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Sonia Noel, three models for FWTT

ModelCEO of GFW Sonia Noel will again represent Guyana at Fashion Week of Trinidad and Tobago which promises to be even bigger and better than before. FWTT provides a strategic and essential platform for merchandising and branding for Caribbean designers living in the Caribbean and the diaspora.

Rosemary Stone, Public Relations director of Fashion Week Trinidad and Tobago (FWTT) is excited about Mariska's Designs  participation in this year's spectacular nine day fashion festival and said  "This year we are increasing our scope - six days in Trinidad and three in Tobago." FWTT3 kicks-off in Tobago on May 29 with a gala networking party hosted by the Tobago House of Assembly and the Tourism Development Company Limited at Coco Reef Tobago.

All told there are more than fifty designers chocked full of fashion forward options to be presented through seven identifiable Caribbean brands such as Tobago style, Resort Caribbean, cutting edge Caribbean,  cosquelle couture - trini swimwear,  nouveau Caribbean,  new world style and haute Caribbean.

Sonia Noel, in FWTT three year history will be presenting on Resort Caribbean and New World style themes and she expressed her elation at being one of the select designers to showcase in both Tobago and Trinidad.

Last year Noel's collection was dubbed HYBRID that paid homage to vegetation and the undergrowth of the forest. The colours lilac mauve and purple represent the beautiful colours that are sometimes lost in the undergrowth.Melissa Payne  who was very impressive in the show stopper for that collection.

She goes under the label Mariska's designs but she will be launching a Sonia Noel resort and leather sandals  line in Tobago on the 31 st May.Different  types  of cotton is utilise for this line and it is free fitting and flowing  resort dresses that you can also dress up depending on the occasion.Her versatile rap dresses which can be worn more than six ways will also be featured  in this collection.The leather footwear  line will feature slippers and sandals embellish with various types of stones.

Noel will showcase in Trinidad her new black and white collection of which she is well known for  and because for her concern for breast  cancer she will also be showing a collection of mainly pink ensemble.

The collection will showcase various shades of pink and designed with zips and button to give it that creative edge.

In addition to Sonia's participation Guyana's top cat walk diva Meleesa Payne as well as Guyana Model Search winners, Jumain Victor and Yolanda Kerr will strutt their stuff on the catwalks. They wing out to the twin islands for shows slated for June 2 - 6.


Guyanese singer Bliss set to launch collaborative single

Corner features HD band member

Tiffany IsaacsWe've seen her in Steve's Jewellery, and countless GT and T television advertisements as a flirtatious beauty and she's proven to be a real diva on the local catwalks for major shows such as Guyana Fashion Weekend and The Accolade Genesis fashion rhythm. Now she's on to the next one in search of her place in the local music industry as fierce singer looking for a spot on the international music circuit.

Born Tiffany Isaacs this 20-year-old eye candy with smooth dark chocolate skin is not just a beauty of face but also of voice bursting with melody.

She sees herself as possibly being a hit maker if given the opportunity to do so. To prove that she can sing she has already completed four songs including Bad Girl featuring Young S, Hustle over here with Galliani, Fall on the envy rhythm and want me back that crosses between the RnB, Groovy and Dance hall genres.

Now she's about to add yet another song to the Guyanese music repertoire. Fresh back from a recording stint in Trinidad with UMI Macano an HD band member she has completed a collaboration titled 'Corner' and it is to be distributed to all local radio Deejays.

Called Bliss, the artiste during an interview on the BTV2 Caribbean Music Box programme expressed the hope that the song once distributed to local Deejays next week, would enjoy some favourable radio airplay. It is also being launched in Trinidad next week on several radio stations.

Like  most of the local  artistes  this budding  hit maker is calling  for more respect for the local  music industry and it stakeholders  and  for unity  among  music producers and  singers. " I believe that Guyanese music can go somewhere if we stop  fighting among ourselves and  encourage  each other>>>I also believe that some more attention should be given to some sort of legislation to ensure that musicians  and artistes  in general  are protected   through  the implementation of relevant copy rights legislation."

By Mondale Smith


Guyanese Edmond Johnson set to strut stuff for FWTT

Edmond JohnsonWhen the curtain is raised for Trinidad's third Fashion Week billed for start today (Friday) in Tobago with continuation from Monday to Friday in Trinidad next week, Guyana will be well represented not just by home based influences.

In addition to Sonia Noel's showcases and local models Meleesa Payne, Jumain Victor and Yolanda Kerr another Guyanese, Edmond Johnson, will be strutting his stuff on the catwalk too.

