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Anthony B ready to dish positive vibes at Mash Explosion

Anthony B

Jamaican artiste Keith 'Anthony B' Blair of 'Tease her and please her' fame has arrived in Guyana and is ready to create a post 'Mash explosion' at the National Park. During an interview yesterday the artiste who arrived on Thursday night said "Guyana can look forward to an electrifying performance with lots of hits from then and now because this ah me first time here and so me gwine really bless up and entertain positively". The show is being promoted by Vision sounds and Seven Stars promotions. Baby Cham arrives tonight.

Since his arrival on Thursday night Anthony B has visited the Plaisance line top Guinness bar and several other locations and he says "me and my manager Tina Jones feel like we are part of the Guyanese family already. The people showed us real love and created some real vibes that surprised us so we are happy and will spread that happy vibe to my Guyanese fans."

In to music professionally since 1994 Anthony B arrived here fresh from a West Coast U.S tour and says he had many offers from promoters to come to Guyana but that the timing did not seem right then. "But since linking up with Seven Star promotions group it feels like the time is right so Guyana I'm here with more than 1000 singles and 15 albums, no me not gwine sing all but you are guaranteed a good show from me and then there is my brethren Baby Cham who will be performing too so come out in yah tens and thousands."

Looking back at his involvement in music he said his interest in having a musical career began in school and it remains his first love and as he says "I'm taking it to the skies". In his career he has collaborated with a plethora of popular main stream artistes in and out of Jamaica and is aspiring to one day not just be nominated for but to actually win one a Grammy Award.

In 2009 he was nominated at the Grammy's for reggae album of the year for his 'Rise up album' but the award was won Stephen Marley.

The artiste says he gets his inspiration from everyday experiences and uses those to write his songs. He enjoys promoting positive vibes and speaks up about the eradication of the many social ills that plague society such as HIV and AIDS. So committed is he to the cause that eh wrote several songs along the line of caution. One songs he quotes "all over the world man and woman are dying because of disease, I don't want to be an HIV victim father please…"

At present Anthony B is working to release a new album dubbed 'Rasta love' by May of this years and it will feature 16 songs including a combination with Kimani Marley on a song called Zion.

A proud Rastafarian he says he is proof that the stereotypical Rasta is only a myth unless other dreadlocks youths who choose to deviate. To youths aspiring to achieve much from life he said education is the key…once you have it no one can't take it away from you ever. And regarding the music business education is very important"

To music new comers he encourages that "education is the key capitalize on every opportunity to be educated and as an entertainer give as much positive vibes as you can and people will feel a part of your cause and get on board. This is the Anthony B's first visit to the local shores and he says it certainly wouldn't be the last.

By Mondale Smith


Anthony B arrives for Mash Explosion show

Anthony B and Promoter NigelJamaican artistes Anthony B has arrived for the Mash Explosion concert that features himself and Baby Cham tomorrow (saturday) night at the National Park.
Last evening he was featured as a guest at the Plaisance line top Guinness bar where he entertained briefly. Baby Cham arrives tonight.

Anthony B and Fans

The show is being promoted by Vision sounds and Seven Stars promotions. Pix show  the artiste in Guyana upon arrival with Promoter Nigel Harding and with Guyanese fans at the plaisance line top.

By Mondale Smith


Vanilla Road March Queen Again

Its official, for the second year in a row Melissa 'Vanilla' Roberts age 27 has copped the Road March queen title.  The official result coming out of the Mash Secretariat is that her song High was the most played on the mash route and as such she has been adjudged the 2010 Road March queen.

Her song high came up against fifteen others including Jumo's 'in de air' and Bones-man's 'Mashramani time is we own'. When contacted with the news Vanilla's reaction was "ok I trust your information but I done't really react in anyway out of the ordinary when I win."

She said the song written by her manager Burchmore Simon is about the colourful festival of Mash and encourages all to get involved in building the spirit of Mashramani as we festival taking it to the next level.

Simon also wrote 'Wrap It Up' and 'Mama I done't Want To Be Born' and both were adjudged as winners of the 2010 junior calypso competition and the HIV/Aids song competition. Simon also co-wrote the winning Soca monarch song donee by Bonesman titled "Is We Own".

Of her win for a second year Vanilla said she is elated and hopes that this trend will continue. She let up that this time around because the quality of soca music around "I wasn't sure if I was going to win this year but last year I was certain when I won with Rude."

