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Sunday is Car and Bike show day

After almost a month's delay to facilitate auto shops, all is set for a most memorable showcase of Cars, SUVs and Bikes at the Everest ground on Sunday.

Entertainer Kerwin Bollers of the Hits and Jams group is reporting that all is set for what could well become the most mega auto fair and showcase on the local shores.

All told, the seventh annual event will feature cars, bikes and SUVs competing in various categories for tangible prizes as well as bragging rights and trophies.

With two additions, the categories include Cleanest Car and Bike, Best Car, SUV and Bike, Best Antique Car and Bike, Cleanest Sounding Car and SUV, Loudest Car and SUV, Super Car or SUV, and Car Show King and for good measure, there are also prizes for Best Graphic Designer and a CBR burnout clash.

The king walks away with a giant size trophy and other prizes as well as one year of bragging rights.

The show that was carded for last month was postponed according to Entertainer Bollers following requests from some of the contenders of the event. He had earlier:"The body workshops owners asked us to hold because they need some more time to import supplies to dazzle and surprise fans."  Bollers reiterated that his team remains committed to providing the best quality events to help develop the local entertainment offerings.

The family event takes the format of a fair and will also feature booths in which automobile parts and accessories providers and sellers and well as automobile owners will showcase their toys. The show is sponsored by GT&T and Banks Power Stout and HJ-TV 72.

By - Mondale Smith


Typheon and Natural Black to release new song

After a prolong period away from the limelight, 20year old Guyanese singer Typheon Abbensetts and 'Natural Black' are slated to release a new song and video together.

The two have been working hard in the studios to finish the song on schedule, while making the video simultaneously.

During an exclusive interview with 'Kaieteur Entertainment' Typheon said she wrote the song, which is entitled 'You can make it' and then decided to collaborate with Natural Black in order to see its success.

The song and video are slated to be officially released before the end of the year. According to Typheon, the song basically inspires youths to follow their dreams and to never give up on life, but to continue aiming for the stars.

"It is just giving them a push…no matter what their dreams maybe, let them just go ahead," the younger Guyanese singer said.

Other than this latest release, Typheon has many other songs on the airwaves. These include, 'Shake it Off' which was her first recorded song, followed by 'Make me itch,' which is a song about a girl getting back at her ex boyfriend after he broke her heart. Others include, Fun time, In Love and Not in Love.

All of the songs are written by Typheon herself, a talent which she realised at the age of 14. While writing a song may seem like a difficult task for others, this is not the case for Typheon, as she noted, 'it just comes naturally.'

"Like you tell me you want something done and in the next fifteen minutes I write it."

Typheon knew at the tender age of nine that she wanted to become a singer and this later became a reality when she officially recorded her first song at age 16.

Although her passion is for music, most of Typheon's energy is placed on her studies. She is currently a History major at the University of Guyana.

"If you don't have education, you have nothing and I just can't give up my education for something I'm not too sure of and then lose everything. So once you get a degree, at least you know you got something to fall back on if music doesn't work out."

Typheon aspires for her music to reach the international level but she admitted that it entails a lot of hard work since the music industry is no easy business.

But what this singer finds strange is the fact that many local artistes leave Guyana to make a video overseas and come back without the Guyanese accent. "This is what I can't understand you know…our accent is such a beautiful thing. I plan to hold on to my accent and my roots for as long as possible because I love Guyana…this place is beautiful."

While Typheon aims to put Guyana on the map, she lauded the support she has been receiving from her manager Johnattan Beepat, and the 'Wildfire' crew.

Acknowledging the fact that a lot of young people listen to her music, Typheon advises youths to stand up for what they believe in and to hold on to their dreams.

"Nothing in this life comes easy…you got to work for what you want and if you really want it, work for it. You need to follow your dreams."

By - Fareeza Haniff


Introducing Shatta Youth

Meanwhile Dynamic US based young artiste Shatta Youth (Gibran) is carded to make his local debut at the shows among the line up carded to perform at the shows. The Guyana born kid age 20, discovered his lyrical talents as an adolescent and began singing with friends Randy 'Lil Slim' and Sayon 'Beanz' but soon realised his unique aptitude for song writing.

