudos is in order for the organizers almost show.

Jovinski performance of Michael Jackson's classic 'Rocking Robin' was ahead of his game from the opening bars of the song to the very end. Dressed in a black scissors tail suit with red comber band, white shirt and black hat to top it off, Jovinski lived the song in every way.

He was probably the most relaxed performer and the one that communicated most effectively with the judges and the audience. Except for two occasions when the mike moved slightly away from his mouth he was right in the zone. As if his singing wasn't enough, Jovinski showed that he also has got dance in his blood and this sent hi s performance over the top to finally get the judges nod.

The Judges were Dave Martins, Ron Robinson, Michelle Johnson, Paul Charles, Francis Bailey, Lavonne George, Charlene Wilkson, Michael Thompson, Lorraine Barker King and kenrick Cheeks.

Jovinski is the youngest performer on the Kross Kolor label and finds himself  among Guyanese music Royalty such as Three time Road march Queen Vanilla and people's Choice award winner 2010, two time Chutney Monarch Rajesh Dubraj, Three time Soca Monarch Adrian Dutchin, Three time Junior  Calypso Monarch Wilbur "b52 " Levans, Junior Calypso Monarch and HIV song contest winner Tennicia Defreitas and former Roadmarch Queen Big Red. The two other members of the KKR family are Jumo and Ossie O. Simon said his formula or the continued success of his artiste is always the same: long term planning, arduous practice, and efficient implementation.

By Mondale Smith


Till I find a place-The movie Premiers in Guyana

While some would think twice before they even consider it would you take someone into your home...a friend even? May be after viewing the soon to be released Guyanese movie you will be thinking differently.

Probably the lone most recent all Guyanese cast movie produced in recent times, 'Till I Find A Place' was filmed in Guyana and will be premiering in Guyana next week first at the National Cultural Center from June  23- 27. The movie will then be premiered at Lichas Hall Linden on July 10, Berbice: New Amsterdam on July 3 at Skeldon on July 4, and in Essequibo on July 11.

Film director and lead actor Mahadeo  Shivraj said the movie shot on location in Guyana and is based on an adaptation of Guyanese playwright Ronald Hollingsworth's popular stage play, "Till Ah Find A Place". The original play was written in 1991 and was re-written for movie by Shivraj.

He said "after acting in the play in Guyana I had directed it five times in NY and was an actor in it six times."

The end result was him asking Ronald Holingsworth to make it into a movie and after filming in 2007 it was edited in 2009.  Some nine songs were also recorded for the movie and were done exclusively by Guyanese.

The movie's Synopsis

Dave and Sonia lived in Georgetown and all was well until Sonia's friend Donna makes an appearance at their home claiming that her house had been demolished in a storm. The time was 3 o'clock that morning.

She is accepted by Sonia against the wishes of her husband and was offered abode until she could find a place of her own.  Dave never liked Sonia because of a rumor that she was responsible for his wife believing that he was having an affair with another woman.

One can but imagine the fire and brimstone that may follow when Sonia (the Wife) had to leave temporary for the USA and Donna (the Friend) is left alone in the home with Dave (the Husband). As the events there after unravel patrons to the premier are guaranteed to be kept at the edge of your seats.

Unlike in other locally filmed movies where actors were imported to play lead roles all told it's an all Guyanese cast of eight actors representing the realities of infidelity.

The cat and dog scenario grows when the husband, against the guest staying over get ahead of himself.  It becomes overbearing and the man decides tomorrow never comes and as is often the case much to the frustration of the husband. Heaven knows what happens when their hands accidentally meet. Will passion follow of a cuss out and bloody disaster?

The actors include Mahadeo Shivraj who plays the angry husband caught in a web of deceit, jealousy, intrigue and passion.

Rajan Tiwari and Andre Wiltshire are Dave's Friends who are oblivious to the under currents while Linden Jumbie Jones is the guest's boy friend who will live or die at the hands of an angry Dave and Donna is right in the middle of the cook up.

Cameo appearances will be played by Neaz Subhan, Petal Burnett, Kassia De Santos and Bibi Kadir.

Shivraj said "Its Guyanese, it's as real as it gets and is rated 16 for a viewing audience aged years and older."

This movie produced by Mahadeo Shivraj and stealth Productions with promotion from The Dramatic Arts Academy was filmed in 2007 and was edited in 2009.

Singers on the sound track include DJ Dutty Flex, Nadeer Bacchus, Rick Ramdehol, Eve Blazin and Rory Jagdeo while background music is produced by Avirodh Sharma.  Shivraj said after the movie premiers it goes to NY, Canada, Florida and all other places.