This is her 4th year in the competition. In 2008 she missed the crown by one point when Big Red won with 'on the road again.'

Vanilla  also placed  second in the soca monarch competition as she had done last year with rude and said that she will certainly be going up for the title of soca monarch next year as well as going for a three-pete.

Burchmore Simon her manager said "it was a great season and Vanilla's win is an additional incentive to continue to work hard and dedicate ourselves to further developing the music industry". Two weeks from now Vanilla who hails from Berbice but resides in Georgetown said her fans can look forward to yet another scorching video from her. She will be releasing a video for her single titled "Pressure". She expressed gratitude to all her supporters and said "I could not have donee it with out you the fans."

By Mondale Smith

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Engineer is Guyana’s first representative at Mr. World pageant

Max Chung, a 21-year-old engineer living in England, is representing Guyana at the Mr World Pageant which is slated for March 27 in Korea.

The Mr World pageant, an exhibition of adventure, sport and style, is run by the Miss World organisation.

Even though he works as an engineer, Chung, who enjoys cricket and boxing, would like to become a Police officer in the future.

Max says that if he had to perform in front of a live audience he would do powerlifting. He did power-lifting at the national level in Austria in 2004/5.

He believes that his best quality is his ability to listen. One thing he could not live without? Why, his iPhone! Coming to favourite things, his favourite landmark is the Eiffel Tower, while his favourite film is "Taken" by Liam Neeson. His favourite sports car is the Range Rover Sport.

The Mr World 2010 finalists will face a series of events that test their strength, stamina, mental agility and determination to succeed in the face of adversity.

The television final will showcase the beautiful country of Korea, highlighting its spectacular scenery, fascinating history and diverse culture as the Mr World nations face each new and exciting challenge that has been prepared for them.

Host city Icheon boasts many attractions on its dramatic landscape, including magnificent temples, picturesque beaches, towering mountains and beautiful, secluded islands which will be the backdrop for the largest ever men's event of its kind, Mr World 2010.


Guyanese Fashion to the next level

"Clothes maketh man, naked people have little or no effect on society" Cleverly stated by Mark Twain, the importance of clothes and by default a sense of fashion has for too long been understated. From bell bottoms, to boot-cuts, to pencils and maybe back? Fashion is ever changing, always evolving in this rapidly stylistic world. Keeping up with it may not be a walk in the park but more like a guy finishing last in a road race.

Some may argue that what's in style depends on what the celebrities wear, while others may opine that fashion is following your personal sense of style  While this may be true, there are a few who may showcase their own true style.

Guyana has been making its mark in the Fashion Industry over the past few years.  Guyanese designers have awed many audiences with their unique and fabulous sense of designs and concepts.   The most popular names in Guyanese and Caribbean fashion are Sonia Noel and Michelle Cole, while others like Olympia Small and Roger Gary have also caused a few ripples of their own.

Two of these designers, Michelle Cole and Sonia Noel have made an indelible mark on fashion in Guyana and are mothers to two of the most anticipated fashion events in Guyana. Michelle has offered to us an innovative and sassy venture called FACTS which seeks to showcase and reward the talent and creativity of young designers, which has completed three cycles to date. Sonia meanwhile has brought to Guyana, undoubtedly our biggest fashion event, Guyana Fashion Weekend.

Marisca Fiedtkou, daughter of Sonia Noel, who is no stranger to the fashion industry herself, is keen to follow her mother's progressive footsteps and carve a name for herself in the fashion book of fame.

Talk Style Fashion Club is the brain child of Marisca. This project was started as an interactive club geared for the young and hip. With monthly meetings, it allows young ladies to get together and share their views and discover their personal style

Being a member of this club offers a variety of benefits; with membership you get 10% discount on anything you purchase from the Talk Style Fashion Club section at "Silhouettes", which is located at 176 Barr Street, Kitty, Georgetown. Members also have access to personalized shopping, updates on the latest looks and trends so that you will always be in fashion, no matter which direction your sense of may lead. It also allows, facilitates and encourages making new friends through networking, image and self esteem building and much more.

Wondering how you may join the Talk Style Fashion Club? At the meetings, registration forms are distributed. Membership costs GY$1000 per month, which is only GY$10,000 per year.