This kid who originates from Norton Street Wortmanville has been residing in Trinidad for 15 years but still keeps the Golden Arrow Head flying.

He believes that the sky is the limit to what one can have as he continues to pursue his dreams of being an international Guyanese entertainer. For the FWTT event he will be among a selected bunch of models donning the creations of several designers.

Also called Ejo in his portfolio as a singer he told entertainer that he's working feverishly to complete several songs for release by August in the Twin Island Republic. no stranger to the local entertainment scene the 32-year-old has been part of the Carib Soca Monarch competition and  has plans to  return next year  if all goes well.

Expressing excitement at being one of the specially selected few models to take to the stages in Trinidad and Tobago he said "given that Guyanese are now more accepting of overseas based singers as was the case in this year's Soca competition, I'm contemplating a return to Guyana for the 2011 Soca Monarch competition to take on the likes of Adrian Dutchin and Jumo as well as Bones man."

He says he has penned may songs that yet to be recorded and is hoping to  do some collaborations with some of the  main stream soca artistes in Trinidad. his recorded and released son to date includes songs such as karma, concentration,  naked, wave, bring out yuh wine, secrets, rumona and push sweetness. Karma is a conscious reggae song while the others are of the soca genres.Naked was the song he used to qualify for the Guyana Carib Soc monarch top ten several years ago while he has released a music video for the song Secrets and both have made the rounds in and out of Guyana.

He proclaims himself as an all rounder who loves singing soca and is currently working to release several new summer hits such as Money deh, a dance hall styled song.

A graduate of Alleyne's High School Ejo won the Trinidad Model search 'emerge 2005' as well as the 2008 Arima Fest calypso monarchy. Prior to the 2010 FWTT he was among the more experienced  models at the Guyana Fashion Weekend 2008 and 2009. He also made  guest appearances at several major fashion events in the caribbean region including Barbados.

By Mondale Smith


Lisa says “look out for the Punch”

Lisa PunchThe little girl with a big voice who brought down the National Cultural Center several years ago with Whitney Houston's 'I'll Always Love you' in record pitch is set to have her voice heard musically again.  Lisa Punch offering an update on what has been unfolding said "music wise I am working with Brutal Recording studios and I have been doing my music."  In fact she has a new single out called 'secret admirer' and soon the video will be out for that song. Since Star Guyana she says that she's been focused on school "because without an education I can't go nowhere in terms of being successful." She's still in school and is also doing music. Lisa is advising persons who supported her at star Guyana and all other music enthusiasts to "look out for me because I am coming at u with a big PUNCH soon." Aside from being focused on education and music Lisa recently began hosting the Hard Vibes television talk show on Btv2. That show thus far has been focused on girl talk regarding issues that effect and affect women but it is not limited to women.

In 2006 Lisa out performed some of Guyana's best amateur talents at the national cultural center in dance, drama and singing to take home the U mobile Star Guyana crown. She remains the winner to date as there is yet to be another competition.  She is often used as a lead singer in the Bishops High school all girls' choir.

A singer, dancer and an actress who is very friendly Lisa said above all things "I love the Lord and my family”. Her favorite quote is "You can tell how big a person is by what it takes to break him down”.

On her facebook page she states: I'm blessed, young, energetic, talented, amazing and above all an inspiration. I am who I am and your opinion is neither desired, nor required”. Lisa's voice was the one that sang the CARIFESTA X theme  when Guyana hosted the event in 2008.

By Mondale Smith


Miss Guyana Shabeau Face selected

Madonna GhanieGuyanese MADONNA GHANIE age 19 has been selected as GUYANA’S DELEGATE to the upcoming FACE OF SHABEAU 2010 competition in Barbados. She was selected from a large line up of hopefuls who auditioned two weeks ago at the Pegasus.her pageant experience includes  being a delegate in the miss Guyana Talented teen pageant 2009 where she won the Miss Photogenic prize. Her hobbies include dancing, modeling,cooking, hanging at the Mall, camping and swimming.

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Launch of Wildfire Entertainment

WildFire EntertainmentJust about two and a half years ago, Jonathan Beepat conceptualized the company Wildfire Productions. The aim was to create an entertainment and media production company to improve the quality of output from both fields. Now, the company has grown to a stage where it has garnered enough support and able to become separate entities with different clients under each.