As this passion developed over the years and after moving to New York he dedicated his time to honing his talent as a soca, reggae singer and a songwriter. He aspires to someday be like his idols Elvise Presley and Hip Hop Legend Eminem combined.

He got his break after meeting with Avinash Singh of Superstone Productions on the shoot for the hit single "Rum Drinkaz" by Guyanese icons Terry Gajraj and Adrian Dutchin. Shatta Youth has since recorded several hit singles such as "Wine Up On Me" and "Bashment Party" and has preformed along side Chutney/Soca sensations the likes of  Terry Gajraj.

Popularly known as Shatta Youth, he says he will be dishing some youthful vibes as part of the cast.

By - Mondale Smith


Return of the Guyana Baboo – Shows in Progress

"We bringing world flavour with our flavour"- Terry Gajraj

Guyanese Baboo, Terry Gajraj and his Supertones band have touched down in Guyana and have begun to entertain fans and convert whoever those in attendance this weekend. Last night the partying began at the Arracari resort much to the liking of the fans who traveled from as far as Berbice. Tonight the show goes to the Starlite- Drive-in and patrons are invited to "come out to support your own and have fun, everybody will have a ball," said band leader Terry Gajraj.

The New York based Gajraj and the Supertones band as they sat in the Hits and Jams television studio said they will continue to thrill local party goers tonight at the Starlite Drive-in before heading to Berbice on Sunday for the Kings Duck Curry competition. "We bringing world flavor with our flavour," Gajraj said.

Organised by Wonder Boy Productions, party goers are in for some energetic Chutney/Soca and crossover musical entertainment action Gajraj promised.

Wonder Boy Reaz said the time has come for Guyana to see why the all Guyanese Supertones band was voted "Best Recorded Band", "Best Crossover Band", and "Best Performing Stage Band" at the 2009 West Indian Music Awards in the USA.  The band members, based in Queens, New York comprise Avinash Singh who plays the Key boards and is also a vocalist who said "people will have blast at our shows because we going way back and coming straight forward with hits from our new album.

The other band members include Omesh "Kuli Bai" Kemraj who plays the Dholak and is a vocalist, Pally Dass a lead vocalist, Princess Anisa a lead vocalist who will be singing soca and chutney, and Terry Gajraj the band’s lead vocalist and manager. They genre range include Soca, Chutney, Reggae and Filmi, Punjabi, and pop music. "This is a show for everybody matters not of your race, culture or creed," promoter Reaz said.

The band recently released a video for their hit "Tek Sunita" and has also completed a brand new track titled Caribbean Girl. Two weeks ago they played in one of the theaters on Broadway in the West Indian dreams production and are billed to perform in Suriname, Holland and back on Broadway early in 2010.

The group will also be launching its "Red HottSupper one’s Band" album tonight and lucky patrons will take home free autographed copies.


Denise Belfon – The other side of Saucy. Wow!

Trinidad Soca sensation Denise Belfon last performed at the Avalanche in Guyana four years ago but has been vacationing here as she says "on numerous occasions".

The proud full-figured mother of four says from firsthand experience, she loves the Guyanese hospitality and while some cause stereotyping of the country through negative actions, she still admires the determination of Guyanese and says, "Guyanese people are hard workers and are willing to make sacrifices."  Expanding she said "given that Trinidad is becoming like the New York of the Caribbean I see Guyana as a natural heaven where the indigenous culture is still evident."

To her, seeing a horse drawn cart on the road is a classic, as is seeing a father ferrying his children to school on a bicycle. She's outspoken on issues that put full-figured women in a bad light and is not opposed to instilling values in children as she does to her three daughters and one son.

She began her birthday celebrations on Monday November 23 in the Twin Island Republic and will continue tonight at the Expressions party, Duke Lodge as a guest performer.

