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Boxed Freedom

For most of my childhood and right up to about the time I was eleven years old my mother and I got around either on her bicycle or by bus. Back then taking a taxi was a really big deal; and a luxury afforded to us once every few blue moons. Back then I looked forward to the treat of a box of Demico’s chicken in the rough, fries and a roll the Friday night of daddy’s payday (that was when Demico made sense, of course). Those who met me during or after 1999 would and have never asked would not know that I did not grow up having such luxuries readily at my disposal.

After one time, however, is another and God blessed my family so that we moved from, maybe once a month, being able to take a taxi, to taking taxis on a daily basis. From 1999 I never set foot on a bus in Guyana until, I think, 2006. Some people were not too pleased but I didn’t see the problem; it got me from point A to point B, and cost far less. I do understand the argument that buses generally use the roadways with complete disregard for the law or for other motorists as well as pedestrians. However, I have heard another argument that “God has moved you from one level to another and you should not go back.” I, of course, disagree.

As far as I am concerned, God has blessed us in that He has given us more financial freedom. I believe that if I am to accept the notion that because am able to afford a taxi for every errand I need to make I have to do so and I should not take a bus, that I once again put myself in a box. I. I believe that in that way would once again place restrictions on my life and therefore negate that freedom which God has allowed me to enjoy. And really, economics has a lot to do with my decision. For one taxi fare around town I can take four buses, and so complete more errands. Why should I pay $300 or $360 to get from home to the Sports Hall, for example, when I can pay $80 and be put off at the exact spot? God has blessed us, yes but “to whom much is given much is required” and with what He has given me I will use in the wisest and most efficient way I can manage. It is my intention to show Him, in whatever small way, that I have not taken His gifts for granted nor am I abusing them.

True freedom is having the opportunity to choose today one way, and tomorrow the next.

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WildFire Productions Current Activities

Wildfire Productions is a company that was conceived by Jonathan Beepat in November 2006 and established in 2007 by a group of young, professional, creative, and dynamic individuals to pursue a higher standard in promotions, event management, artist development, and media productions in Guyana.

Our team of promoters and event managers come from a business and entertainment background and know the need for professionalism. Thus we are able to execute concerts and events that are of the highest quality. Because of our unique blend of backgrounds, we are able to supply the demands of the corporate client as well as meet the desires of the crowd who attends these events. The artist development programs are designed to promote and develop those artists who we discover and determine have potential. We arrange everything from music production with studios, music videos by our production unit, radio and DJ airplay, music distribution, and international collaborations.

Additionally, determined to utilize the professional video equipment at our disposal, our refreshing and creative ideas for media productions will undoubtedly be complimented with equally invigorating media visuals and content.

Current Activities

In just over 1 year we have managed the Supligen All Star weekend (basketball), Inferno Concert, Ignition Concert, and the Wild Fire Fest 2k8 event. We have launched 2 Guyanese artists, Gialiani and Typheon, and brought them among the top artists in Guyana in relation to public appeal. We have produced 3 high quality music videos which enjoys rotation on Guyanese TV programs, HJTV, and in the Caribbean on Hype TV, RETV, and Muziq Media. We have created a number of TV and Radios ads for corporate clients such as GT&T, Digicel, Beepats, and other smaller businesses. We assisted in the planning and co-coordinating of one of our artist clients, Malo, to give a performance which enabled him to win the 2007 Soca Monarch, and subsequently tour Toronto and the Caribbean.

Right now we have restructured our organization and have become more serious and focused on our artists camp.

We have released our management contract with local rapper Gialiani and thus are not his official agents any longer. The reason behind this is simply that the artist and management could not reach an agreement on the contract and so parted ways. However, we still maintain a working relationship in some aspects.

Soca sensation Malo is currently in Australia furthering his musical career. He has a short term contract and is scheduled to be back in Guyana by the end of this year. He is still associated with Wildfire Productions and upon his return his official contract will be determined.

Young Guyanese diva, Typheon, is officially contracted to Wildfire Productions working under a 5 year development and management contract. Since she is the artist who is currently giving the most effort in developing herself with Wildfire, we are focusing most of our resources on her. She is currently working with Mark Hall for vocal development and also enrolled with a dance studio in enhancing her dancing. We just wrapped up her second video which will be launched on Sunday September 21 2k8 on HJTV stvs 21/72 at 12 pm. The video is just as high quality as her first video, Shake It Off which took Guyana by storm with its production. This new video, which is entitled "Not In Love" will rival, or may be even better than, Shake It Off video. The video was conceptualized by Wildfire's assistant director Teneshia Harding. We are encouraging persons to look out for it on HJTV stvs 21/72 on Sunday so that Guyana can see the quality and talent our very own Guyanese possess. As Typheon loves to quote, "It is made in Guyana, by Guyanese, for Guyanese." Fans can also look forward to an upcoming album release for Typheon which will feature quite a few international collaborations and music videos to match.

