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Former dress maker reaches 103 not out

In pursuit of long life many live by doctor’s orders but centenarian Millicent Sealy has additional recommendations. "Take daily glasses of cow heel broth, some soup at the weekends, drinks lots of coffee, live healthy, take care of yourself, be God-fearing and live lovingly with your neighbours."

Fondly called ‘Aunty Mille’, the former dressmaker who did catering for a living, sat among relatives and friends to celebrate another milestone yesterday in Ward Eight at the Palms.

Not a woman of many words, she searched her memory then delivered an enviable eloquence void of the slurs of the average aged person.

While eating cake provided by neighbours and other goodies from relatives she said, "I am 103 and I wish for nothing more than health and strength on my birthday."

Among those who celebrated with her were neighbours Eilene James and Barbra Yearwood along with Reverend Lesley Edmondson.

At age 101, she cooked and cared for herself and house with some assistance from neighbours. She is hoping to do so again some time soon but currently needs some assistance to walk.

Age has depreciated her hearing but she still reads. All of her other faculties are intact and she boasts a wealth of nostalgic memories that go back many years.

"Long ago I remember being among a crowd on High Street, near the courts to see the queen and king and I remember seeing them walk around admiring the place. I did not get to shake their hands but it was exciting."

To Aunty Mille, "growing up in Guyana was simple and whatever was given to you, you made good use of it." On her special day she said "I feel healthy and as I become older I get stronger."

Reflecting on Christmas she said, "I love my pepper-pot with plenty meat and cow heel and I used to bake cake. I also made my own ginger beer." Rating her ginger beer  as the best, she said "You get your ginger, grate it, add sugar, water and spice and clove and you allow it to sit for awhile.

Married at age 16, she spent most of her youthful life at Linden before buying a house on Duncan Street. "The Almighty knows best and only he can say why we hadn’t any children but my husband was a good man," she said.

During their union, she managed a shop, catered for major functions and parties and was a seamstress also. Eventually she adopted her niece’s son, Desmond, who lived with her at her home on Duncan Street until three months ago when she was taken to the Palms.

Her neighbours, some for as many as 46 years, had no comments on the matter but Millicent was in the news recently when her son physically assaulted her because she left the house while he slept.

"I adopted my son as a baby and I took good care of him." He was missing from yesterday’s celebrations.

The last of 12 children for her parents, she was born on the East Bank of Demerara but grew up in Linden after attending the Freeburg School.

Her former neighbours described her as "a very nice woman who loved to dance, sing and share old time stories." But above all she was full of wisdom. Her advice to youths is "Live peaceful and in love…and long as you do that you will be happy".

By Mondale Smith


Guyanese Zandra Brown releases first Gospel album in USA

Zandra BrownZandra Brown, a Florida-based Guyanese singer has recorded her first Gospel CD, as she says, "to awaken your questionable thoughts."

"If you are looking to connect with the lyrics on your own emotions, then get ready to feel the pain, dance for joy, sing praise and rejoice as you enjoy the music of Zandra Brown.

The album includes songs such as Your Love Is a Prayer Breakthrough, You Never Change, Keeping The Faith, Amazing God, Because You Love Me, I Will Not Be Shaken, My Endless Curiosity, A Mystery To Me, Since He Saved Me, I Can't Turn Back Now, Raise The Name Of God and You're So Lovely.

Zandra Brown's style of music is a combination of pop, soul, jazz, rock, funk and blues to enhance her unique take on the modern "Adult Contemporary/Christian" sound.  She refuses to keep God in a box by confining her talents to one style or genre, which open the doors to cross both Christian and secular radio playing.

She will capture your attention with her powerful lyrics and stage presence.

Zandra's music is personal and comes from deep within her soul.

Describing herself as an independent artist Zandra Brown was born in Guyana and grew up listening to a diverse array of artist the likes Tina Turner, The Beatles and Bob Marley who were inspirational in her passion for music.

When she migrated to America with her family at age 18, she never lost her dream of reaching out to others through music and entertainment. After some disappointing friendships and a lack of superior direction, Zandra began to seek deeper answers and meaning for her life.

