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Carifesta X Gospel Mega Concert

It is widely speculated in some sections of society that Christians are not fun loving people; some even go to the extreme as to even say boring. But if one were to be present at the super concert held on Thursday August 28th at the National Stadium Providence those perceptions about the Christian community would have been shattered.

This historic concert was a spectacular display of talent which can be found within the Christian community. This concert was historic in the sense that this was the first time since the inaugural Carifesta held here in Guyana 36 years ago that the religious community has been invited to play a critical role in the festival. It was also the biggest gospel concert in Guyana to date as well as the biggest super concert to date that has been held at the National Stadium. The composition of those in attendance was also a sight to behold since it brought out the ethnic diversity in our Guyanese society as represented through the Christian community. Though there were persons of various ages present the majority present, at least for the evening segment, were young people.

The organizers sought to provide a spot in their program for various age groups. As a result of this persons with young children were encouraged to come out during the afternoon hours. The event started at 4pm with booths displaying fashionable yet modest pieces of clothing for the entire family. There were also booths set up by the various artiest slated to perform in the evening with their cd’s and dvd’s on sale. For the children there were rides erected outside the ground to keep them busy and having a fun time.

In the evening the program was packed with items from both local and regional gospel artiest. The MC of the event was shared by Pastor Marlon Hestic and Michella Adraham-Ali. The first of the evening’s performances included songs by persons representing the mining town of Linden and the nationally acclaimed Dominion dancers. The Minister of Culture Youth and Sport Dr. Frank Anthony addressed the crowd and expressed satisfaction at the large gathering and declared the event a landmark event in the history of Carifesta and as “the largest gospel concert in the history of Guyana”.

Following the address by the Minister the large crowd was presented with steel pan music from a combined church steel orchestra. Despite their best efforts, the sweet music of the steel pan could only be herd by those in the very front of the venue or on stage.

H.E. President Bharrat Jagdeo addressed the over 20,000 strong gathering and expressed delight at the energy emanating from the venue even jokingly stating “we have enough energy in this place to power Guyana for two years without GPL”. The president even quoted a passage of scripture from Psalm 133, much to the delight of the massive gathering.

After the president’s address it was time for the singers to take to the stage and get the crowd going. Local favorites such as Cherlyn Maloney and Sean Sobers from Linden started things off with songs that got the crowd going wild with excitement. There was also an interesting dramatic piece from the members of the Tuckville Assemblies of God Church. The aim of the skit was non discrimination despite the outward appearance of a individual.

The man from Jamaica took to the stage to the loud cheers of his fans. Yes Prodigal Son sang some of his best known reggae styled gospel music which the young people responded to with energetic flag waving and even jumping and screaming throughout his performance.

The energy remained with the crowd throughout the rest of the performances. An energized Eddie Neblette took to the stage to bring the curtains down on the performances for the evening with hits such as “wrong decision” and “love and unity”. Despite the fact that other local acts scheduled for the event did not get to perform because of time constraints, this concert will dwell in the minds of Guyanese as one of the biggest ever super concerts of this Carifesta.


XM Carifesta Cocktail Mix-Off

The place to be after the extravagant opening ceremony for CARIFESTA X was Banks DIH Thirst Park. This was to be the venue for the XM CARIFESTA cocktail mix-off. The event was to see the coming together of the best known cocktail mixers around the country to compete for prizes, a trophy and bragging rights for being the best mixer in Guyana.

There were six competitors in the competition. Each was to mix their own special blend of three drinks; the margarita, the shooter and the cocktail. Two bars were set up so as to minimize time. Each competitor had 3 minutes to mix and pour their special blends using products provided by Banks DIH and other specified ingredients. After mixing their blends each competitor had to present their finished products to the panel of jusdes for the taste test.

Between the changes in drinks to be mixed persons attending the event had the opportunity to listen to the winner of the recently concluded Banks Premium Beer Karaoke competition. He serenaded the crowd with classics from yesteryear, causing some persons to even take to the dancefloor and waltz. Persons were also afforded the opportunity to acquire cocktails, using their chits from the barso as to get a sense of what the competitors were mixing.