Our entertainment unit has faced trials but was able to overcome them, manage and develop. Our group is a very tight knit one and it is with this unity and trust we are able to survive and continue. Since 2007 we have managed and effectively executed 11 local concerts, 2 concerts in Canada, over 15 sports events (dating from 2002), 3 VIP parties, and 1 school show. The team is led by Jonathan Beepat as the CEO and Creative Director who holds a Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) in Business Management; VP of operations Jermaine Softley, who holds a diploma in Business Management and Telecommunications and Event managers Vijay Panday, Warren Williams and Andrew Sukrah.

Wildfire Entertainment (W.E.) is focused strictly on entertainment. The creative acronym W.E. was specifically created to compliment our company Wildfire Entertainment, because it is a company that is for you, for me, jus fuh we. We are not merely promoters like other entities, W.E. are event managers. When we put on an event, many are involved - emcees, artists, sound systems, individual promoters, entertainment websites, security firms, bartenders, porters, and most importantly, fans and patrons. Hence the reason it is called W.E., because many of us are involved. Our intention is also to use part

of our profits from each event to help benefit our society in some way, whether it is a donation to a school, or installing a needed item in a community. The contribution will always depend on the success of the specific W.E. event. Our services for Wildfire Entertainment include artist management, artist promotion, music distribution, Concert hosting, Event management and planning, international artist booking, and music production among other things.
Since its inception, W.E. has been recognized by major corporations and hired to manage their events. Some of our prestigious clients include Digicel where we managed D'Bimmer Flex events in summer 2009 when Digicel gave away 2 BMW's. More recently W.E. was contracted by the ICC World 2020 cricket to create the concept and manage the party stand for the cricket held in Guyana.
We are not affiliated with any company and we work with all. Our services are available to anyone or corporation who wishes to have quality events planned, managed and executed.

All through the world event management is a serious business and now we feel we have enough resources and experience to develop on this niche market and give Guyana a reliable and effective event planning Entertainment Company. Since Wildfire Entertainment is aimed at giving people quality and reliable events, involving so many different entities and people for an event, contributing to the non-partying community after events, we feel our slogan fits well when we say... "IS A W.E. TING!"


The Collaborative OMG track hits airwaves today – KKR Boss man

Adrian Dutchin and Peter RamAs of today music lovers will get some more of Guyanese musical creativity when the OMG track is launched and word is that the track will be released on a new compilation that due out in stores in two weeks.

As  Kross  Kolor Records prepare to release the remix that  features Adrian Dutchin, Jory and Peter Ram, KKR has acknowledged that  the collaborative efforts " Keys "and the Brutal Tracks recording  production company for doing a fantastic job on producing the track.

The KKR boss man also acknowledges entertainer Kerwin  Bollers  of Hits  and Jams for his input and  making the talent of Jory available and Peter Ram for unhesitatingly  agreeing to be part of the remix project and the production wizardry of Burchmore Simon, Adrian Dutchin and the KKR team for overall production of the song which was recorded and mixed at The Sound Garden Studios.

Jory HectorSimon states too that "This type of collaboration augers well for the music industry and will serve to strengthen the forward movement of the industry".

Most of the international record companies have been doing this type of collaboration and have been reaping the benefits through popularity of the collaborators, performances for the artistes and sales; it also makes way for lesser known artistes to record on the rhythm and piggy back on the success of more established  ones. And in this instance Simon says "collaborations benefit all participants and should be pursued and encouraged." When this publication intervieweed Adrian Dutchin he was in high praises to Brutal Tracks and KKR for making the  OMG possible and promises that Guyana Can look forward to  a real  party vibe on the track.

By Mondale Smith


Gospel Singer Sean Sobers ups his music game

Goes One-on-one

Sean SobersThose in the local music industry who like positive, inspirational vibes may recall Sean Sobers for the hit planted. Entertainer caught up with this positive vibes artiste and learnt that he has added yet another song to the local music repertoire and another will soon follow.

The names of the songs are 'Born for More' and 'I've Called You.' Sobers explaining the inspiration behind 'born for more' said "many people are living below their true call void of fulfilment and are being undervalued.  "I just realised that there's more and we need to come to a place where we begin to walk in our true nature and purpose." He said the inspiration came while he was driving and the words' "more.... there's more...we were born for more kept hitting me. So Every day that we rise up there must be a consciousness that what we're doing, saying and how we're living is not all there is...there must be a sensing that there's more.

