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In Da Rain!!!

Baby Cham must be rated among the best in the caribbean musical industry, and when it comes to holding a crowd he is boss! the night was good with dancing and some good juggling. there were also best wishes sent out to DJ Cheddie who is in the hospital following an accident...

Maka come through an did her thing for tha ladies as only she can...then he took to tha stage an set the party on fire! and the thing is he didnt even have to sing any of his new tunes cuz de man got trackx fuh days....the rain came down an ppl went scampering for cover...wat did he do? take off his tee shirt an got into the rain to continue! soon others joined him an da rain an de party was on again! we were even flashed by a woman on stage...thankx cham.....SLINGERZ have done it again!!!!

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Why Not More?

Recently i've been wondering who selects the music to be played on the radio. Because i have a practical suggestion which may be of interest to them and what i think may also be the key to the development of the local music industry.

Play more local music on the radio. A simple domino effect will take place. People will hear the variety of music made here and a demand will develop for it and since GT muzik cant be downloaded from online there will be only one way of gettin it...we will have to buy the CD's, generating income for artiests, studios and everyone else in the making of the track.

This is practical because we have almost every genre of music being produced here. We got from oldies an calypso to rap & r&b. Y cant we have more of our own on OUR radio? the majority of people who listen to the radio are working people so when the demand develops it will be them pirchasing the music and it keeps money in our economy.

nothing against international music but they already got the exposure and are making REAL paper we need to develop the talents we have jus asking....y not more???

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Fojo strikes back!

I guess being nominated for several awards an gettin none got Fojo angry. So what would did he do? He did wat he does best, make a nice track to let them know how he felt. Heard it on the radio, pretty hard hit back at them. Since I was adainst what happened to ma artiest i say poi!poi!poi! BIG TUNE!!!

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I just saw the Gt&t christmas ad a few moments ago and only saw 4 members of the group, not gonna tell you which four, but if i remember correctly there were 5 of them.....anyways dont wanna create no confusion or divion in the group i was jus curious.....check it out for yourself an tell me wat you think...

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H&J’s “Live Your Life Party”

Let me start by saying that we at applaud Hits and Jams for their successful and entertaining promotions, but I figure that last night they lost sight of their principles and just focused on making money. I am referring to their highly anticipated “Live Your Life Party”. Allow me to commend them on the gate prices; ladies free before 11 and after that they pay $1000, men pay $1000 all night. Exceptional! They took our economic status to heart and we are forever grateful, but if that means depriving us of proper audio entertainment, then we prefer to pay more.

Fusion’s Sound System was responsible for the musical delight and they failed miserably. I saw people yawning! The young lady I was with was reluctant to dance for 70% of the evening because every time she got into the mood the disc jockey (DJ) changed the music drastically. Now I’m no professional DJ but I am an avid party attendee so I am well within my rights to say it sucked! It was just better to stand and listen as if u were wearing a pair of headphones. Additionally, I could not understand half of what the DJ was saying and I was standing adjacent to the one, very small, bar. I won’t mention the bar much because I prefer to drink Guinness and that wasn’t available so I hardly approached that area. I do know however, that it was small and caused frustration among customers and potential customers, because some persons eventually walked away due to impatience.

I will say though that it was well attended, similar to any H&J event. Persons were well decked out in their finest to endure meager musical skills and a petite bar. Frivolous these things may seem but apposite standards are important or should be in whatever we do. I assume that the concept of that party was to hearten everyone to enjoy themselves despite whatever point (s) they may be at in their lives. I know for a fact that music (properly orchestrated and distributed) helps tremendously with comforting patrons, but I further assume that persons had to have a few drinks to their brains first, or were jus famished for entertainment to thoroughly enjoy last night’s goings-on. I sincerely appeal to the persons in charge of these proceedings to stay alert and maintain high standards, suffice to say we are all humans and we are expected to fall behind sporadically so pay attention to beneficial criticism.

By Patrice Wishart


Jus’ Curious

Seein the new GT&T Christmas ad was refreshing since they tek loooong to bring something to counteract Digicel, but lookin at it an hearing it on the radio had me thinking...why they dont utilize the talents of the las two jingle competition winners?

Dont get me wrong seeing Celeste and Ms. Marshall on tv is quite appealing an catches the attention of many men...its a great ad but wha happenin deh? is it because they r christian young me? that can be it Eddie Neblett is all over the tv an radio talkin about "come talk wit me".

Bearin in mind i dont work for blue power an therefore donno the selection process involved, but promoting soem an not others shows, to me, some level of linkx v.s. no links...jus curious about y this is!

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Guyana’s Musical Heritage

Like most young guyanese i am unaware, in the most part, of the vast reserves of guyanese music that have been made. it is for ths reason i am asking persons who may be able to provide us with some of these treasures to please make them available.