Also, right now we are opening our channels to look for new talent to develop and promote. Interested person can email and make their indications to

In relation to our event management, we are currently working on the 6th Annual Supligen All Star basketball Weekend slated for Oct 25 and 26 at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall.

We do have plans for one more concert for Guyana before the end of the year and we encourage persons to visit our website to make a suggestion of who they want us to bring next. Simply log onto and complete the short survey which takes less than a minute.

Wildfire Productions would like to thank the Guyanese population for always supporting our events and encouraging us to bring quality events to our shores. It is you that makes each and every event possible. We would also like to thank F&H Printing for the support they have shown, Beepats, Giftland Officemax, Digicel, Ansa Mcal, Nestle, Nanda's Boutique, Green Ice taxi Services, White Castle Fish Shop, and others who we may not have mentioned. Above all we would like to thank God and Baha'u'llah for the blessings conferred upon us, because without God, there is nothing.


International Stars for Genesis Fashion Rhythm

Roger Gary Smith connects with the beginning - Heads for Genesis Fashion Rhythm with international stars

Press Release, Arrowhead Promotions, September 17, 2008, - Super-toned international celebrity models, including America's sensational, Bobby Roache' is in the Roger Gary Smith connection to Genesis Fashion Rhythm, September 28, Guyana's premiere event for the coming together of celebrities from the fashion and music industries.

Others in the line-up are Katarina Nunez, a slim bodied celebrity model, Tangerine Clark and Froylan Flowers prominent fashion writer/photographer with wide-ranging entertainment experience.

Roache', 6ft 2'' is considered one of the hottest, sexiest and daring man in contemporary fashion with several appearances in a number of Beyonce's music video's, such as, Ring the alarm and Irreplaceable. He brings an unusual glitter to the catwalk with a provocative personality that brings fans closer to his panache for fashion, glamour and spectacular entertainment. Roache' stimulates desirable interest and a yearning for increased dosage of his mannish and infinite touch on the catwalk.

He has appeared in several movies with lead roles, such as, 2006 Temporary Dreams- Indep...- Lead Role Raymond Edwards III (Drug Kingpin), Bobby Roache', William Joppy, Derrick Colley; 2006 Winky's Spot- Pilot-Principal Role Handsome Guy(Gets Hit On at The Bar All the Time) Winky Wright, Jadakiss, Jamie Hector, Lil Wayne; 2006 American Gangster- Extra Role Club Scene(Dancing) Denzel Washington, Russell Crowe, T.I.
Katarina Nuez is no angel on the catwalk as she demands attention by her saucy picks that highlights rarity. Her captivating personality blends with outlook for fashion and

Roger Gary, the team leader is steadily making his way up the totem pole of the international fashion scene with a style that is unmatched. He has honed his skills and produced some of the most elegant eveningwear, daywear and swimwear for his private clientele and fashion-forward customers. His creations has caught the attention of the print media with editorials and feature articles in Woman's Wear Daily, NY Daily News, Caribbean Life, Essence Magazine, Unchin Magazine, Gem Magazine, British Pride, She Caribbean, Shabeau Magazine, The JC Report and others. He was the first designer to be featured at the original "Fashion Café" in Rockafeller Centre NYC. On television, his creations were features on BCD Instyle, Fox Ch.5, Brooklyn Ch.12, the Miss World and Miss Universe Pageants, BET's " Spring Bling", BET's "Rip The Runway" and VH1/Vogue First Fashion Awards. His collections have been showcased during New York Fashion Week, Brooklyn Fashion WeekEnd, Caribbean Fashion Week, StyleWeek Jamaica, Barbados Fashion Week, the preview of Guyana Fashion Xpo and the recently concluded International Designer's Show for New York Fashion Week, Spring 2009.

In the line-up also is Froylan Flowers the fashion industry's runway photographer, taking some of the most beautiful photographs during collections, Flowers remains a firm favorite among the designers, models, and his clients. Flowers considers himself fortunate to be in a position to shoot the collections of some of the most influential designers of our time including; Bill Blass, Donna Karan, Lacoste, Betsy Johnson, Rosa Cha, Marc Jacobs, Tracey Reese, Baby Phat, Carolina Herrera, Diesel, Kenneth Cole, BCBG, Michael Kors, Anna Sui, Vera Wang, Zac Posen plus many others.

Tangerine Clarke is a world renowned journalist who continued to work in this field, with a special focus on highlighting the positive aspects of the Caribbean community. She has served in the capacity of fashion editor, and contributing writer at many publications, namely, Caribbean Life, Prime News, Caribbean Daylight, the New York Daily News Caribeat Magazine, the Caribbean American, Caribbean Impact, and Caribbean Connection - Travel Span In Flight magazine.


