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Michelle Cole-Rose Gets Official Designer of The Music Awards of Guyana

Arrowhead Promotions, Press Release, Thursday, July 31, 2008. - As Accolade aims for one of the most classy and picturesque productions in modern Guyana, local designer of Facts 'n' Roses, Michelle Cole-Rose has won the coveted title of Official Designer of the Music Awards of Guyana.

Accolade Executive Committee unanimously voted in favour of Cole- Rose, convinced that her experience, ability and commitment to the fashion world would add to the radiant elegance and dramatic statement intended for the Music Awards of Guyana.

Cole-Rose was formally notified of this nomination which she has since accepted. She will now be appointed an Ex-officio member of the Executive Committee of the Accolade.

The decision to name her the Official Designer represents a symbol of accomplishment and aspiration in the career of this young dynamic Guyanese woman with great potential.

The Executive Committee is anxious to have her on board, confident that her artistic skills and ability will definitely contribute to the overall success of the music awards.

A true representation of success, since the day, in her eleventh year, when she had gotten her first sewing machine, Michelle's innovation grew; making uniforms for school friends by the age of twelve, then onwards to making a living from her creations by fifteen. Many years after, Michelle Cole still strikes the iron as hot as she had then, for now her clothes are carried in some of the best boutiques in the Caribbean and in the United States.

Michelle is a nature and fun-loving gal, this can be evident in her designs, with natural fibers, earth tones, stones, wooden beads, shells, paintings and raffia; for her goal as a fashion designer is to 'Recreate nature through celebration, as nature itself is a celebration of life'. Indeed this is true for her clothes expresses nothing short of comfort, vibrancy and beauty.

Her first stage performance was at Michelle's high school fashion show. Thereafter came her 'big break' in 1999 when she won the best gown award at the Miss Guyana Universe, which gave way to her being the designer of the queen's wardrobe. She then also designed for the queens of the Miss Guyana Talented Teen, Miss Guyana World, Miss Guyana Mashramani, Miss Queen of the Caribbean, Miss Carnival and Miss Model International Pageants. Her designs were also presented at the Folk Festival celebration in Brooklyn, New York, the Fashion Caribbean Showcase in St. Vincent, the Barbados Fashion Week, Caribbean Gift and Craft Show in Barbados, the Fashion Showcase in St. Lucia, MODA in New York, Caribbean Fashion Week and the Fashion Week of the Americas in Miami among others.