She is currently vacationing in Guyana with friends and performed at the Duke Lodge as part of her birthday celebrations with friends on Friday night where despite some technical difficulty she proved that she's worth every bit of the title of being ‘saucy wow.'

Singing professionally since age 19, she is working feverishly to complete her first full fledge album for release by June of 2010. It will feature two of her three daughters Cassandra and Isabella as well as collaborations with Sizzla, Maka Diamond, Ghetto Flex and 10-year-old budding artiste Zebbie.  "I like to deal with youths to encourage them along a positive road.  She says she will be continuing her yearly drive of reaching out to the less fortunate children of Trinidad as part of her birthday celebrations.

From age seven she said she knew she wanted to be star and was always involved in everything to do with the arts.

As long as she is alive, she assures fans that she will be singing to make lives merrier and worthwhile living. Belfon came to prominence as an artiste with hits such as Kaka lay lay, De' Jammette, Indian man, Garage, Lohtelah, Bicycle Wine, Hard Wuk  and Saucy Baby as well as Panic. To budding artistes and full figured women she said, "Believe in you and love you, and people will see that you are a positive person and it will radiate in your interest".

Using her self as an example she said, as a mother, I love all of my children and I'm proud of them but I do not spoil them and they respect me for that. I don't spare the rod and I'm a sticker for education."

To aspiring artistes she advises that "You need to believe in you, do you and remain determined, developing yourself as is necessary and eventually if it's God's will you will succeed in the fullness of time." She also advised that "even though God has blessed you with talent you will sometimes stumble but that should not deter you. However God has a way of getting your attention especially when you get too caught up in what you need as opposed to what you are seeking after."

Especially for full-figured woman she said "fat is unhealthy if you let it be that way. We can't all be like the skinny girl next door, so eat healthy, dress appropriately and carry yourself with respect, caring your body and being full-figured wouldn't be an unhealthy look."

"Don't give up on yourself, you are the size you are for a purpose. Not every one can be the same size I believe that I am special and you should know that you are too."

By - Mondale Smith


Guyanese Artistes take the lead in HIV test

In being role models to young people in Guyana and in the wider Caribbean, several Guyanese entertainers took the bold step in being tested for HIV/AIDS at the National AIDS Programme Secretariat (NAPS) on Wednesday.

Leading by example were Melissa Roberts (Vanilla), Michelle King (Big Red), Adrian Dutchin, Roger Hinds (Young Bill Rogers), Jessica Xavier, Desiree Edghill, Wilbeur Levons (Lil Man) and Tenneisha.

All of the artistes agreed with the fact that their music and lifestyles do have an impact on youths in society, and as such they have a responsible role to play.

The artistes decided to take the test in support of the upcoming National Week of Testing being organized by the Ministry of Health and NAPS.

For Director of Artiste in Direct Support, Desiree Edghill, she still loves to have ‘lots of sex’ at the age of 54 and it is in this context she encourages the older population who are still sexually active to get tested and know their status.

But for Vanilla, since young people happens to be the biggest fans for Kross Kolor Records, she wants to ‘take the lead’ in getting tested for HIV although she has a phobia for needles.

“When young people approach you, from age 13 and up, they are having sex and little do we know they are…and they are our biggest fans and young people are our future and we need to look out for them.”

Being the youngest to take the test among the group, singer Tenneisha said that she has no fear of taking the test, something which many young people dread to do in today’s society.

“I just want Guyanese to know that as young as I am I am brave enough to take this step and young people can do it also.”

For Lil Man, he reiterated the importance of not only young people to know their status, but for the wider population as well.

“It is not the end of your life if you are tested positive for the virus because people could live a long time with a particular virus.”

But Jessica Xavier expressed the fact that entertainers are also human beings who are no different from anyone in society.

“What we are doing here basically indicates to young people that although we have our lives to live, we are getting tested and they should too.”

Young Bill Rogers commended the bold step taken by NAPS in their effort to make young people more aware about the dangers associated with the virus.