Following the sampling of the numerous mixes the judges had the difficult task of selecting the winners for each category and the overall winner of the competition. After much deliberation it was decided that the winner of the mix-off was Vishnu Singh.

Despite the soggy state of the ground due to heavy rainfall earlier in the day the event was well supported.


The Carifesta X Opening Ceremony

The thirty-six year wait is over! Guyana hosts CARIFESTA again and after many doubts and glitches the opening ceremony is nothing short of magnificent. This massive event held on August 22nd, 2008 at the Guyana National Stadium brought entertaining cultural displays to life from the member of states, associate members and non-members respectively (Antigua and Barbuda, The Bahamas, Barbados, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Monsterrat, St. Lucia, St. Kitts/Nevis, Suriname, Turks and Caicos and Trinidad and Tobago; Anguilla and the British Virgin Islands; Austria, Brazil, Cuba, Indonesia, Netherland Antilles and Venezuela.) Hosted under the theme "One Caribbean, One Purpose, Our Life, Our Culture" CARIFESTA's tenth staging is slated for August 22 - 31 2008 and promises to bring opening and closing ceremonies, culinary, visual, literary and performing arts, community festivals, grand cultural market, child/youth fora, symposia and workshops, as well as signal events and super concerts.

Despite efforts by heavy rain to thwart the commencement of the opening ceremony things eventually started around 18:00hrs with a grand parade of the nations. Each country showed their colours and cultural pieces as they marched around the ground and the audience cheered and showed their support for the home nation. Guyana had the largest contingent with spectacles showcasing each race and cultural aspect. After the parade was finished MC's Ron Robinson and Bobby Veira asked all in attendance to stand for Guyana's National Anthem. Minister within the Ministry of Education Desrey Fox along with a Queh Queh group initiated a welcome piece labelled "Arise Mighty Spirit and Bless Us". There were musical interludes by choirs, solo and group artistes and bands, and dance segements also. One thousand school dancers presented a well choreographed performance to various songs, followed by a combined school choir and the popular Woodside Choir doing great local folk songs and some Caribbean tunes. As the performances stretched on for hours the grand audience experienced talent from a combined Indian Dance Troupe, the Yoruba Singers, Young Bill Rogers, the Ala Kondre Drummers, Keith Waite and the Shakti Combined Chutney Group. The supporters in attendance cheered continuosly as they were well entertained.

The following segment was opened with a speech by Minister of Tourism Dr. Frank Anthony emphasising on the theme "Celegacy". Celegacy is a combination of celebration and legacy which Dr. Anthony stated should be instilled and maintained for this year's CARIFESTA. Edwin Carrington, Secretary General of CARICOM, gave a brief talk on CARIFESTA's schedule dating back to 1972 and posited that he was impressed with Guyana's ability to complete such a huge task so elegantly when such a short notice was given. The President of Suriname, Runaldo Ventiaan, agreed with Mr. Carrington and added that CARIFESTA X's opening ceremony is as grand as Beijing's Olympic Opening. He said further that even though everything didnt go as planned we should still be grateful that so much has come from this.

First Born and the X Factor dance group entered the next segment with a bang showcasing world renowned musical and dance talent that rose the crowd to it's feet. And just when we thought that was as far as they could go a huge man-made jaguar emerged from the south-western end of the ground an unleashed 36 dancers from it's mouth who danced us into excitement for a few moments and then made way for Guyana's very own President, His Excellency Bharat Jagdeo.

President Jagdeo's job was to declare CARIFESTA X open and ready for the world. He made tribute to the last president Forbes Burnham and commended him for hosting the very first CARIFESTA in 1972. He also stated that there was no other festival of this size and cultural richness in the world and encouraged everyone to become extremely involved. CARIFESTA X was declared open and fireworks then filled the sky while the sensual Tamika Marshal sang the theme song and the contingents paraded once more. There was much anticipation of the remaining eight days and chatter of fun as guests at the National Stadium left under the bright lights in the sky.

By Patrice Wishart


Banks Super Concert

On August 23rd 2008 Banks DIH held a Super Concert at the National Stadium as part of the CARIFESTA X celebrations. Crowds poured in from all parts of Guyana and other parts of the Caribbean to witness performances by local and world famous artistes.

