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FACTS 3 competition begins Sunday on HJ TV

Seroomanie Loaknauth, Candacy MacLean dominates first round.

The eagerly awaited first episode of the third season of Fashion Arts and Creativity by talented students is complete and thus far the outstanding performers are Seroomanie Loaknauth and Candacy MacLean. Promoters Facts N Roses say airing of the competition is set for Sunday May 31st at 14 hours on STVS 72 and will be rebroadcast throughout the week.

FACTS (Fashion, Arts, and Creativity by Talented Students) provides a creative space for talented students to fully express their artistic identity. It offers the environment for experienced artist and aspiring youths to unleash their creative talent through a new Caribbean centered artistic explosion in the region and beyond.

Episode one features the first project through which the student designers were tasked with creating an outfit to be used as a physical education uniform for a school. The model on the other hand, were expected to present a 30 seconds persuasive speech marketing the outfit to potential clients. The competition is not made easy, and the judging line up includes Trinidadian and Caricom representative Anya Thomas aka Simon, F’N”R C.E.O Trevor rose and former miss Guyana world Dacia Braithwaite- Clarke , GLAMOUR talk show host.

The judging criteria include creativity, cut and finish….and adherence to location. How the students’ presentation during the competition were adjudged is to be seen on television. The show offers much excitement, education and entertainment in a wholesome competitive environment, which features exhibition before the judges. How Seroomanie Loaknauth managed to dominate the first round in the student model …is one reason to tune in, while student designer Candacy MacLean managed to impress the judges in the first round is another.


UNFPA and Faith based Organisations STI/HIV/AIDS Peer Education Training Workshop

St. Sidwells Lamplighters

The St. Sidwell’s Youth Friendly Space, was established in the year 2007 as a result of a collaborative effort between the St. Sidwell’s Vestry Committee and the UNFPA. It was recognised that the St. Sidewell’s Anglican Church has a large percentage of young adults who were invariably involved in several church related activities, such as:

>The Server’s Guild, who demonstrate their Christian and moral duties through assistance to the priest, by providing altar services.

>The Lamplighters, who interact with other similar like organisations, which propel their growth through participation in humanitarian work, sports and culture, public       speaking, self awareness programs and other religious activities within the church.

>The Choir, who leads the way in instigating the congregation to sing lustily and making worshiping enjoyable.

>The St.Sidwell’s Steal Orchestra, who stimulates the intellectual growth of youths- through the learning of music and strives to compliment the service with their  harmonious musical displays.

As such, the Youth Friendly Space is a powerful fusion of all the youth organisations mentioned above, and can be regarded as a dynamic, enthusiastic and essential youth group.

The Youth Friendly Space of St. Sidwell’s Anglican Church has provided fifteen (15) Peer Educators, whose mandate is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to conduct STI/HIV/AIDS and Teen Pregnancy education among peers within the church and neighboring communities, in a way that will effect behavior change and decrease the chances of the occurance of such plights.

Since the formation, the peer educators attended several seminars and training sessions of which focus on:-

  • Self Empowerment Programs
  • Sexual Reproductive Health Programs
  • Introspection Programs
  • Critical Thinking Programs
  • Skills Training Programs

As a result of the training peer educators acquired, they became empowered and were able to transmit that knowledge to other youths.

Consequently, the peer educators visited other churches, schools, playgrounds and youth groups in the community and conducted seminars, workshops, and peer educator counseling. The peer educators were also involved in the HIV/AIDS rally, which was held in October 2008.

The St. Sidwell’s peer educators is, therefore, regarded as a model youth organisation demonstrating youthfulness, courage, integrity and a sense of purpose in the community. It is the only Christian body who the UNFPA endorses and is proud to be an associate and supporter.

By - Rhonda Brotherson


Timeka closer to number 1 on RE-tv charts

Even as local music lovers are soaking up the transformation of Guyanese songstress Timeka Marshall singing and acting abilities, the local diva is heading closer to the number one spot on the RE-tv charts with her ‘all night’ sensual video.