The well travelled Guyanese artiste of his second song, I've Called You, said it is a reminder that "despite of what we're faced with daily, it is not what people think or say...but it's about what God has said about you before the foundation and what he has chosen you to do and be. Sobers added that many people feel that they were born into the wrong time and place and their circumstances are unfavorable.  "But through this song I want to remind people that there is a call of God upon their lives," Sobers said.

He added that he has penned many songs aimed at propelling people forward into destiny and purposeful living because it's not about where we are or what we used to do but where we're going to be.

The songs were recorded at a small studio, West Wesleyan Media Production through a team effort that included two fresh and upcoming faces to the gospel music scene to do these songs, Samuel Medas and Rochelle Maximus.

'Born for more' was released about two months ago and 'I've called you' will be released within upcoming weeks.

Thus far this professional barber has released one album titled 'Process" which features 12 track including 'planted' and 'Heal the Land'. Also there was a DVD release "Live in Suriname" that featured 'Lord I came here'.

"I'm presently a pastor, and also doing some travelling while working along with a Canadian worship leader and producer."

Offering his take on the local music industry Sobers expressed the view that "we have the ability to produce quality music, the resources are available and we have been doing much. However people need to see the bigger picture, beyond simply Guyana". Elaborating further Sobers said he believes that once we adapt that mentality our music will take on a different form and make a greater impact on the international circuit. "We need to stop placing blame and just get up and do it. As has become the norm among the mutterings of Guyanese acts Sobers expressed disappointment with the lack of proper copyright laws for artistes as well.

Contacts: Facebook:
pix: Sean sobers 1,2 Caption: Guyanese Psalmist Sean Sobers

By Mondale Smith


Timeka Marshall to premiere ‘One More Day’ Video on Sunday May 23 on HJTV

Timeka Marshall Video ShootGuyanese songstress Timeka Marshall who copped the title of Best female Reggae/Dancehall artiste at the recently concluded Guyana Artistic Music Awards is set to release her fifth video for her new release 'One More Day' an inspirational song which has been receiving great reviews nationwide.

The video directed by Marshall's manager Kerwin Bollers and produced by Artistic Marketing was shot on location at Guyana's Brickdam Cathedral of Immaculate Conception and is quite momentous since it is the singer's first 'locally-produced' music video.

Bollers explained that the location was especially appropriate since it perfectly exhibited the video's theme and it is also one of the few architectural-wonders among the masses of Guyanese buildings.
The reggae track which has been described by many as having a 'gospel ' sound; generally speaks about assessing the important things in life and paying reverence to god for health and strength. Marshall explained that the song holds special sentiment since she acquired its inspiration from observing the struggle of a close friend whose mother was terminally ill. She was extremely traumatized by the incident and realized that people sometimes ask pray for the less important things in life when in fact they should pray for health, strength and spiritual direction.

Several local celebrities and entertainment-personalities including Celeste David, Miss Guyana World 2009 Imarah Radix, 2010 Junior Calypso Monarch Tenecia DeFreitas and Soca diva Melissa 'Vanilla' Roberts are featured in this video.
This will be the fifth addition to Timeka's repertoire of videos which include recent hits 'Separate',All Night', 'Hush' a collaboration with Jamaican reggae megastar Peetah Morgan and 'Feel Fah' featuring Dancehall Superstar Busy Signal.

The General public is advised to tune in to Hits and Jams Television HJTV on Sunday May 23 for the video's premiere at 13:00hrs and a rebroadcast at 19:00hrs.


Guyana Miss Jamzone Representative to be chosen via Reality Show

Always armed with aims of creating the most remarkable events and consistently raising the bar the organizers of the renowned Jamzone events are once again launching an initiative that is set to break new grounds in Guyanese Entertainment. While the newly introduced Miss Jamzone International 2010 pageant will include delegates from several Caribbean countries the local representative will be selected by means of a reality show.

The participants will be shortlisted from successful applications and interviews and over a period of weeks they will have to complete various challenges that are aimed at testing their intellectual capacity, fashion and beauty senses, ability to function efficiently under pressure and their overall ability to represent Guyana on the International scene.
The reality show will be aired weekly and the general public can participate actively by voting for their favorite contestant via text messages.

Reality shows are the current craze in television broadcast and usually attract a large audience since they integrate real unscripted dramatic or humorous situations and feature ordinary people instead of professional actors.
The Miss Jamzone International show will be aired on Hits and Jams Television (HJTV) and the National Communication Network (NCN).Guyanese are advised to brace themselves since this year's Miss Jamzone pageant is expected to be nothing short of remarkable.