The Club has held one meeting for the year to date, which focused extensively on personal style.  Fashion magazines were distributed and members were educated about celebrity styles and the roles they play in society.  Session two, is dated for Saturday 27th February 2009 at 13:00hrs. The venue would be 1068 Aubrey Barker and Gaulding, South Ruimvelt. Session two focuses on "make up" tips and Easter attire.  Further interaction and networking continue while persons from the first meeting are allowed to bring a friend along.

In the near future, Talk Style Fashion Club will be making it way to the television arena, with a show hosted by Marisca Fiedtkou.

By Shane Pearce

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Banks DIH and Digicel rule Mash day road parade

There is yet to be an announcement of who is the designer of the year but after all the revelry for the nation's 40th Republic anniversary from Church Street to the National Park, Banks DIH and Digicel are the major prize winners for the 2010 costume float parade competitions.

Banks DIH got four first places spots for the best individual King that presented the majesty of the Banks Beer, Best full costume large band than numbered in excess of 200 and best Semi costume band which featured about 300 revellers. That company also won the commercial floats top prize. Additionally Banks DIH also copped two third place prizes in the individual female and queen categories.

Digicel captured three first place spots in the individual male, female and Queen categories as well as one third in the Large full costumes band for their Pollination presentation the featured the Humming Bird, the Honey bee and  the Hibiscus flower all designed by Olympia Sonnoram.

AnSa Mcal (carib) copped three third place spots for individual female, male and king costumes with their message of sand, sea and sun.

The National Aids programme secretariat and the ministry of education copped the first place spots in the full costume medium and small band categories over GPL and the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs respectively.

Region ten and the Ministry of Agriculture won the semi costume bands medium and small category respectively while the Chinese association and the public service Ministry copped the second place spots.

The PPP placed second in the large band semi costumes category while Slingshot's Guyana: an oasis of hope placed third.

The National Library won the non-commercial float top prize while the Body of Christ and the Chinese Association placed second and third respectively.

In the regional competitions region four was the best copping the top prizes for the individual King and Queen Costume categories but regions one and ten copped the pop honours in the full and semi costume categories. (Mondale Smith)

Prize giving is set for the March 5th


Mash Explosion on tomorrow- Baby Cham, Anthony B

With the Mashramani Day road parade over and the many soca, chutney and calypso events concluded the stage is now set for a Mash wash down dubbed 'Mash Explosion'.

Jamaican artiste Anthony B arrived in Guyana yesterday and Baby Cham is scheduled to touch down today on a morning flight out of Miami at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport.

The concert is aimed at ensuring that persons get a chance to be inspired and it offers a different kind of stress relief after all the soca party sessions.

On the cards to perform tomorrow night are Jamaica's Digicel Rising star Benetto as well as 'DJ Gold Teeth'.  Additionally the local line-up will include Alabama of 'Dem don't care' fame, Treyon Garrett out of First Born, and culture/reggae artistes 'Fire Fred'.

Anthony B's hits include "Repentance time", "Fire pon Rome", "One Thing", "A De Man", "Rumour" and "Raid di Barn". Anthony B followed up with critically acclaimed albums such as "Real Revolutionary", "Universal Struggle", "7 Seals", "Black Star" and "Untouchable".

No stranger to Guyana, Damian Beckett aka Cham, a Grammy Award-nominated Jamaican recording artist is known for hits like "Ghetto Story."


Region one rules at Children’s road parade 2010

Hinterland Scholarship StudentsAfter a day of sparkly, colourful, topical, relevant and cute displays at the nations 2010 Children's road parade that featured tots, teens and young adults from the eleven education districts the results are in.

Region one through its theme of 'Embracing our Diversity, Celebrating our Heritage ruled the competition beating region three into the second spot with 'Celebration time' and region settled for third as they depicted 'Preserve our Heritage and Save the Earth'.

In the nursery category the Happy Hearts Nursery's depiction of 'Miss Republic - 40 Years of Achievements' copped the top spot while Sherman's Nursery placed second with 'legend of gold' and Turkeyen Nursery with 'celebrating our Culture through Music' settled for third.

Rama Krishna Primary's presentation of 'Learning in Unity through Culture' got the judges nod for first place while Winfer Gardens Primary placed second with 'The Beautiful Angels fulfilling an Academic Dream for a Brighter tomorrow' and Community Academy Primary with 'A Tribute to our First People'.

