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WildFire Productions – VIP Party for 2009

WildFire Production plans on keeping a VIP Party for 2009 and would like to know how the public feels about paying $20,000 ($100 USD) to be 1 of 800 invited guests. The details would be drinks and food all night, party at a private resident location unlike anything Guyanese have really seen, international artistes like Ne-Yo, Jordan Sparks, Lady Ga-ga, Lloyd (Get It Shawty, Girls around the world feat. Lil Wayne) and/or Chris Brown.

What are your thoughts about this V.I.P Party?


Vanilla’s Mash Plans

In an effort to keep in contact with our artiste, we at conducted periodic interviews with various artiste. This will serve to keep our readers up to date with the current and future plans of our artistes. Keep an eye out for more interviews.

In this first interview we will seek to find out the plans Vanilla has for Mashramani 2009...and beyond.

Q: How is your experience in the Carib Soca Monarch Competition this year different from other years gone by?

A: Smile………. this is my third year in the competition, the past years I was there to garner experience and to be part of the backbone for the Headhunters Krew but this year, I’m here to vie for the crown.

Q: Other than being involved in the Soca competition what do you have planned for Mash 2k9?

A: As you know, I won the Road March in 2007 and missed it by one point in 2008. This year I intend to regain that title. So look out for me “behaving RUDE” on mash day.

Q: Besides being a singer you are also a producer, as such do you have any projects in the making for 2009?

A: Smiles……… I have a lot of projects I’m doing which in most cases comes under the belt of Kross Kolor Records. You see, I’m responsible for other artistes as well, so my projects do not only include myself.

Q: After having such a successful run at the Accolade Music Awards, what can Guyana expect in 2009 from Kross Kolor Records?

A: Kross Kolor is always working for the betterment of Guyanese music, our motto “Taking Guyanese Music to the World” and we intend to do just that, in the meantime look out for a lot more videos.

Q: Being a producer and a performer how do you view the progression of local music over the years?

A: I should have corrected you the first time; I’m not a producer but a performer among other things. They are quite a number of issues that I’m disappointed with. If I were to discuss them at this point I may never stop typing. I have to prepare for the Soca Monarch Semi Finals so maybe in our next interview I’ll get in-depth, in the mean time you can wish me luck.

Q: In your view, what is most needed for the local music industry to develop?

A: It is necessary for us (artistes, managers, producers, promoters etc.) to work as one body, when we can do that, then and only then we will be able to move forward as an industry.

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Changing Culture?

Mashramani for many is all about listening and gyrating to soca music, yet big on the cards is a Hip Hop act for Mash Nite. :S Where are all our regionally soca artistes? The talk is that all the artistes will be in Trinidad for Carnival, but artistes do not come to the country for wks or days they come for the night of their performance and then they leave. Is our culture changing or is this simply us settling for watever ?

Dont get me wrong T-pain is a big man to many with loads of songs most of which he sang with other artistes. And clearly there is nothing else to do the night, so the show will be well attended. I'm sure. Oh and Serani will be back, again! :-)

Love him bad, dont you feel the same?

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Coming Soon…

The days of looking for affordable brand name clothes are almost over. There will soon be a place in the city where your individuality can be displayed through your clothing at a very affordable cost. Brand names such as DKNY, Guess, Banana Republic, Aeropostale & American Eagle will be made available at affordable prices. A wide variety of male and female apparel will be available...

A quantity of clothing are already available to give interested persons a sample of what will be available within the next few months.I will keep you posted on the progress but for now if anyone is interested leave me a comment and i will let you know the specifics...

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Mash in Guyana

Since hearing some nice tunes on the radio a few weeks ago i decided to tune in again this morning. From as early as 9 am nice music from some of our most talented artistes were on the radio. but its not the ones kicking up a storm in the music industry today, but rather some classic mash tunes. yes people the radio is already in mashramani mode. as the different radio shows progressed throughout the day more and more fresh soca music could be heard playing to hype persons for the mashramani celebrations. since the soca competitions are still ongoing i will not say who was my favorite but it must be said that the level of soca music produced over the years have gotten better, while others need some serious help! looking forward to mash 2k9!!!

