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Jamzone 2010 goes International for 10th Anniversary

Jamzone will mark it 10th anniversary in 2010 and we have planned a series of activities to celebrate those successful years of adding to the development of the local tourism sector.

As a prelude to the August Jamzone Anniversary we have a calendar of activities to celebrate with our fans and committed supporters.

For our 10th year we the Hits and jams entertainment group will be upping our game yet again in the interest of promoting tourism in Guyana. As such for 2010 our event will feature delegates from Latin America and the Caribbean competing against a Guyanese beauty ambassador for the coveted Miss Jamzone title. The

"We plan to have eliminations to select Guyana's representative to the pageant" said Kerwin Bollers. Preliminaries will be held in all participating countries. The prizes will amount to US 15,000 including US$13,000 cash.

As was done this year the event will continue to be dubbed ‘Jamzone Summer Break Weekend' and will feature four nights of super concerts, beach parties and one fantasy pageant. Planning is on going. "The queen takes home a Motor car or US $10,000", Bollers said.  More details as plans progress.