In 2004, she turned her life over to God and began singing in her church choir.  She then realized that God had given her other gifts and talents that sparked her already self-driven enthusiastic, high energy personality.

In May 2008, her career progressed to song writing.  She wrote her first song "I Will Not Be Shaken" which was inspired by some difficult times in her life. (


US-based Guyanese duo launches album – Anoint me Lord

Sibling duo Joel and Angelina BrowneSibling duo Joel and Angelina Browne amidst the negativity that surrounds youth, are proving that there is still promise. Pursuing higher education in the USA at age 23 and 17 respectively, the former St Rose's and Queen's College students have embarked on a musical quest to take the gospel from a Guyanese perspective to the world.

On Boxing Day; December 26 they launched a seven-track album titled 'Anoint me Lord'. It promises to refresh, bolster and inspire with positivism and spiritual appeal through musical arrangements and lyrical content.

With its genres including contemporary, soca, reggae gospel and Dancehall as well as worship ballads the album appeals to music lovers of all ages.

Though often the quiet one, Angela called 'Angel' has a voice that mirrors gospel star Yolanda Adams when she sings. Speaking of the first album her fervent wish is that "our music is recognised in Guyana and beyond as a source of motivation and encouragement in a world full of negativism. She opines that "maybe one day we will stand on top of the Gospel music world and declare that God is, was and is to come and through him all things are possible even among youth in Guyana".

They both play steel pan; the sister is a dancer. In addition Joey is a saxophonist who plays the drums and keyboard and the bass guitar all wrapped up in one.  A multi-talented youth, he is the Executive Producer of the album and also penned and arranged all of the songs too.

A sure favourite on the album is the patriotic hook from the 'Guyana's Children' song which blends the voices of the duo singing "This is my home, Guyana. The land of the brave and free…I salute those who died to see…One people, one nation, one destiny".

The other songs include a free spirited contemporary message that encourages all to 'run to Jesus' as well as the dancehall laced 'Born again' which offers a contagious mix of opera crossed with pop and reggae blended in maestro style.

"We used to sing in church on occasions in Guyana and we do have a lot of songs so we decided to put together this album with the theme anoint me lord because we believe that everyone goes through the experience where they need intervention from God", said Joel, a student pursuing a degree in General media with a minor in music at the American International University.

The album also offers worship sessions through the spirit stirring 'Anoint me Lord' single that pleads with God to 'anoint me; I want to see your face…Anoint me Lord today'. And further creates an atmosphere to worship through 'Magnify' and 'prophecy music.'

A former worshipper at New Life Ministries Guyana, Joel a multi-talented youth is the owner of  "We have a whole lot of songs but we selected these seven because they are favourites in our church and we are hoping that Guyana will support this first venture," the more out spoken of the two said.

The two are the younger children for Bishop Henry Eustace Brown and Pastor Donna. While their eldest sister Yolanda Brown is also a singer.

The album will be in stores soon but copies of the album can be bought the New Life Ministries Cathedral, Lance Gibbs Street, Q/town and Tele: 226-6695 or their manger Saskeia Patterson on 641-6740 for CDs

They are also working to release another album in August of 2010.

(By Mondale Smith)


Jamzone 2010 goes International for 10th Anniversary

Jamzone will mark it 10th anniversary in 2010 and we have planned a series of activities to celebrate those successful years of adding to the development of the local tourism sector.

As a prelude to the August Jamzone Anniversary we have a calendar of activities to celebrate with our fans and committed supporters.

For our 10th year we the Hits and jams entertainment group will be upping our game yet again in the interest of promoting tourism in Guyana. As such for 2010 our event will feature delegates from Latin America and the Caribbean competing against a Guyanese beauty ambassador for the coveted Miss Jamzone title. The

"We plan to have eliminations to select Guyana's representative to the pageant" said Kerwin Bollers. Preliminaries will be held in all participating countries. The prizes will amount to US 15,000 including US$13,000 cash.