The Alien Red Dragon as depicted in the fantasy theme won Dolphin Secondary the winners spot in the secondary school bands category while Ascension Secondary's display of 'Celebrating with our Folk Legends' placed second.  Cummings Lodge Secondary through the bands showcase of 'Moulding our Nation's Children to support our Diverse Heritage' placed third.

The other children's organisation category was ruled by the Hinterland Scholarship students who gleefully displayed 'Reducing Emission and Proudly Sustaining our Livelihood.'

Their runners up were West End Youth Cultural Centre and the national School of dance who placed second and third respectively for their displays such as 'Golden Sparkles in a Beautiful Forest' and 'Dance - The Gateway to our Cultural Heritage'.

In the individual category Mwanza Glen copped the top spot with 'the faceless void of culture' while Jamel Brooms with his display of 'A Royal Explosion - A Prince in his Glory' placed second.

On Saturday the Ministry of Education's Unit of Allied Arts Children's Mashramani competition was a showcase of pageantry and fun filled gyrations, prancing and dancings as they addressed issues of climate change, the Low Carbon Development Strategy from the youth perspective and preserving marine life.

Being true to their youthful minds the tots and teens also paraded in Mythical characters, legends and folklores as well as fantasy and fairy tales galore. There was also an abundance of other serious issues regarding Guyana's Rain forest preservation and education.

National children's road parade 2010 in retrospect

From about 9:00hrs on Saturday thousands lined the parade route to get a glimpse of the many contingents of youths on parade in mostly full costumes. Some cheered their favourites on while others zeroed in on those who were a brazen and bold in their gyrations. Among those watching the jollification from the road side were some youngsters who were not going to be left out of the spot light.  Some aged as young as three literally ran into the many groups of frenzied revellers and show them just how they should dance and do their thing.

In the nursery band from a line up of nine contingents the beauty of El Dorado was among the more attractive of showcases as was the legend of Gold but the energetic Miss Republic was also one to beat.  For the most part the youths were very much in time with the music but few opted out as sleep seemed to have a greater pull on them.

In the primary band section more than eleven contingents were on the road and from the energy exuded it was obvious that the youths' were out to have a grand time as reflected in their prancing and costumes.  Ketley primary 's Back to basics was among the more  energetic and colourful as was North Georgetown's band that  focused on living our Heritage in a diverse community. Commendation is also in order for Community Academy Primary for their 'tribute to our first people.'

In the secondary school bands category the energy was at an all time high from the parade ground to the National Park as the more senior students seemed bent ton out doing each other with coordinated dance steps and gyrations. Theirs was a colourfull array of glitters that had a few at their energetic peek. But there were a few who simply walked the course unmindful of the many promptings.  All the  entries in this category were commendable but  some openly opined that  Cummings Lodge  and Dolphin  secondary were the ones to bet with their themes of "Moulding  our nation's children  to support  our diverse heritage" and  the fantasy  filled "the Alien Red dragon and the Dragon Fly" costumes.

The regional presentations were among the more colourful and topical as the costumes offered much room for conversation on topical issues.  These included region 2 'embracing our heritage through preservation of our natural resources.' And West Demerara/ Essequibo Islands message was clear that it is 'Celebration Time' while region four aimed to 'preserve our heritage and save the earth' and region seven offered the message of 'Celebrating our Diversity through education'.

Over all there were more than 40 contingents who also had their sections and there were also several Non-governmental children's organizations.
But none could out perform the choreographed showcase of the National Dance School as that group showcased   the various levels of dance offered splashed with much of the many cultures that make Guyana a unique cultural melting pot

By Mondale Smith


It’s Mash Day: Guyana’s 40th Republic anniversary party

The children had their chance on Saturday and it was a mostly colourful, topical showcase of energised revelling.

Today, after months of preparation and millions of dollars in investment it is the day for Guyana's ultimate Republic party. More than 30 bands are expected to hit the parade route in full and semi costumes. There will be additional contingents of T-shirt bands.

Guyanese from every corner, as well as international tourists, are expected to flock in their tens of thousands to the traditional Mashramani route from the assembly line at Camp and Church Streets.

They will follow the float parade that will be moving along Church Street, into Irving Street and along Thomas lands to observe and in some cases join in the revellery.

Officials of the National Mash committee are optimistic that it will be a good day full of sunshine and high energy. For some, from talk in the streets yesterday, it will be all out partying while for others it's a perfect family time. They will find various spots on the Merriman Mall to place their picnic baskets filled with goodies.