Bahamas Acceptance Speech

Hon. Charles Maynard Minister Of State For Culture Commonwealth Of The Bahamas at The Closing Ceremony Of Carifesta X Georgetown, Guyana August 31, 2008.

I bring you warm greetings on behalf of Our Prime Minister, The Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham, the government and people of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas. I would firstly like to congratulate President Hon. Bharat Jagdeo and the people of Guyana on your outstanding hosting of Carifesta X, which concludes today.
For the past ten days, we have seen the people of Guyana spare no effort to welcome the people of the Caribbean to your beautiful shores, and against the backdrop of your beautiful country, you have provided exciting opportunities and venues for us all to showcase our cultures. I think I can speak for all of the visiting delegates and say a special thank you to all the liaison officers who have gone above and beyond to make our stay pleasurable.
My government is especially indebted to Guyana for your hosting of Carifesta X, because it was The Bahamas who accepted the mantle to host Carifesta X at the closing of Carifesta IX in Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad in 2006. In the intervening period, unforeseen circumstances at home made it necessary for us to defer our commitment to 2010, and we were therefore delighted and thankful when Guyana stepped in to bring Carifesta back to its birth place which considering this was the tenth festival seems the right place for it any way.
This magnanimous act on your part, has further strengthened the strong bonds that already exist between our two nations, and we anticipate even closer ties as we move forward together. I would like to express my personal appreciation for the insight and advice offered to us from The Hon. Frank Anthony as I now must fill the large shoes which he has capably worn for the last year. Guyana has carried the CARIFESTA movement to another level by being innovative and we must now take the baton and run with it.
In the interim, the close cultural bonds forged among all of our nations by Carifesta should continue to flourish and grow, and in this vein, The Bahamas looks forward to very shortly hosting Professor Rex Nettleford and the National Dance Company of Jamaica, as the University of the West Indies observes its sixtieth anniversary. The Government of the Bahamas expects to support a number of such signature events leading up to 2010 and beyond.
At one of the Symposia this week, Earl Lovlace asked a question: “What have we done with what we have done?” The question for us is “what will be done with what we have done here for the past ten days”. The new model of CARIFESTA is geared toward building cultural industries throughout this region. This evening, we pledge our full and sincere support of the vision for Carifesta, and we proudly reaffirm our commitment to host Carifesta XI in The Bahamas, in the year 2010.
In that year, we will welcome the people of the Caribbean to our beautiful archipelago of seven hundred islands, for a joyous celebration of our unique cultures. For the past ten days, we have been given an excellent example of a successful Carifesta, and we accept the challenge to do likewise.
I would also like to remind you that annually we welcome over five million visitors to our shores, and in 2010 we are extending a special invitation to the world, to come and experience the Caribbean at its best, in The Bahamas. The Carifesta Experience will be showcased to an international audience like never before.
So until then, we leave you with the sights and sounds of the Spirit of The Bahamas….Junkanoo. Thank you and Good Evening!


Genesis Fashion Rhythm

Sets stage for Music Awards in November

A stunning fashion interface displaying an array of stylish and exquisite outfits by local designers will be the centre of attraction in the heart of the City, on September 28, 2008, as another event to the run-up of Accolade- the music awards of Guyana.

Titled, Genesis – Fashion Rhythm, this display will blend into a perfect ambiance of restful flowers in a serene evening-setting at the Promenade Gardens, Middle Street, Georgetown.

Genesis aims to highlight the symbiotic relationship between entertainment and business in Guyana. It identifies with the beginning of times where there was a fusion of fashion and music which transcended into a rhythm that will reverberate throughout the nation.

Local celebrity musicians will become vivid and bold among professional models who will all step onto a three-dimensional catwalk fitted in clothing by local designers. These selected designs will give the Guyanese public a sneak preview of what can be worn at Accolade- the music awards of Guyana, on November 30.

Genesis is different and daring and represents a tremendous step forward in the local entertainment sphere. The producers promise to live up to the expectations with quality by confident designers and music professionals. Definitely the evening will see stunning performances by Guyana's top entertainers defining a moment of classic entertainment.

Capitalizing on a successful launch in July, Accolade endeavours to build on the outpouring support by sponsors, music producers/professionals, music lovers among thousands of well wishers and friends.

Genesis is being produced by Michelle Cole-Rose, the 2008 Official Designer of the Accolade Music Awards Guyana.

Model casting call set for Sunday, September 7, 2008

A casting for models to be part of the Genesis –fashion Rhythm is slated for Sunday. September 7, 2008, at Zoom Inn, at 12Noon.

The height requirement for women is 5ft 7" and above and for men 5ft 9" and above.

Those inclined to attend the casts must walk with 4" high heels shoes to parade before the panel in their attempt to make the best impression.