The local catwalk beauty’s combination video ‘Hush’ with Peetah Morgan of the Morgan Heritage clan is also making the rounds and has also entered the RE-tv charts.

The GT&T inaugural Cell Link Jingle winner recently completed promotional tours to Trinidad and Barbados and is currently in Jamaica working on yet another video; this time with Busy signal. That video will be filmed in June for launching in time for summer.

RE-tv is viewed by millions in the Caribbean, Japan and the USA.

Timeka entered the charts at number eight and was at number 3 last week. She’s currently second to D’aVille’s Missing you right now that has been in the number 1 spot for a second week.

The video ranks above Brick and Lace, Vybes Cartel. Timeka was also chosen by Peetah Morgan o star in a video where she plays his lady void of infidelity. That video will be released shortly.

Mondale Smith for Kerwin Bollers


Kross Kolor’s 4th Annual School Show set for May 23

The stage is again being set for the Kross Kolor Records school show where much entertainment from local acts guaranteed to unfold.

The idea for the show came to being after Kross Kolor Records ((KKR) began enjoying immense popular support from young Guyanese of every strata of society.

Recognizing this, the record label took a decision in 2005 that it would promote a Concert designed specially for schools to give those children the opportunity to enjoy performances by their favorite Guyanese performer.

This year promise to be no different. On May 23 the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall will once more erupt with the sounds of Rhythm and song as X2, vanilla Shelly G, Alabama, X-Factor, B52, Ossie O, Big Red , Tennicia, Rajesh Dubraj , HRC and MC Basil Bradshaw take to the stage.

This year will also see the staging of an exhibition featuring exhibits from the Guyana Red Cross, National Aids Secretariat and a number of other agencies.

Burchmore Simon head of KKR says he always wanted to have a educational feature as part of the whole idea but the timing of previous shows which were held midweek prevented this.

Price of tickets is $400 vat inclusive out of which each school selling tickets get 10%. Special cash incentives are also being offered to the school selling the most tickets. Even though this year the show is being held on a Saturday Teachers are being encouraged to accompany students as is the norm.

Another special feature this year is the advent of big screens on which the performances can be viewed and on which ads depicting positive lifestyle choices will be shown between performances.

Security measures have been reviewed and in place for what could be a superb show and judging from the feed back so far this year promises much.

This year students have to be dressed in jeans or with their school shirt tie and or badge, or their school uniforms, or full length skirt with school shirt and badge.

The show has been incident free for the past three years and this year the organizers are working overtime to ensure that this continues. The shows sponsors this year are Ansa McAl and Smalta, Digicel and HJTV.

by Mondale Smith


Six Crowned at Mother and Daughter 2009 Pageant

Mother and DaughterGuyana has added three new queens and princesses to its pageant winners list.

On Saturday night Tikesha Sullivan –Elias and daughter Tyanne, Yvonne Vikerie and daughter Amina as well as Gem Sandord-Johnson and daughter Anastasia were crowned winners of the 2009 mothers and daughters pageant at the National Cultural Centre.

Before a capacity audience they copped the titles of junior, intermediate and senior winners from a filed of twenty two pairs as the Supa-Stylistics group staged it 18th pageant on Saturday night.

Twenty two contesting pairs showcased each other in mostly locally designed outfits that celebrated the bond between mothers and daughters competitively at the junior, intermediate and senior levels.

For the junior competition sections of the audience were in stitches of laughter as little lasses aged no more than eight years old outshone their mothers with twirling hips and feminine, feline struts that bordered on precociousness.

Both mothers and daughters donned and displayed colourful, creative and mostly matching picnic, party dresses and skirt suits that transformed into Capri pants suits.

The designs offered variations that brought out the maturity of the mothers and the playfulness of the lasses and were accentuated by flowers, ribbons and hand paintings in colours of greens, whites, pink.

One presentation bordered on an afro-centric influenced outfit.