By Mondale Smith


Miss Guyana Earth Swimsuit competition set for Princess International Hotel Sunday

After more than a month of training and mixed media publicity as well as three shows including a national costume segment and an intelligence segment; its time for the swimsuit competition.

Reports from the competition coordinator Pamela Dillon are that the delegates will compete at the Princess Buddies Hotel in Swimwear on Sunday June 13. "The girls have been trained well and will be showcasing a selected competition swimwear as well another of their choice.  Additionally there will be much on the offer with side entertainment from several Guyanese artistes such as Malo, Big Red, Rajesh Dubraj and Tennecia Defreitas as well as Classique Dancers.  From an original line up of nine the line up is now down to the final is set for June 26. Their swim suits are designed by Vastie Harlequin and a list of various Guyanese designers.

Let's meet the delegates:

Marcia Badal Anesha Benjamin Velisha Easton Franale Holder

Shellon Fraser Soyini Fraser Kiswana Jefford
Delegate # 1
Marcia Badal age 23 boasts statistics of 33-25-35 and stands at a height of 5'7".  She is employed as a script Writer for National Communications Network and is Sponsored by National Communications Network. He PLATFORM is Sustainable Logging and she loves Basketball.

Delegate # 2
Anesha Benjamin age 23 is sponsored by Forest Enterprises Ltd. Her PLATFORM is Responsible Garbage Disposal and she say that the environment is everyone's business and all should do their part to preserve it. " littering in any form is a definite no no because it can cause much harm to the earth and  the earth is our only home so I'm advising that we take more care and caution when we go to dispose  of our waste and garbage," she  told this publication.  She loves reading, listening to Music and Traveling. Her statistics are 34-24-34 and she stands at a height of 5'9" with sights set on becoming an Air hostess she's currently a Customer Service Representative.

Delegate #3
Velisha Easton age 21 is sponsored by:  Y& J International Cuisine and she loves dancing and surfing the net. Her ultimate goal is to become a nurse as she has a hear for caring people back to heath.  Her vital statistics are 32-24-34 and she stands at a height of 5'7". Her platform is renewable energy.

Delegate # 4

Franale Holder age 21 is Miss Sun Lite International. Her hobbies include cooking, singing, dancing and modeling.  Her platform is project clean air and her vital statistics are 32-23-34. She stands at a height of height; 5'4"

Delegate #5
Shellon Fraser is Miss Lucky Dollar. This 22 year-old says she loves; modeling, and dancing. Her vital statistics are 32-24-34 and she a professional Administrative Assistant. As a Guyana hopeful beauty ambassador to the Miss Earth International Pageant in Vietnam her platform is 'using plastics wisely'.

Delegate # 6
Soyini Fraser is a confident self assertive 19-year-old. Sponsored by Unicom her vital statistics are 36-26-36 and she stands at a height; 5'9". Her hobbies include dancing. She's student pursuing tertiary education and her platform is 'reduction of greenhouse gasses.' She's a dancer with the Classique dance theater.

Delegate #7
Kiswana Jefford age 19 is focused on 'Embracing controlled logging' as her platform. A legal clerk at present she's also a second year student at the University of Guyana UG. Her hobbies include dancing. This Miss Guyana Talented Teen second runner up is a confident articulate but quiet beauty who says has all the right qualities to be a Guyanese beauty ambassador to the world.

By Mondale Smith


Guyana Fashion Weekend plans begin with designer auditions

Sonia Noel and a ModelTaking Guyana's fashion to the world

Fresh back from showcasing her new world Sonia Noel Resort line in Tobago and her Mariska's line with shades of pink in support of breast cancer awareness Sonia Noel is now focused on Guyana Fashion Weekend 2010.

The ever busy designer told this publication that all focus is now set on making the 2010 even grander than in years past. "Guyana Fashion Weekend is set for Oct 30 and 31 at The Pegasus Hotel and will feature designers from Guyana as well as international designers and some from the Caribbean.

As a prelude, registration for hopeful local designers to the event commences on Tuesday June 15 and ends on Saturday. This is the word from GFW CEO Sonia Noel as she encourages new designers to present sketches and one or two complete pieces during the period at her Silhouette showroom Barr Street Kitty at the former Rayon House of Fashion building.  She also let up that among the lot of designers will be Guyana Born Diaspora based designers.

After showcasing her creations on many Caribbean catwalks, Sonia Noel's first fashion weekend show was staged in August of 2007 and has since been staged at the Buddies Hotel, the Georgetown Cricket Club Ground. The event normally features regional and international designers as well as models. This year's event will feature as special focus on Breast Cancer awareness. Meanwhile the Search for Guyana's next top model male, female and full figured and chef is soon to climax. Noel can be contacted on 226-3099.

By Mondale Smith