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ChristafariMark Mohr and Christafari are trailblazers, continually pioneering the genre of Gospel reggae in the U.S. and throughout the world. They have performed at two Olympic Games and even played for the President of the United States of America. With their blend of traditional roots and contemporary dancehall reggae, they proclaim a positive message of hope and salvation to a lost generation. After almost two decades, Mark Mohr and Christafari are still standing strong with music that was once considered by some to be just a "fad" or "novelty." Refusing to be limited to one musical market, their compositions appeal to listeners in the Reggae, CCM, Gospel/Urban, World, and Latin markets alike.


Pronounced CHRIST-AH-FAR-EYE, in Greek, the original language of the New Testament, Christafari is the name given to "a group of people who collectively represent Christ."


Christafari was founded in 1989 by songwriter, producer, and lead vocalist, Mark Mohr. Raised in a Christian family, Mark strayed from his spiritual upbringing during his teens and turned to drugs, alcohol and even growing marijuana. After having an undeniable encounter with God at a youth camp just before turning 18, Mohr re-committed his life to God and took what he now calls his "Freedom Step out of addiction." At that point, his greatest desire was to help others step out of the same bondage that once entangled him. He felt God impressing on his heart to start the first gospel reggae band in America. It would be a counter-cult, drug aversion ministry that used the conscious sounds of reggae to bring the lost into the light. Two weeks later this fledgling band was birthed at a camp talent show.
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Attention All!!!

The management team of MusiCentral, Gialiani & Ry, are currently on a search for a new and upcoming female artiste to start working with as soon as possible. The lucky artiste should possess the entire package for the industry. Good educational and social background, talent as well as beauty would be key assets for such an artiste. Songs as well as promotional gimmicks will all be arranged for this artiste. The artiste should be very outgoing and be prepared for a host of promotion & activities during this New Year to launch her career. This artiste will be exposed to collaborations with other international artistes and producers and will also be able to work with popular names in the Caribbean.

Interested persons should seek to contact us at and email us a sample or brief history of their musical background, a contact phone number or email address along with a clear photo image of themselves.

Ryan 'Ry' Solomon (C.E.O MusiCentral)
Carlton 'Don Gialiani' Washington (C.E.O MusiCentral)


Guyana’s 1st Gospel Music Competition

GMC Logo

1ST Place - $150,000, a ticket to Trinidad and Tobago and a free recording of a single

2nd Place - $100,000, a trip to Kaieteur and a free recording of a single

3rd Place - $75,000 and a free recording of a single

Prize for the most improved artiste – $50,000

Open Mic is going to be a Gospel Music with a difference, targeting ages 16-25, it will showcase local talent from all walks of life. Preliminaries will be held at a number of churches but the Final will be at the National Cultural Centre on March 28, 2009.

Registration fee is $500 and you will be subject to an audition. All preliminary events will be strictly acapella because we at Open Mic will be focusing on lyrical content and vocal skills. On the final night the finalist will have the chance to showcase themselves while being backed by Guyana’s number Gospel Band Second Coming.

For further information, contact Dallas Forte on 643-3530 or email Looking forward to seeing the best from the youth of the nation.

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Saturday Morning…

Saturday is one of those days i wont usually listen to the radio because by friday i already heard one set of music over an over on the radio. but last saturday was different i was forced to listen to the radio. i was thinkin this was going to be torture but surprisingingly it was refreshing.

Throughout the day fresh tracks from international, caribbean and to my surprise local artists were featured on the various programs broadcast.

It seems like we are taking steps. However small, in the right directing of promoting Guyanese music on the nation's radio. i do understand that the sponsors of the segments have some leverage over what is played since their dollar must be spent in such a way that audiences hear what is hot and popular. but at the same time local music is being stitched in so as to ensure exposure is given. this must be commended.


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