For winning this category Tikesha Sullivan –Elias a nursery school teacher and daughter Tyanne will be winged via private airplane to the Baganara Resort for an all expenses paid day trip complements of L’Mart Furniture store. The two will also enjoy lunch at the Up-Scale Guyana Restaurant and a photo shoot.

They sported green and white Olympia Sonoram’s creations. The mother’s look was a matured fashionable lady in a balloon styled knee high dress while the daughter’s white shirt was removed to reveal a green pants suit. The creative skirt was transformed into a hand bag for mum.

The Donna Wong and Aliya and Sacha Paul and Katana pairs placed second and third respectively.

Presentations in the middle category were not as amusing or entertaining as the juniors.’ Bordering on boredom from some pairs some mothers out manoeuvre their daughters and in the process physical bonding was not of the best for most.

In the end the bubbly Yvonne Vikerie and daughter Amina were adjudged winners in the intermediate category and will be treated to a paid trip to Trinidad and Tobago, dinner for two at Glow International and a photo shoot package.

Ambika Persaud and Nadia as well as Donna Edighilo and Akesia placed second and third respectively.

Glitz and glamour and extravagant satin, cancan gowns and evening dresses suited for graduations, dinner with mum and attending the Presidential Inauguration ball was featured for senior category.

The competition was tight in the senior category that featured a line-up of eight pairs. But sporting dresses from designer Olympia Sonoram local model/dancer Anastacia Richards and her mum legal mind Gem-Sandford- Johnson proved the best of the lot.

The two will wing out to Barbados on a return trip compliments of Caribbean Airlines. They also took home two pairs of 14-Karat white gold earrings from Kings Jewellery World, will enjoy an over night stay at Herdminston Lodge with complementary breakfast, a beauty treatment from Hair Force Beauty gallery and a photo shoot package.

Phillipa Amsterdam and Amanda, Tracy Junior and Tremane and Patricia Helwig and Delicia placed as first to third runners up respectively.

Pageant Production manager Ingrid Fung in dubbing the pageant another success said she was again pleased with the audience and participant support. “I’m encouraged and dare say that this pageant is here to stay,” Fung told Kaieteur News. She encouraged that enthusiasts can “look forward for eligible bachelors to strut their stuff next year as compared to the couples who made guess appearances this year.” She reiterated that one can feel good as Guyanese attending her pageant as it cuts across age, gender, class, creed and ethnicity.

Mother and daughter 3:
Caption: Junior winner’s row Junior and middle categories: Junior winner Tikesha Sullivan –Elias and daughter Tyanne stand at center as their runners up look on.

(By Mondale Smith)

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All set for Radica Invasion says Zoom promotions – Chutney in Meh Vein!!!

Headed by Paul Singh Zoom Promotions is set to bring some hot chutney vibes Guyana’s way for three day. Dubbed ‘Radica invasion: Chutney in Meh vein’ the show is cared for May 15 at Albion ground Berbice, may 16 at Starlite Drivin and May 17 at Uitvlugth.

This show, according to promoter Ricardo Basdeo is aimed at offering Guyanese some stress relief through Trinidad artistes Kenneth Salick aka the original Radica singer.

The other artistes include Kavita aka Radica Girl, Michael Saloum aka Soca Elvis, Hunter the rum man, De Hit man and the Divya Band out of Trinidad.

The show is the first venture for the group which is promising that this will not be the last event from their camp.

The sponsors include Banks Premium, Digicel, Japarts, Zoom Inn Hotel, Secrets of Victoria, Caribbean airlines, Gift Land office Max, Hardware depot, Alfro Alphonso and sons group of companies.

Coordinator Paul Singh said “We decided that we will have this show because the artistes are hot and while they will be entertaining we are also against abuse meted out to women and so we are having this show to offer entertainment while passing on the message that men should not abuse women but love them instead.”

A pre-show party is scheduled for Buddy’s night club May 14 while an after party is slated for May 16 at Zoom Inn.

The artistes are scheduled to arrive in Guyana next Wednesday and will be meeting with fans at various locations. (Mondale Smith for promoters)