As was done this year the event will continue to be dubbed ‘Jamzone Summer Break Weekend' and will feature four nights of super concerts, beach parties and one fantasy pageant. Planning is on going. "The queen takes home a Motor car or US $10,000", Bollers said.  More details as plans progress.


All set for Rise to the occasion DJ’s clash on Sunday at Umbrella Resort

Twenty three DJ's are carded to compete for $200,000 winner take all cash prize, the winners trophy and one year bragging rights and  Guyana's number one Deejay at the Umbrella Resort on Sunday.

But according to promoter Serettee McAllister aka DJ Face there will also be prizes and trophies for the second place finisher and the most consistent DJ while a Mr. Hype will also be crowned.

This publication understands that show time is 16:00hrs but all Deejays are scheduled to arrive at the Umbrella Resort by 13:00hrs, barring which they face elimination from the competition once it gets started.

Eliminations will be done in each round depending on the amount of Deejays in the competition while the emcees are DJ Bevaughn out of stereo Sonics and DJ Gringo of Slingerz.

Round one dubbed anything goes allows each Deejay to play for four minutes and any one who plays back a tune or use of profanity will be eliminated.

In round two the focus will be on consistency in juggling making allowance for each Deejay to play at least four different genres of music during a three minutes period for each DJ. The winner will take home a trophy and a cash prize but it is also an elimination round.

Mr. Hype will be the main focus of round three through which each Deejay will play one song and the one who gets the most forward will receive a cash prize and a trophy and again there will be some elimination.

For round four the women will take the Deejay spotlight and will each be given two minutes to prove themselves the best and elimination will be done.

Round five is a remembrance tribute round that will feature the deejays spinning the music of deceased artistes for two minutes each and another elimination will occur.  The final round is the hyped famous tune for tune clash and each Deejay will play four selections to determine the first, second and third place finishers in the competition.

The list of deejays for the show include Slata, Big Head, Fire House slata, Junior,  Chappy, Moses, Turner, Father Moey, Delon, David Hype, McGregor, Stone, Tyson, Deckie, Famous, Aguard, Magnum, Gaddkid, Long John, Selctor David,  Cheddie and Killer.

Staged by the Full-Bloom entertainment group headed by McAllister the event is sponsored by GT&T, ANSA McAl, Giftland, F&T designs, K&R Auto Spares, White Castle and Wind Jammers as well as HJTV.


18-year-old finds largest cash amount in Merry Mansion

$1.132M hidden in Manion for next search

Ranole Bourne, age 18, of Durban Street Wortmanville missed a few hours of his prom night last week but has more than 100,000 reasons to celebrate nonetheless. He was one of five who were selected in the first batch to search the Merry Mansion for $1Million cash and managed to find seven envelopes.

In those envelopes his cash totaled $146,000. As the person who found the most cash he qualifies to be in the Merry Mansion for another search next week. A exhausted but beaming Bourne said: "The search was kinda tricky because it was first time search but next week I will be finding much more." This was minutes before heading off to prepare for his prom. The Richard Ishmael graduate gained passes in seven subjects at the 2009 Caribbean Examinations Council.

Other cash finders were Lynette David who found $105,000 and said she has already topped up with $500 and has also received her message as being in the Digicel pool for likely selection to the top fifteen for the next search.

Kim McCalmont represented her daughter and found $40,000. As she waved the cash she said "I’ll be topping up even more now with my phone cause with Digicel you always win and I want to search this time for me self."

Berbician Pertab Singh found $65,000 and said he will be using the money to assist with ongoing construction of his house. "Buddy, the search was exciting and me gun be topping up even more cause they got a lot of millions to win and I could do with it to finish me house."

Winston Gonsalves searched and found $11,000 cash and he said:"This going towards buying credit for sure because I now leave with $11,000 that I did not come with that thanks to Digicel."

Over all the competitors won in excess of $367, 000 leaving in excess of $632,500 that will be added to next week’s Merry Mansion search.

