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DJ Prakz To Return From New York To Share Accolade Moments

Arrowhead Promotions, Press Release, October 30, 2008, Guyanese New York-based chutney hot sauce DJ Prakz is heading home for the showdown at Accolade –The Music Awards of Guyana. Anxious to mingle with hundreds of men and women of the moment, Prakz will definitely add to the Accolade flavour. He is among those taking up the coveted slot as overseas participants and will feature prominently at the Awards show on November 30.

Prakz is excited about this prestigious event in celebration of the local musicians. He's just on it, on the ball, ready for the red carpet, the show, the after-party and the spontaneous moments that may be influenced by the accolade spirit.

On the nominations roll, he is competing in the category for Chutney Artiste of the year (Male) against Terry Gajraj and Rajesh Dubraj.

His home coming is not only about putting his hands on the coveted crystal but also because of a love for his country and its music. Bridging gaps and breaking new grounds, he brings a new fusion of music to hungry audiences around the world by entertaining crowds in the United States, London, Holland, Suriname, Guyana and Canada.

Growing up in Guyana and facing many obstacles, Prakz and his family were forced to migrate to the United States with hopes of attaining a better life. Growing up in a Guyanese home, Prakz was introduced to various genres of music including Reggae. He discovered his desire to create music after listening to artist such as Supa Cat, Beenie Man, Bob Marley and Shabba Ranks.

Working full time and attending college, Prakz never gave up his love for Reggae music. He worked, studied and created music. He was able to release his first album at the age of 20, titled Chapter One, which contained a hit single that topped the charts in the United States, Canada, Guyana and Holland for months. Prakz is not only musically talented; he earned a Bachelor Degree in Accounting and works as an Accountant at a major firm.

Prakz attributes his musical success to his parents for always providing encouragement. His versatility in music is displayed in his first album. He was able to fuse chutney with Reggae and created a new and fresh mix. Prakz is a house hold name in the Indo West Indian community. He released several music videos which were showcased on various television channels.


Accolade Awards Ready in Gear

This event promises electrifying moments with lots of enthusiasm and energy by craving music lovers who will be like a mix of driving guitar riffs and impassioned beats.

There is an amazing sense of optimism, anxiety and readiness by thousands of Guyanese both at home and abroad. The overseas contingent of outstanding Guyanese musicians, young fresh talents, regional and international entertainment media are in the ready mode to fill the coveted slots for international participants.

Uniqueness in the creativity of Genesis Fashion Rhythm is serving to the advantage of local designers from whom dozens of Guyanese are already placing orders for designers' outfits for an evening where the who's who matters.

In the days ahead the immediate focus is on every aspect of the show, including the award presentation that would precede the mega event. Winners in fifteen (15) of the forty (40)categories for Accolade –The Music Awards of Guyana will receive their awards two-days before the Mega Event at an exclusive dinner presentation at Le Meridien Pegasus.

The categories receiving awards for the pre-show are: Best Soca Compilation, Best Jazz Album, Entertainer of the year, Cornerstone Award, Best Rap/ Hip Hop Artiste of the year, Acknowledgement Award Folk Music, Band of the Year, Best Music Video, Media Personality Print, Media Personality Internet, Media Personality Radio, Media Personality TV, Studio of the Year, DJ Recognition Award, Living Legend.

Remaining awards will be handed out on the big night in a slick production bringing together celebrities in an appropriate variety of disciplines to take the audience through fever pitch, nerve-hitting excitement.

Public voting is moving at an encouraging rate and the text messaging aspect is schedule to commence soon with numerous chances to win fantastic prizes from tickets to makeovers to outfits.

The Accolade spirit has caught on and we are ready to make the musical mark in history as our offerings will definitely leave you screaming for more. Email: