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Michelle Cole-Rose Gets Official Designer of The Music Awards of Guyana

Arrowhead Promotions, Press Release, Thursday, July 31, 2008. - As Accolade aims for one of the most classy and picturesque productions in modern Guyana, local designer of Facts 'n' Roses, Michelle Cole-Rose has won the coveted title of Official Designer of the Music Awards of Guyana.

Accolade Executive Committee unanimously voted in favour of Cole- Rose, convinced that her experience, ability and commitment to the fashion world would add to the radiant elegance and dramatic statement intended for the Music Awards of Guyana.

Cole-Rose was formally notified of this nomination which she has since accepted. She will now be appointed an Ex-officio member of the Executive Committee of the Accolade.

The decision to name her the Official Designer represents a symbol of accomplishment and aspiration in the career of this young dynamic Guyanese woman with great potential.

The Executive Committee is anxious to have her on board, confident that her artistic skills and ability will definitely contribute to the overall success of the music awards.

A true representation of success, since the day, in her eleventh year, when she had gotten her first sewing machine, Michelle's innovation grew; making uniforms for school friends by the age of twelve, then onwards to making a living from her creations by fifteen. Many years after, Michelle Cole still strikes the iron as hot as she had then, for now her clothes are carried in some of the best boutiques in the Caribbean and in the United States.

Michelle is a nature and fun-loving gal, this can be evident in her designs, with natural fibers, earth tones, stones, wooden beads, shells, paintings and raffia; for her goal as a fashion designer is to 'Recreate nature through celebration, as nature itself is a celebration of life'. Indeed this is true for her clothes expresses nothing short of comfort, vibrancy and beauty.

Her first stage performance was at Michelle's high school fashion show. Thereafter came her 'big break' in 1999 when she won the best gown award at the Miss Guyana Universe, which gave way to her being the designer of the queen's wardrobe. She then also designed for the queens of the Miss Guyana Talented Teen, Miss Guyana World, Miss Guyana Mashramani, Miss Queen of the Caribbean, Miss Carnival and Miss Model International Pageants. Her designs were also presented at the Folk Festival celebration in Brooklyn, New York, the Fashion Caribbean Showcase in St. Vincent, the Barbados Fashion Week, Caribbean Gift and Craft Show in Barbados, the Fashion Showcase in St. Lucia, MODA in New York, Caribbean Fashion Week and the Fashion Week of the Americas in Miami among others.


Accolade Executive Members Interacts with Local Music Producers

Arrowhead Promotions, Tuesday, July 29, 2008, - Executive Members of Accolade today met with local music producers as preparations intensify for Guyana’s first-ever Music Awards on November 30. The meeting which was held at Vizion Sounds, Anira Street Queenstown was designed to raise awareness and strengthen support for the Awards.

Executive Director of Accolade, Kwame Mc Coy described the engagement as fruitful, noting that the producers unanimously share the vision of the music awards as an excellent avenue for further growth of the industry. Ms. Teesha Mohabeer and Mr. Burchmore Simon were also present.

Mc Coy said ‘’the local music industry has exciting growth potential, but there must be greater unity among musicians if we are to excel and compete at the international level.’’

The accolade will significantly boost the music industry's confidence in initiating steps towards achieving and sustaining quality, he assured.

He believes there is growing respect and support for the local industry which stands to benefit Guyana by creating new and exciting jobs, expanding our economy and encouraging the growth of our local culture.

Accolade coincides with the strategic efforts to ‘’promote Guyana’’, by showcasing its rich and diverse arts and cultures. The unique exhibition of our local talent (at another level) is the continuation of the unleashing of our vast potentials in the music industry.

Once again Guyana will be making its mark in the international arena by rewarding artistic excellence in the music industry through a premier event comparable to international Award shows such as the Grammy’s and the one produced by BET.

There is a line up of fantastic performances will represent a climax for the local entertainment diehards and at the same time promote and represent a hype for the local music industry. Guyanese are asked to prepare themselves for an event which can only be billed as an excellent experience - from red carpet entrances to outstanding local and regional performances from a mind blowing awards ceremony to international celebrity endorsements.

The music industry is at a critical crossroad and deserves every effort to highlight its achievements, motivate its artistes, elevate standards, encourage artistic excellence and utilize talents that may be inclined to engage in negative endeavours.

This celebration of achievements in the music industry will be Guyana’s most prestigious gala event.


Happy Birthday

Only one year after the launch of the website we have established ourselves as a premier authority in the coverage and reporting of events and news of significance to the entertainment industry in Guyana. Birthed out of an idea started by a few idle souls taking pics everywhere they go to catalogue and document their liming and partying activities during the summer, has rapidly become the place where memorable occasions are captured and stored for your viewing pleasure. Though this is not the first such site of its kind in Guyana it must be recognized that we have rapidly become #1 in the coverage of entertainment activities in Guyana. Placing such activities before an international audience has given Guyanese entertainers and Guyanese culture a platform for exposure and expansion never before experienced locally.

For those who have been following our progress over the past year the following information would be nothing new, but for the befit of those unfamiliar with our progress thus far this will serve to bring you up to speed.

The website was launched at “Into the Night- Music of the 70’s & 80’s” held at the Everest Cricket Club on Camp Street on July 28 2007.The event was organized by the Everest Hikers Hockey Team. This event proved to be an excellent launching pad for the site since the event was, as always, a tremendous success and before 6am the following day all the pics from the event were already uploaded onto the site. This standard has been maintained over the past year and will be continued.

Initially the aim of the site was to provide coverage of parties in and around the city, but some decisions at management level as well as due to the response received, it was decided that events out of the capital would be covered as well. This decision was taken in recognition of the fact that events of significance take place beyond the boundaries of the capital, thus giving coverage to these was aimed at being an adequate representation of Guyana, not just Georgetown. The decision was also taken to cover events related to the entertainment industry which may not necessarily be party related in order to give an holistic view of the entertainment climate in Guyana. This fact is evident in the coverage of the Rodeo held in Lethem which shows the dedication with which we seek to bring the best and wide ranging coverage of events in Guyana.

Over the past year the website has evolved into a place to not only view pics and videos, but into a meeting place for Guyanese worldwide through our forum. Other features of the website that have gained attention and which have also put us miles ahead of the competition include; artiste profiles, top ten, free sms, music, videos, news, and the recent addition of the Blog.

These and other features have given a very important role in the promotion of the entertainment industry here in Guyana and internationally. This is a role which will be undertaken and executed with the highest standards possible. Despite a few hiccups that were as a result of circumstances beyond our control we remain the premier website in the promotion and distribution of Guyanese talent here in Guyana as well as putting everything Guyanese, in a positive way, on the international scene.

If all of this has been done within the time frame of one year, imagine what can be done over the next year! Thank you for your overwhelming support because without you we would just be another url on the world wide web. On this our first anniversary we will continue to be “Not just a site but A way of life!” bless and thank you.

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Accolade- The Music Awards Of Guyana


It is an absolute honour and privilege to stand before you wonderful people this evening to share the vision of Accolade- the music awards of Guyana.

But first I would particularly like to welcome all those gathered here to celebrate with us the achievements in the music industry, especially those partners who have demonstrated their confidence in us by coming on board with resources that are necessary to make this event successful. The achievement I refer to represents a continuous journey by dozens of artiste, music producers, and DJ’s whose talent, immense hard work and absolute passion has driven us to this point.

Bringing people to a love of music and encouraging them to participate in and enjoy musical experiences is a special gift given to mankind unfortunately not to all of us in this room. It is the legacy of great sons of music of Guyana that dedicated their time, talent and enthusiasm to this new generation of musicians who in turn are expected to emulate the generosity to encourage the musicians of tomorrow.

I am personally delighted that this effort to host the music awards of Guyana is most timely as it coincides with a period of an upsurge in recorded music by industry veterans to the latest surge in fresh and new unsigned talent on the local music scene.

The vision of the Accolade is to create a product of excellence to showcase our rich and diverse art and cultures. It is the unleashing of vast potentials in the music industry.

These awards gives Guyana another opportunity to make its mark in the international arena by rewarding artistic excellence in the music industry through a premier event comparable to international Award shows such as the Grammy’s and the one produced by BET.

In November at the actual awards there will be a line up of fantastic performances which will represent a climax for the local entertainment diehards and at the same time promote and represent a hype for the local music industry. Guyanese are asked to prepare themselves for an event which can only be billed as an excellent experience - from red carpet entrances to outstanding local and regional performances from a mind blowing awards ceremony to international celebrity endorsements.

The music industry is at a critical crossroad and deserves every effort to highlight its achievements, motivate its artistes, elevate standards, encourage artistic excellence and utilize talents that may be inclined to engage in negative endeavours.

I would like to urge all stakeholders of the music industry to come together to collectively shape the industry. There are still challenges which we have to work collectively to confront, such as modern copyright legislation and improving the quality of our production to compete at the international standard. We are aware this is a huge task ahead of us but not one impossible to achieve with the cooperation and support of Guyanese including those in the business sector.