Friends will reconnect and new acquaintances will be made but above all, the spectacle today will feature Guyana's own carnival that promises to be mostly a full costumes affair of colours.

Now it's the adults' turn to compete for top prizes and designers for the coveted Designer of the Year title. Corporate Guyana numbering more than ten will be aiming for the top prizes for their costumes--the Individual Male and Female, and King and Queen crowns.

But the regions and other organisations will not be left out and neither will the religious bodies as this publication has confirmed that several political parties such as the PPP and the PNC as well as the AFC will be on the road in addition to the churches and the Hindu community.

The air of expectancy will be high also as thousands flock to the National Park stands as revellers participate in the annual Mashramani celebrations. At the location the competitive nature will be at an all time high too as the revellers seek to out do each other with co-ordinated and choreographed dance techniques before the final round of Judges.

After being out of the main competition last year, the creativity of the Facts 'N Roses camp will be hot contenders through the more than 700 revellers in the GPL, and Banks DIH bands.

GPL will today be making its first appearance into the event with more than 200 revellers all focussed on promoting the use of the energy saver bulbs and the need for persons to stop using illegal connections and get back on the power grid in several individual costumes.

Designer Olympia Sonoram's creativity will be paraded by the more than 400 revellers, individual males, and Females, Kings and Queens Floats of the Digicel and Carib bands.

The Carib band is focussed on promoting Guyana's Low Carbon Development Strategy and ecotourism with the message that the Caribbean Sun offers hope on the horizon through Guyana's forest.

After four years of being out of the costume parade, Banks DIH is back in the road parade today with its 500 strong contingent that will offer a sea of red and gold costumes under that encourage all to toast to Guyana's 40th republic anniversary and the theme is Our Country, our Life our Beer.

The Ministry of Culture, as the lead Ministry in today's celebrations, focuses on 'Saving the Forest' and will share the message that Guyana is the lungs of the world through its rain forest.

The Public Service Ministry will present a contingent of 50 showcasing Minister Jennifer Westford's vision of "securing Guyana's present and future" in the small bands category.

The Ministry of Amerindian Affairs will focus its message on ensuring that "the forest must stay" while Region ten's Brian Munroe's creations and costumes will be focussed on ways to "save the planet".

On the education front, the National Library has gone all out and will be presenting "Education to embrace our Cultural Diversity" where the Library will be presented as the Tree of Knowledge. It will also showcase the idea that knowledge is the doorway to career opportunities and the information resources offered by the national library.

The Education Ministry showcase will be one that borders on the theme of "education for all - a nation stands tall" through the integral partnership of the home, school and the community.

While the Ministry of Health's participation remains a secret on the health front, the region three RDC will be out in their glory of shimmering colours with a message of "let's help to prevent the pandemic rage."
These are among the more elaborate of costumes that will be taking to the streets today.

By Mondale Smith

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Bones Man is Soca Monarch 2010

While Shelly G's no show to defend her title proved a disappointment to some none can complain about the 2010 choice for Soca monarch. Before a celebratory crowd Orlando 'Bones man' Johashen age 24 a Berbician of Tempe Village and a worker at Forestry was adjudged the 2010 soca monarch.

The artistes who copped the crown from a line up nine was true to  his Guyanese roots   and proudly sang  with support from eth crowd " I don't care what no body say Mashramani time is we own... woi see we jumping..." From the time he began his performance to his conclusion the crowd was on fire for him and he did not disappoint with lyrical delivery like   that of Trinidad soca sensation Bunji Garlin, the father of one was a burst of energy an hype that left the crowd shouting Bones man...we want bones man long after he exited the stage.

One woman who is an obvious soca crazy fan at the show's end was heard telling other "I'm disappointed that Shelly G did not show up but Bones Man deserved it."

Appearing as the penultimate artiste the artiste who won the best new comer prize   three years ago on Saturday night offered a performance that included fireworks and the crowd is with him. The crowd liked him and his energy was great.  Unique in his delivery he wore a straw skirt instead of pants under a large white coat.  Amidst performing he shouted "ya'll want to see the real bones man'. As the crowd shouted in the positive he stripped himself of the coat the crowd s went into a frenzy declaring him the clear winner. He used the X-factor dancers who added to his energy and they were supported off stage by several mocha jumbies (stilts walkers).