For further information, contact Romana Halls, 'Facts N Roses' – Tele 225-5260, or 661-5161


Carifesta X Closing Ceremony

The Cooperative Republic of Guyana has successfully hosted CARIFESTA X. At the closing ceremony gratitude was extended to the people of Guyana for their unmatched hospitality towards the visiting delegations and others who were here to enjoy the festival. The 10th Caribbean Festival of Arts held across Guyana had been a resounding success and as Guyanese we should all be proud to have hosted such a prestigious event once again. As the festival once again leaves these shores we have, in the words of the President of Guyana, “breathe new life” into the festival. The spectacular closing ceremony was filled with only a sample o the cultural richness of the Caribbean region which has been on show for the past 10 days.

The well planned and skillfully executed program was a tribute to the dedication of those responsible. Even down to the finest detail, much care was taken to ensure those present at the closing ceremony would have an evening to remember. The event was planned in such a way to ensure there was not a single moment of boredom. Every item from beginning to end was designed to capture and maintain the collective attention of those gathered. All persons entering the stadium were given flags of Guyana in an effort to ensure that throughout the proceedings flags would be waving, and to this end they were successful. I would be hard-pressed to describe the extravagant program at length, but from the landing of paratroopers on the field to the breadth taking fireworks display, the closing ceremony of CARIFESTA X was probably the most memorable event throughout the entire festival.

The closing ceremony sought to encapsulate portions of the various art forms which were on display throughout the festival over the past ten days as well as an attempt by the next hosts, the Bahamas, to give a taste as to what to expect at CARIFESTA XI in 2010. Over the past 10 days Guyana played host to the Caribbean’s premier festival after only 10 months of planning. Bearing in mind this mega event usually takes 2 years to plan and execute, we as Guyanese have shown our excellence by accomplishing this fete. Imagine what we can do if we put our heads together in the promotion of Guyanese arts and entertainment internationally. I join with the President and all of the visiting delegations in saying congratulations to Guyana on hosting a successful Carifesta X.


Carifesta X Mega Concert

Amid rumors that the main performing artiste would not be able to make an appearance, the much anticipated Polar Carifesta X Mega Concert got underway. This concert was promoted in the media, even prior to the start of CARIFESTA, as being the biggest concert to hit Guyana. There were also assurances made that an international artiste would be performing live. Though the concert was not as big as the promoters may have wanted it to be they were still able to live up to their promise and bring an international artiste. The length of time it took for the artiste to arrive however caused patrons to become frustrated and even angry.


The evening started out with some smooth juggling from the fusion family to get the crowd going. This was happening while the crowd was now building up. The rumors started when admission to the venue no longer required tickets. This caused may persons to wonder if Akon was still slated to perform or whether the promoters had duped them into buying large quantities of beer.


The live performances were kicked off by the Brutal Jammers band followed by the man with the Sophia story Ilaman. Gialiani was to follow with his hip hop styled performance. The Polar Ladies were to grace the stage with their presence, showcasing their polar outfits to the appreciative men in attendance.


The next string of performances was well received and consisted the likes of Jory and Celeste David. Giants of the Guyanese music industry First Born took to the stage and hyped the crowd with their 45 min performance. Every song selected by the group to perform was well received. This was not hard to imagine with hits such as “irits”, “headlines” and a much loved classic First Born track “how are we gonna survive”.


It was at this point in time the frustration stepped in and delay tactics were employed by the promoters. DJ green dongs of fusion audio did some more juggling, at this point it was already 01:30 hrs and there was no sign of the main guest artiste. Brutal jammers band took to the stage once again but this time frustration had turned to anger and bottles and cans of beer were sent flying from the crowd onto the stage. This prompted DJ Kerwin of Hits and Jams to come on stage in an effort to ease the tension building up in the crowd. He gave the crowd assurance that the artiste was in the country and would be making an appearance. He also stated that the president had given the promoters of the event an extension on the permit so as to allow the party to go until sunrise.


At approximately 03:05 hrs international recording artiste Akon took to the stage at the National Stadium Providence much to the delight of his loyal fans who stayed through the night to witness his performance. The 3am crowd that greeted the artiste was a fraction of the crowd that had gathered earlier in the evening, but he performed as if the place was packed to capacity. Those who persevered to witness his performance were not disappointed. He even went the extra mile of requesting the crowd to build a “unity bridge” for him to get from the main stage to a platform about 15 feet away. The aim was for the crowd to carry him across and take him back. This he did successfully despite some instances where he had to urge some members of the crowd not to pull him. Notwithstanding his previous experience in Guyana it was a courageous act on his part but much appreciated by his fans.


Despite the long wait and rumors fans were rewarded with a full hour’s performance by the artiste. Though there were dramatic segments during the event it would be fair to say the event was a success.