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The Guyanese Dream Part 1: SHASHA

During my spare time I decided to do something uplifting and inspirational. More so, I was given the idea by observing American media coverage of the first Afro – American president and them saying that he is the “American Dream”. So it dawned upon me, why not coin a local piece of that encouraging concept for the readers of the blog? Eventually I pondered some more and determined that my first article will be on one of my friends who I happen to admire for all the hard work that she has done and is currently doing, therefore I present to you, Ms. Keisha Edwards and SHASHA.

Now before I venture into explaining the wonders and works of SHASHA grant me the privilege of enlightening you a bit about Ms. Edwards. Born on September 8, Keisha Tonicia Edwards is one of eight siblings (having just one brother) to a Civil Engineer and a Seamstress/Homemaker. Both her parents are still alive and are happily married. She attended St. Joseph’s High School and made good grades which were exemplified at her CXC examinations, where she obtained seven passes with one distinction in English Language. After successfully finishing secondary school she had her hopes set on completing the Bachelor’s Degree of Law at the University of Guyana, since she thought this was a good avenue being the captain of her alma mater’s debate team and things of that sort. She however pursued a Diploma in Social Work and after graduating made some life changes. Despite her ability to weld metals or make concrete blocks she turned to fashion, more specifically, fashion designing.

She started with small personal projects where she made outfits solely for her partying rendezvous and other outings. At this point you would imagine that she received rave reviews about her attire and countless words of encouragement to make it a professional activity and subsequent to dire contemplation, due to other pressing objectives in her life she decided to take on the task at hand. When I sat to have a chat with Ms. Edwards my very first question on this topic was “why fashion?” and her response was, ”My mother is a seamstress and I have an eternal love for clothes and colors. I like to wear what I want and it feels great to wear what you make because only you can know what you feel good wearing.” Her fashion concept is a fusion of modern rock, traditional wear and Caribbean flavour. She adores sexy and eye popping pieces but also knows how to create conservative and formal bits. Keisha describes her fashion concept as timeless with no boundaries and says that every piece is done from heart, soul and her passion because that is the way she thinks life is best lived. This Sociology student says her pieces are a direct illustration of her personality, moods and many emotions. This very professional fashion designer and entrepreneur never ever mix business with pleasure and prefer to meet every client and converse with them so as to get some insight about their personality and their different choices of style and comfort. This allows her to make exceptional pieces that each individual client is pleased to wear time and time again. As far as unique style extends the name SHASHA is derived from a combination of parts of two names. The last three letters of Keisha and the same of her close friend’s Aleysha Persaud. Aleysha’s presence is paramount because Ms. Edwards divulged that her close friend assist her in more ways than one. For instance, I had a grand opportunity to witness a photo shoot, compliments of Stabroek News, showcasing the designer’s Mashramani collection labeled “Jamrock”. This compilation comprises of a provocative and colorful taste which steals the shades of the sunset, flora and of the nation’s flag and gives it an exclusive edge.

When asked about her campaigns for the future she said that plans to chase this fashion venture relentlessly but if, God forbids, it somehow flops she still wants to give law a fervent try or anything else that sways her way. Still as simple as the sky, this fashion enthusiast’s idea of a perfect day is just spending time with family over a good meal and intriguing conversation. She, like most focused people, hates lies and rumors and persons who waste good opportunities and precious time but is madly in love with her family and friends and that special guy who is very supportive of her endeavors. Reading and being loyal are also effects that are held dearly and, as comical as this sounds, “hates chowmein and corned beef with a passion.” Is marriage and kids in the near future? ‘Most certainly’ is her position but not anytime too soon due to her many obligations. This young lady’s advice to anyone who wants to make something of themselves from nothing is, “don’t let anyone tell you [you] can’t do it!”

After reading this little article about Ms. Keisha Edwards and SHASHA Designs, you may still be wondering why she was handpicked for the Guyanese Dream editorial, well she is the textbook definition of persistence and poise that was made from the ashes of a fast teenage life and a slightly confused young adulthood. However, when (and I say when because she is that good at what she does) you need to contact this young fashion designer about anything work related please do so at

By Patrice Wishart


Fully Loaded Entertainment – The New Era

It’s the moment GT has been waiting for, the New Era in entertainment is here and we have a fun packed year with phenomenal parties, high investment sport events and mega concerts for guess who??? You Guyana!!

We are merely in this for the fun and the satisfaction of seeing Guyanese at home and abroad come together despite our differences and mishaps. We know what GT people want, and that’s what we are bringing to the table in 09 with everyone’s pocket in mind.

Also, the Fully Loaded Sound System with talented and versatile DJ Renik will be available to the public soon taking over airways and parties taking music and technology in GT to another level.

Our first of many events is the biggest concept party in GT set for Saturday 14th February, 2009, Valentine’s Day at Club Sky7. A party called “All My Single Ladies”. Free Drinks All Night for the crew with the most “Single Ladies”. Muziq will be provided by the popular Stereo Sonics, Firekid Steenie out of Canada , Fully Loaded Sound and a surprise guest DJ. So ladies, even if you’re not single put on your dancing shoes and tell your man where we going on Valentine’s Night.

Also, Fully Loaded Entertainment will start the Mash early with the “Mash Soca Fever Party ” at Club Sky7 on Friday 20th February, 2009. setting the tone and putting you in that festive mood for Mash Day. So come out with your rags, your flags and your dancing shoes “cuz we nahh going home till we see the sun”.

A bold new future in entertainment in GT begins now; no one should be left behind. These are definitely not events to miss.

Fully Loaded ENT., Our way of giving back.


Soca Jeans Party

It's the talk around town that the Tempa: Soca Jeans Party can be deemed one of the hottest and craziest parties ever. Hits and Jams did it again, this time to their fullest potential. Persons were and still are talking about the party. The juggling was considered one of the best , props to Kerwin. It was SeLL OFF ... NO LIE. People are still so hype they cant wait for Valentine's Day and the 'Colour Party'.

But...there must be a but. Out of curiosity's why isn't the bar stocked with BANKS products? And more of a safety concern, since it is well established that Hits and Jams throws the wildest parties and EVERYONE will want to attend and Everest is not BIG enough for the crowd why not keep the party outside providing it doesn't rain or limit the number of people on each floor. Because my gosh, two more persons entering the top on Saturday night and the floor would have caved in. Just some food for thought.

All in all, Hit n Jams on fyah for 2009. Looking forward to bigger and better things. :D