Musical giants like dave Martins and the Tradewinds have made significant musical contributions to Guyana and the wider caribbean with their unique way of portraying stories through music. These tracks are favourites of many of our parents and are even enjoyable for young people to listen to. Besides the obvious pleasure that can be gained from hearing some wholesome music, it will also instill a degree of pride in us as guyanese knowing we have such a rich musical heritage on which we have built the current musical environment.

I appreciate greately the works being put out by artistes today, but at the same time we cannon disregard those that have paved the way for the new breed of local musicians.

I would also like to know if the other types of musical entertainment can be promoted and showcased via the various forms of media. E.g. steel pan music has played a major role in the musical development of many young people in this land. Though this is the case there are only special times during the year  this mucis is heard on the radio. Can someone tell me why this is so? We have jazz musicians and even rock bands here, are they not good enough to be given ariplay on the ONLY radio station?

If we wish Guyanese music to develop effectively we need to ensure that proper exposure is given to it, rather than having our people go overseas develop their talent and then return like slingshot and natural black. We must put greater emphasis on local music on the radio and on television rather than having special 30 min "segments"  of local music. This cannot be enough to foster development.....

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My Review & Some Questions

The much anticipated and hyped Accolade Awards of Guyana has concluded and the results are in, the winners announced. congradulations to all the winners your hard work has paid off, but this post is not aimed at kissing the asses of the organizers of the event, this is to highlight some burning questions Ihave concerning the event as well as others that have been brought to my attention.

The first issue concerns the ticket prices. Since the event has passed I feel at liberty to say the event was poorly supported, not for lack of support for local music, but as a direct result of the outrageously high ticket prices. The event did not only make history as being the first music awards of this type in Guyana but as also being the most EXPENSIVE show to be held at the National Cultural Centre. The organizers failed to consider the reality of the spending power of the average Guyanese. I hope they reconsider their pricing procedures next time.

The next issue concerns the exclusion of some artiste from the awards. Bearing in mind Idont know the criterion utilized by the judges to determine who won what, it is still a mystery to me as to why NATURAL BLACK did not win an award. Other than Eddie Grant, it may be safe to say that Natural Black is the most recognized Guyanese reggae star on the international scene. Despite his contributions as well having one of the best R&B songs in recent history along with a great video, it evades me as to why FOJO recieved no award. It also puzzles me as to why artiste such as Typheon & Jory were not recognized.

I may be wrong but by all indications the winners were selected from a certain group of people. Therefore no lynx no award. I may be wrong...MAY be wrong...

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The Real Christmas J.A.M on the Main Big Lime

Last Christmas at the biggest annual lime in Georgetown Guyana, the, Turning point, Things Gospel TV Show crew and uncountable number of Christians gathered at Main and Middle Street intersection of the Big Lime and participated in what they called the Real Christmas J.A, M. This movement that plans to be ongoing will highlight the true meaning of Christmas and will contribute to the countries tourism, with family oriented events that focuses on non violence and good morals.

International known D.J. and Artiste D.J. Evangelist who is based in Toronto Canada headlined last years J.A.M. and was accompanied by other Guyanese artiste L-egant from New York.

While attendees normally step in late at the big Lime the Christian location was already getting some crowd by 5.30 pm. Solid Youth with others rocked the crowd with hits after hits while backed by Guyana‘s Gospel Sound “Turning Point Sound System” that was fueled with a base line to shake your stomach out of your body.

This year at the Real Christmas J.A.M. the Famous Guyanese trio Eddie Neblett, Solid Youth and the gospel general Kester D. will be the main highlighted attraction. Other rising stars will be Christ Like Soldiers and Sean English to name a few.

The live TV taping by Things Gospel will be aired on local and internet media mediums just as the promoters have done with their previous events.

So this Boxing Day if you are really into celebrating Christmas or just need a little Christmas spark. You can freely join the Real Christmas Jam posse at Main and Middle Street interaction on the Main Big Lime.

The promoters highlighted that everyone should look forward to next Easter weekend in 2009 for the Real Easter Jam, which will be their next event and it will feature Dancehall Gospels’ sensation St Matthew from Jamaica and not forgetting our own D.J. Evangelist will be in town. Other international acts to be announced shortly.


New Year Explosion – January 1st 2K9

Linden on January 1 is normally surrounded by a hub of activity and businesses prosper better than any other day of the year besides the week of Linden Town week. "Alternative Contracting" has decided in the absence of the football finals - an activity which keeps the mining town busy with visitors - not to leave a void in which Lindeners do not have any activity. Alternative Contracting has decided to start what is to be an annual concert dubbed "New Year Explosion 2k9" at the MSC Sports Ground. 

This concert will feature some hot artists and is sure to be a great addition to Linden's activities. Wildfire Productions has been hired and contracted to manage the event as Alternative Contracting is the promoter of the event. Wildfire Productions, besides doing our own concerts, offer these services such as event management for those promoters/investors who are interested in doing public or private entertainment concerts/events. The artists who are to be featured will be booked by Wildfire Productions. More information to come in the following weeks leading up to the event.