“If we as artistes take a step forward to know our status, then young people will do so too.”

Urging husbands and wives to make HIV testing a common thing in their lives was Big Red, who pointed out that children look up to their parents as leaders and as such, they should lead by example.


Timeka Marshall on a roll…Helps Busy Signal rock Antigua show

Guyanese music lovers locally have not always been kind to Timeka Marshall’s live performances but have recently been enjoying several commendable recorded hits from the artistes. However, if the response from the Antigua based Guyanese can be used as a measuring tool to her development in live performance capabilities, then she’s making waves in person on stage.  Last Friday night Jamaican dancehall/reggae artist Busy Signal rocked the crowd at Paradise Lawn, Antigua and aside from other performers the Guyanese diva sure did help. Reports from the island indicated that Antigua got a piece of Busy at his best and loved every bit of Guyanese singer Timeka Marshall. Hosted by Zugu and Ibis Marshall according to one report attracted a huge Guyanese crowd, and so did Peter Morgan of Morgan Heritage.

The show, dubbed "One More Night", had a fairly good turnout overall, and was full of entertainment to the end. Timeka Marshall was the first performer for the international acts after the intermission, and according to reports from Antigua she has her Guyanese fans that got into a screaming frenzie with every song. Though fairly new to the international entertainment circuit, Timeka proved a sure force to be reckoned with as an international singing diva in the making. It was her first performance in Antigua, but she did put on a good show nonetheless. The next artist on stage was Peter Morgan who has performed in Antigua several times in one year again rocked the audience with his conscious music. Before his performance, the same way he did in Guyana, he made it clear that he's been on a solo tour, but is still a dedicated member of the Morgan's Heritage group. "Forget the rumours," he said, "to me it's the best group in the world.

Busy Signal was the main act of the evening entering the stage to hundreds of screaming ladies to the front of the stage. An Antiguan noted that his performance kept the patrons wanting for more.
His most celebrated hit songs were One More Night, and Night Shift, which is a hot club favourite.
As he did in Guyana for the Jamzone Summer Break 2009 Busy fused reggae, R&B and other genres of music to create his original sound.


X2 set to launch album with Party

After five years and many singles and winning three Guyana Accolade Music Awards, Times Two (X2) is set to launch their first album on November 14 at the Roraima Duke Lodge, Kingston.

Planned as a mega event dubbed Times Two VIP Party and album Launch, the artistes will perform live some of the songs from the album including 'Let's rock' and 'Kross-roads'.

The album is titled 'Kross Roads' and features fifteen tracks spanning, pop, dance, reggae, dancehall and some soca. The duo‘s manager Burchmore Simon of Kross Kolor Records (KKR) who also produced the album said fans will experience the versatility that has distinguished X2 as star performers.

As a group they won Accolade Music Awards in categories of Video of the Year, Soca Single of the Year and Song of the Year and they are again nominated in several categories for awards at the 2009 event billed for November 21.

Music fans in Guyana and the Diaspora will remember the duo for hits such as Krazy, Tick Tac, Push it back, In Meh Blood, Hands up, Half Wine and I ain’t Leaving. Manager Simon is assuring that the new songs on the album will eclipse the pass hits.

X2 is popular as a duo and as individual entertainers at home and abroad as Adrian Dutchin sings lead with the Caribbean renowned Kross Fyah band while Jumo sings with the world renowned Byron Lee and the Dragonaires, and both perform on stages worldwide.

Dutchin has been outstanding since he left the group 'Seven' and became a signed artiste with Kross Kolor Records. His most notable achievement has been the winning of the Carib Soca Monarch three times and is at present undefeated since he has taken some time off from the competition. He has written and performed many popular songs including the immensely popular ‘Impossible’ soca hit.

Jumo Primo aka Rubber Waist, the other half of X2 has been a member of Byron Lee and The Dragonaires for more than six years and has developed a reputation for energetic as well as sensual performances that leave many in "awe" especially those of the female persuasion.
The duo endorses Digicel Guyana and has been supported by a host of other companies.