Tomeka Thomas the pregnant lady was first up singing about her balloon. She appeared as a queen and her backup dancers were a bunch of fully pregnant (imitations) women dressed in leotards prancing around the stage showcasing their balloons proudly. It was her second shot at the crown and this year she was inspired by last year's Trinidad soca monarch Fay-Ann Lyons. Though being eight months pregnant she took some serious risks to prove that she was fit. However it must have been an error on the part of the emcee to have not announced that she once resided in the islands and this possibly worked against her as her accent was obviously not Guyanese.  But both her and her baby proved entertaining as she imitated her soca inspiration in attitude and singing.teh crowd was moved to laughter as she announced that comedian chow pow was her baby father.  The audience was unsure of how to react when she executed a split to conclude her presentation.

B52 the fire man was up next with 'wecarrying on' and his was a performance that featured fire works flying and the flames throwers on and off stage as well as on the stage roof. He donned a white suit lined with trimmings of the flag and was backed by dancers dressed in red and yellow outfits. Something about the microphone sound was not as clear and caused him to literally strain his vocals in delivery. Hs like at least three others including the winner included the predictable s 'somebody missing' chant but the crowd did show him some love. His presentation included the crowd chanting carry back the people thing.

Lady B' (Barbra) was introduced next and she appeared wearing a Guyana flag mo hawk. Her's was delivery that stated that she 'want a man who could lift me up'. That song sounded very familiar. Her backups included dancers who were good but they needed better costumes. Some dubbed her a good filler but were saying when she exited eth stage that "she should go home now".

Back wine time was probably the energy saver to the first half of the competitors as Beverly using dance fanatics for back up delivered a scorching performance that proved that age ain't anything but a number. She sounded really nice and professionally so too while using the stage well. The crowd certainly enjoyed her serving of back wine time that made many exclaim that "granny could entertain and wine." That was the performance to beat in the first half of the show.

Guyana born  Jamaica based artistes Piere  Da Silva was next up and he came with much energy for his 'mad, mad, mad' song.  With sponsorship from Bill express he and his dancers' donned doctors' jackets and were full of energy but he somehow did not connect with the audience as he could have. It was obvious that the crowd couldn't decide if they should support him or not as for the most part his delivery was so full of words that it was hard to understand what he was singing but the musical accompaniment was high energy. His locks were full of sparkles and he too delivered the over played somebody missing chant which evoked the usual crowd response as he paraded all over the stage.

Material things done by De Cruz who resides in Trinidad was a fairly delivered groovy soca with dancers who appeared on a mini SUV imitating lady Gaga. But the song also bordered on dance hall. Then a Brazilian lady whom he described as European came and offered some supposed exotic dancing before he ordered her off the stage because she offered him a large chain. Then came is dispersal of monopoly money in crowd followed by  him relieving himself of his shirt  to reveal a Guyana flag on a some what chiseled body and while some enjoyed his delivery many did not find him impressive enough. However he got the judges' nod for the best new comer prize.  His performance included a local stele pan player being invited to eth stage to play parts of his song before he got back into the singing grove.

Former reporter turn singer Jackie Handover was a great act that presented "festival time" with a good voice while some said they saw a whole lot of Charmaine Blackman in her delivery. She's wore a two piece red short pants suit. But while she was energetic she failed when she tried to interact with the audience by stating that Trinidad has crop over and Barbados has Carnival. She has a few jitters and sounds like Charmaine Blackman. With work some believe that she will be a force to be reckoned with in future competitions.

Vanilla offered an electric performance that encouraged patrons to get 'High'. Her presentation included mocha jumbies and dancers as well as body builders. She's was dressed in a red jacket and a gold short pants.  She was backed by dancers from the national dance school sporting colours of the flag. Amidst her performance there were several explosions of confetti and fire works and she tore off her jacket to reveal a body hugging black and gold body suit. And eth fire works exploded even more as dancers dressed in carnival costumes arrived off stage on forklifts. And before long she too was on a fork lift with support from a gyrating body builder. But try as she did she was again relegated to the second spot in the competition.

Some were loud in praises saying "big-up Bones Man, he work hard for it for real, now he just got to  keep up the hype  and energy that he got and big things could happen for he. But Vanilla was not my pick for second. I think that B52 had a far better song than hers, even Beverly and plenty other people including the groovy soca song Material Things. But the judges' decision is final. "

By Mondale Smith and Gary Eleazer