For the next show, searchers will be looking for $1, 132,500 in the Merry Mansion. Digicel official say that the competition is one of the company’s many ways of giving back to its supporters. In addition to the cash that they found, all five of the participants were presented with new Nokia E63 internet ready cellular phone handsets. Persons qualify for a chance to be in the Merry Mansion simply by topping up their Digicel phones to the value of $500 credit while post paid customers as asked to pay their bills on time to qualify. Fifteen persons are selected randomly through a computerized process via a live show on NCN and qualify to visit the mansion but with the help of Santa clause and his elf only five make it into the mansion where millions of dollars can be found.

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Hits and Jams gets Tourism award

"This is both a privilege and an honour to us as a young group and it will certainly serve as a motivator to us. We hope other entertainment providers will be motivated to up their game to make Guyana a Tourism/Entertainment hub."

These were the words of Hits and Jams Director Kerwin Bollers after he joined his brother Dwight, and good friend Kerwin Bollers, to receive the award for "Mega Entertainment Promoters" at this year’s Tourism Awards ceremony.

The event was held recently at the Guyana International Conference Centre.

The group is high in praise for corporate Guyana and the thousands of local fans who believe in their ventures and continually support them.

"Like every other group we started promoting to make money and even when we did not make any we were heartened that the people were happy and satisfied from the heart.

"We promoted then for everyone and will continue to offer entertainment and tourism attractions and opportunities to develop the entertainment industry for everyone and at the same time show that there is more to Guyana than negativity," said Rawle Fergusson.

Remaining humble, the group said years ago "if we were told that we would be receiving a Guyana Tourism Ministry award we would have laugh but here we are and are even more motivated with this recognition."

Over the years aside from promoting  international stage shows featuring the crème de la crème of international acts they have also  served as brokers for many other promoters to access  international artistes.  Further the group is also the lone promotions outfit that manages a television station that provides 24 hours of local and international entertainment.

Hits and Jams has also produced and maintained probably the most lucrative and largest mass-based supported tourism event - the Jamzone Summer Break Weekend and the Miss Jamzone pageant.

The rationale behind the award is that Hits and James group from a private perspective has organized and promoted mega events locally at levels that are yet to be paralleled by any other local promotions group.

Tourism Ministry officials recognise Hits and Jams as being the most innovative and creative international/local organizers who continue to churn out international events on the local shores.


‘Infatuation’ proves a true fashion season opener

John Lewis Styles and the Pegasus Hotel have started off the Holiday season by pulling off an almost perfect fashion show that featured pieces from the clothing store's 2009 Christmas Fashion Collection. The fashion show dubbed ‘Infatuation' was held at the Pegasus Hotel's pool side last Saturday evening.

A minor lack of accommodation caused small discomfort for some, and this was due to the obviously unexpected crowd turn out. A few onlookers were forced to stand to catch a glimpse of the models on stage, while some craned their necks to see the runway from behind the hotels foliage.

On the other hand, the 120 pieces were superbly put together by the lovely Jerrylee Lewis, wife of John Lewis. The outfits were selected from newly arrived pieces before being donned by the 10 models.

The fashion show was separated into four segments: casual wear, formal wear, club wear and office wear. The 10 models showed off three pieces each, strutting down a green carpeted runway, which was highlighted with excellent lighting and fog effects.

A slight hiccup occurred with the runway, as at the very front of the models' walkway, a section of the carpeting became loose and could have proven to be a major disaster for the models in three to four inch heels.

The unruly carpet was then fastened with a few staples during the show, right before a model took to the stage by a swift handyman. The models and crowd could then breathe freely.

Mrs. Lewis arrangements ranged from sultry and sexy evening and party wear to prim and suave office-wear. The casual wear was as the name suggests - casual as most of the garments that fell under casual wear were well suited for a day out on the town.

The event was scheduled to start at 19:30 hrs at the Pegasus Hotel Pool side, and this marks the second time that the two business entities have collaborated. The event was labelled "Infatuation" because "the word infatuation highlights one of life's most sought after emotions; love and the adrenaline of being infatuated," said a press statement from John Lewis Styles.


Kross Kolor Records already in Mashramani mode

Set to release Wine Till Yuh Drop 5

KKR KrewWhile everyone is thinking Christmas, the people at Kross Kolor Records are thinking of Guyana's premier festival- Mashramani 2010.