Our very own Illaman started the live performances with some of his upcoming hits. Then one of Brutal Tracks' greater performers, Alabama, stunned the audience with his well appreciated song "Dem don't care" and others that the persons in attendance weren't so familiar with. The crowd then rocked to the sweet sounds of World Famous First Born with their tracks such as "Irits", "Got we own style", and "How are we going to survive", just to name a few. After enjoying a few minutes of First Born's talent the multitude was then laughing to the comical lyrics of Dave Martin and the Trade Winds. After more than thirty minutes of amusing entertainment the highly anticipated soca singer from Barbados, Biggie Irie came on stage to get the crowd moving their waists. Biggie Irie is best known for his smash single "We nah goin home" and he thrilled the masses with his voice and musical antics. He also gave tribute to fellow Barbadian Peter Ram and Jamaican Taurus Riley for their influence on the music industry by singing their current hits. Eventually, Barbadian super star Rupee, teased the mob with excerpts from his hits before making his way to the stage in front of thousands of screaming fans. Rupee enticed persons in attendance with a great list of songs that filled the air with peace, love, harmony and fun. The ladies were going crazy at several intervals and some even managed to get on stage despite attempts by security to control them. The soca super start however soaked up every minute of it and encouraged fans to be safe and enjoy life to its fullest. After a short intermission the level of excitement peaked as the MC announced the next artiste, Mr. Vegas. The noises from the crowds were so loud those at the back could hardly hear Mr. Vegas voice as he performed songs like "Daggerin" and "Hot wuk". He even got the fans involved by having a small dancing competition on stage between a few ladies. The masses gave their approvals as the ladies showed what they have and Mr. Vegas was enjoying every moment of it.

The event came to halt around 3:00am and as fans left they expressed their views on the evening's activities. The number of persons in attendance was estimated at 10,000 but some sources say much more. Rupee had visited Guyana before and was asked to return soon to entertain us again. Biggie Irie made his first appearance here but Mr. Vegas has graced us with his presence once before. Rumors have it that the Banks Super Concert is the biggest and best of all for the CARIFESTA X period.

By Patrice Wishart


Jamzone Summer Break 2K8: A Review

The highly publicized, most anticipated and most talked about event of the summer was undoubtedly Jamzone Summer break 2k8. Well Jamzone has come and gone and for those of us who attended can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that the event lived up to the hype that was created over the past few weeks. The event was held at Splashmins Fun Park and Resort on Linden Soesdyke Highway on Sunday August 17, 2008.

Judging from the turnout and the views expressed by persons attending the event, the promoters and sponsors lived up to expectations and delivered an unforgettable, incident free event.

During the daylight hours the event was filled with activities and games namely; beach games, water sports, swimming,  jet ski rides and canoeing. Finding persons to take part in the activities was no hard task considering the large crowd at the location, in addition to the incentives being offered to the winners. The winners of each event were given five thousand dollars and free credit compliments of GT&T. In an effort to ensure maximum participation the only stipulation was persons were only allowed to participate in one event.

The were several games organized for persons to win prizes. One of which was “basody”. The object of this game was simple;

Two teams of three, each person had to put their head on a short pole and go around it 10 times then run fifteen metres to tag the other partner without getting “basody” and falling to the ground. I must admit this was hilarious to watch. Another activity that attracted a lot of attention was the ugly man contest. I doubt there’s any explanation required for this contest. To see who won feel free to check out our gallery. The crowd was given a treat when three couples were put on stage with whipped cream. The girls were decorated with whipped cream and the guys had to lick them as clean as possible. The most bizarre game was the fear factor segment where several food items were blended for consumption by participants. In order to give you an idea of what was in blend, these were some of ingredients: salt beef, salt fish, eggs, corned beef, mushrooms, sardines, mustard, milk and ham, just to name a few. Hopefully the mixture did not cause more than a momentary discomfort to the persons consuming them. Though the events were fun filled for those watching and participating there was a slight hiccup. In a drinking game organized by a sponsor, the instructions were to drink the shots off using a straw faster than the other team. One person, however choose not to follow this instruction and suffered a minor burn on his face, causing the game to discontinued. This did not throw a damper on the proceedings since it was recognized that the rules were not followed by that individual.

