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My Review & Some Questions

The much anticipated and hyped Accolade Awards of Guyana has concluded and the results are in, the winners announced. congradulations to all the winners your hard work has paid off, but this post is not aimed at kissing the asses of the organizers of the event, this is to highlight some burning questions Ihave concerning the event as well as others that have been brought to my attention.

The first issue concerns the ticket prices. Since the event has passed I feel at liberty to say the event was poorly supported, not for lack of support for local music, but as a direct result of the outrageously high ticket prices. The event did not only make history as being the first music awards of this type in Guyana but as also being the most EXPENSIVE show to be held at the National Cultural Centre. The organizers failed to consider the reality of the spending power of the average Guyanese. I hope they reconsider their pricing procedures next time.

The next issue concerns the exclusion of some artiste from the awards. Bearing in mind Idont know the criterion utilized by the judges to determine who won what, it is still a mystery to me as to why NATURAL BLACK did not win an award. Other than Eddie Grant, it may be safe to say that Natural Black is the most recognized Guyanese reggae star on the international scene. Despite his contributions as well having one of the best R&B songs in recent history along with a great video, it evades me as to why FOJO recieved no award. It also puzzles me as to why artiste such as Typheon & Jory were not recognized.

I may be wrong but by all indications the winners were selected from a certain group of people. Therefore no lynx no award. I may be wrong...MAY be wrong...

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