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Happy Birthday

Only one year after the launch of the website we have established ourselves as a premier authority in the coverage and reporting of events and news of significance to the entertainment industry in Guyana. Birthed out of an idea started by a few idle souls taking pics everywhere they go to catalogue and document their liming and partying activities during the summer, has rapidly become the place where memorable occasions are captured and stored for your viewing pleasure. Though this is not the first such site of its kind in Guyana it must be recognized that we have rapidly become #1 in the coverage of entertainment activities in Guyana. Placing such activities before an international audience has given Guyanese entertainers and Guyanese culture a platform for exposure and expansion never before experienced locally.

For those who have been following our progress over the past year the following information would be nothing new, but for the befit of those unfamiliar with our progress thus far this will serve to bring you up to speed.

The website was launched at “Into the Night- Music of the 70’s & 80’s” held at the Everest Cricket Club on Camp Street on July 28 2007.The event was organized by the Everest Hikers Hockey Team. This event proved to be an excellent launching pad for the site since the event was, as always, a tremendous success and before 6am the following day all the pics from the event were already uploaded onto the site. This standard has been maintained over the past year and will be continued.

Initially the aim of the site was to provide coverage of parties in and around the city, but some decisions at management level as well as due to the response received, it was decided that events out of the capital would be covered as well. This decision was taken in recognition of the fact that events of significance take place beyond the boundaries of the capital, thus giving coverage to these was aimed at being an adequate representation of Guyana, not just Georgetown. The decision was also taken to cover events related to the entertainment industry which may not necessarily be party related in order to give an holistic view of the entertainment climate in Guyana. This fact is evident in the coverage of the Rodeo held in Lethem which shows the dedication with which we seek to bring the best and wide ranging coverage of events in Guyana.

Over the past year the website has evolved into a place to not only view pics and videos, but into a meeting place for Guyanese worldwide through our forum. Other features of the website that have gained attention and which have also put us miles ahead of the competition include; artiste profiles, top ten, free sms, music, videos, news, and the recent addition of the Blog.

These and other features have given a very important role in the promotion of the entertainment industry here in Guyana and internationally. This is a role which will be undertaken and executed with the highest standards possible. Despite a few hiccups that were as a result of circumstances beyond our control we remain the premier website in the promotion and distribution of Guyanese talent here in Guyana as well as putting everything Guyanese, in a positive way, on the international scene.

If all of this has been done within the time frame of one year, imagine what can be done over the next year! Thank you for your overwhelming support because without you we would just be another url on the world wide web. On this our first anniversary we will continue to be “Not just a site but A way of life!” bless and thank you.

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