The evening part of the event saw the staging of the Miss Jamzone Pageant. The evening was colorful and saw an outstanding display of local beauty, talent and potention as portrayed by the contestants as well as performances by some of Guyana’s best music artiste.

Bearing in mind the coming home of Carifesta to Guyana, the designers sought to incorporate the national colors of various Caribbean countries into the costumes worn by the contestants.

The likes of Fojo, Celeste David, Lilman, Platinum Mobbs, Ballys, First Born, Allabama and overseas based Guyanese Monica Greene were apart of the musical entertainment of the evening. The main live performance of the evening was that of First Born. Fresh from a tour out of Europe and the US, First Born provided those in attendance with some of their most popular selections much to the delight of the large crowd gathered.

The pageant was a display of some of Guyana’s most beautiful young ladies. Though beauty and talent were essential to the outcome of the pageant, intelligence played a critical role in the selection of the winner. In the end only one could be crowned Miss Jamzone 2k8. In the end it was Lavonia Springer was crowned Miss Jamzone 2k8.

Taking everything into consideration the event should be hailed as a success and based on the support received, it would be fair to assume that the Guyanese public was in full support of the event. Check out our gallery for all the great pictures from the event.


Miss Guyana-World Night Selection

Press Release

Dear Editors,

The Organising Committee of the Miss Guyana-World Pageant are pleased to invite you to the 'Selection Night' of Miss Guyana-World 2008 on Wednesday August 13, 2008 at Zoom Inn International Hotel on South Road from 20:00 hrs

The night will feature fashion pieces up for auction from the newly appointed official designer of Miss Guyana-World, Michelle Cole-Rose. The young lady selected will represent Guyana at the Miss World Pageant in Ukraine in September and she will fly out to London next week accompanied by the new local Co-ordinator Mr. Ghalee Khan to meet with franchise holder Mr. Kenneth Chung before winging out to the Ukraine for the competition.

Several other international pageants are slated for the rest of the year and we intend to have representation at these also:



FACE OF THE UNIVERSE Pageant in Ghana from 6-19 OCT 2008



There will therefore be a sashing and crowing exercise of the selected model to represent us at the Miss World Pageant tomorrow night. Your presence is highly appreciated.


Stan Gouveia
Public Relations Officer
Miss Guyana-World Organising Committee
Tel: 667-8757, 218-4776



When you think Christians can’t P.A.R.T.Y. think again?

The Guyanese Gospel popular Trio Kester D, Eddie Neblett and Solid Youth is set to be part of the 3rd event from and Turning Point Promotions. The promoters have had great success in their last two events at the Main Big Lime last Boxing Day and on the Sea wall band stand Easter Monday. Both events thus far has included international Gospel sound systems and artiste such as L-egant ( New York) DJ Evangelist ( Canada) Baby C ( Trinidad ).

The Third installment titled the Holy Ghost P.A.R.T.Y which will be kept at the new improved Ocean View Poolside promises to be a great night filled with clean entertainment, games, music and much more. When asked why such an event, the promoters responded by saying “Christians have no where much to go and fellowship where the atmosphere can be glorifying to Jesus.” He elaborated by saying “if you go to a regular eatery to fellowship the music and conduct of many is out of order and we cannot afford to compromise our walk with the Lord.”

As many would know the word “party” is associated with things contrary to the lifestyle of a Christian, it was made very clear that it’s not the same at the Holy Ghost P.A.R.T.Y. The promoters highlighted that P.A.R.T.Y is an acronym for Praise And Reverence To Yahweh.

At the Holy Ghost party there is no alcoholic beverages being served and a dress code of fashionable and modest attire is in effect. The event which seems to attract many also includes DJ Evangelist from Toronto Canada and Craig C from Kingston Jamaica. There will be live video taping by Guyana’s popular gospel T.V. show Things Gospel.

When you think the entry fee for an event such as this would cost over a thousand dollars think again, The Holy Ghost P.A.R.T.Y tickets is only 500 dollars and is available at Swansea and Everything Music outlets.