This publication has learnt from inside sources that the KKR crew will be pre-releasing four tracks off of their just completed ‘Wine till yuh Drop 5' Album on the Devil Doer Rhythm.

Here again producer Burchmore Simon continues to name this series of releases after the various roots and herbs of his beloved Guyana.

First there was Sarsperilla, then Koction, followed by Kapadulla, then last year Teasam and now Devil Doer.

This year's album features Vanilla, Adrian Dutchin, Compton Hodge, Big Red, Jumo, B 52, G Money and Passion.

In the Caribbean, Barbadian Peter Ram of “White Pants Tight” and “Pumping” fame is working on his track and Qupid of St Lucia is completing hers.

Guyana Baboo Terry Gajraj is also excited about the Devil Doer and may be using it for some of his music.  Like the previous rhythms a video medley will compliment the release of the album.


‘Karmaholics’ brace yourself! Karma returns for two shows

It seems that Guyana cannot get enough of the hottest Trinidad chutney crossover sensations band. With a show dubbed ‘The return of Karma' the Band with lead singers Ravi and Neisha B is headed Guyana's way for two shows on December 4 and 5 at the Providence Stadium and the Albion ground.

DJ Stress is the promoter with sponsorship from Gizmos and gadgets, GT and T and Caribbean Airlines.

The band last entertained at the stadium on August 27 at the Jamzone Summer Break Chutney invasion. As they did then the band members are promising that "fans can expect a mind blowing performance that will leave them spellbound."
The group from the Twin Island Republic is promising old and new hits and noted that "the band constantly churns out new stuff because of the high demand for them across Trinidad and North America."
Encouraging all despite of ethnic origin to come out for both shows, band officials said Guyanese should not miss the opportunity to witness this spectacular performance, which includes genres of music such as chutney, soca, hip hop, reggae, urban, pop, and Bollywood all presented in true Caribbean style.
Since its inauguration Karma has produce nine albums, namely Evolution, A.B.C (Another Bad Creation) Party Mix, Secret 48, Karma Mangalam, Destiny, Karmasutra, Destiny 2, Destiny 3 and Karmasutra 2.0.

They have secured a place in the chutney and soca industry with hits such as Jepp Singh, Gul Yuh Start Meh, Rum is Meh Lover, Wine on Meh, and Dularie Nanny.

Ravi B is the live wire of the band. He is one of the most popular Indian male artistes in Trinidad and Tobago because of his versatility and charming personality. He is the youngest musical producer, director, arranger, singer and one of the most sought after musical programmer.

Ravi started singing at the age of 13 and ever since this young artiste has just kept on aspiring. He attended the Sangre Grande Hindu School, North Eastern College, University of the West Indies and he is attempting to complete his degree in Business Administration (A.B.E.). Currently at the age of 25, he is the lead vocalist, music director, producer and arranger for the popular Caribbean fused music band. He is also a top radio personality with Trinidad and Tobago's leading East Indian radio station, 90.5fm.

This young superstar was always inspired by international artistes like Kumar Sanu, Sonu Nigam, Eminem and Machel Montano, but what inspires him the most is his parents, his brother Anil, sisters Nalini and Nisha,his love for music and most importantly God. Ravi has toured the Caribbean, North America, Canada, Guyana, Europe and Suriname; representing Trinidad and Tobago's culture, chutney and soca.

Some of his greatest achievements includes performing along side Nitin Mukesh in 1996, Shah Rukh Khan in 1999, forming Karma in 2002 together with his Father, Brother, and Sister ("Jeewanlal, Anil, and Nisha Bissambhar"), joining the 90.5 FM family in 2002, played music for Kumar Sanu at the 90.5 FM cook out competition in 2004, the 3rd of December 2005 where he was chosen to open the Bollywood Music Awards, the Bollywood Movie Awards 2006, received Best Sounding Band at Unifest 2006 in Miami, having his own concert for Father's day annually and singing with Babul Supriyo on the same stage at Zen.