Importantly there is rising expectation by Guyanese and musicians themselves which is inevitable in an emerging competitive environment of increase quality and standard. The Accolade seeks to unleash the potential of musicians by first of all recognizing, appreciating and rewarding them for their contributions to the striving music industry in Guyana. We aim also to extend motivation and provide exposure for local artistes, all relevant to the growth and development of the industry and to provide them an opportunity to market and highlight their talent as a product.

We believe these objectives will encourage and promote quality as well as increase meaningful involvement in an effort to ensure the overall development of the music industry in Guyana.

The Accolade will live up to the expectation of all Guyanese. We thank you all for coming out this evening as an endorsement of Accolade- the music awards of Guyana. We look forward to seeing you November 30.


Accolade Awards launch on Friday @Zoom Inn

Arrowhead Promotions, July 23, 2008- An enticement  awaits music lovers, industry professionals, fashion designers, press officials, recording agents, sponsors and potential sponsors when they converge for the Official Launch of Accolade — the music awards of Guyana, on Friday, July 25, 2008, at Zoom Inn Hotel.

The launch is the commencement of a celebration of the music industry in Guyana culminating into an annual music awards to promote the achievements by industry veterans to the latest surge in fresh and new
unsigned talent on the local music scene.

Among light entertainment and cocktails, the evening will introduce patrons to those who are part of our strategic partnership including private sector, commercial brands and public sector organizations.
Additional plans for activities including celebrity endorsements and participation by those with Guyanese roots and connections will also be revealed.

This is the second major activity leading up to November 30 where the red carpet will be rolled out for Guyanese and visitors who are expected to dress in their finest local designer clothing and be
photographed by celebrity photographers before they enter what is slated to be the biggest awards gala the country has ever seen.

This Music Awards of Guyana seek to reward artistic excellence in the music industry that has definitely shown signs of growth and development over the years. These awards coincide with strategic
efforts to "promote Guyana", through its rich and diverse arts and cultures. Exhibiting our local talent at another level is the continuation of the unleashing of vast potentials.


Wildfire Production Presents – Wild Fire Fest 2K8 (1st Anniversary Celebration)

Wild Fire Fest 2k8 is about to kickoff and the preparations are on fire! The artists will be in the country as of Friday July 25th and there are a few events where party fans can get a glimpse of their favorite artists before the Wild Fire Fest 2k8. First off, everyone can see the artists live via NCN ch 11 on Friday July 25th at 9 pm and simultaneous broadcast via 98.1 hot fm radio. They will be at the Black and White party which will be held at Palm Court. This is invitational BUT patrons can get access simply by wearing a Black and white outfit and paying the entrance fee. However, they must fulfill both requirements.

Interviews will be done, as well as autograph signing, and picture opportunities. Then during the day segment of the Wild Fire Fest 2k8 the artists will be in and out of the National Stadium to hype and interact with the crowd. The Wild Fire Fest 2k8 kicks off officially at 12pm Saturday July 26th 2008 and entertainment starts then. Then from 2pm to 5pm kids can get to see Spongebob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer perform every hour! These characters comes with the compliments of Tons of Fun Entertainment company.

They will also have a fun station set up with standees of WWE characters such as Rey Mysterio, John Cena and others which kids can take pictures with. In between performances the crowd will be entertained by popular sound systems, Emcees Mr Chow Pow, Malcolm Ferreira, Shurwayne Winchester, Serani, Ce’cile and others! These intermittent performances will only be short interactions and not the actual performance that the artists will be doing in the evening segment. Lucky persons will also be able to meet these artist throughout the day at the National Stadium. The official after party will be at the Stadium View Bar with special guests from the Wild Fire Fest 2k8. The live performance segment of the Wild Fire Fest 2k8 will begin at 6:30 pm SHARP and this will have to start on time as there are quite a number of artists who will give quality performances. So if you don’t want to miss out on any of the action, make sure you are in the ground by 6 pm for the evening performances. Children under 12 are free, adults are $3,000, and limited VIP’s are $20,000. VIP Tickets are available at Nanda’s Boutique and the first 100 persons can get a 10% discount on their purchase when they buy a VIP as well as a FREE invitation to the Black and White Party. The VIP ticket allows parking inside of the stadium parking lot and the entrance will be the southern gate of the National Stadium. The northern gate will be the general entrance. The VIP area is around the stage and the tickets also entitles the holder to free drinks, free finger foods and seating. However the VIP bar and service is not open until 6pm. All patrons, except children, will be given special security Wildfire wristbands which is durable even in water and will allow access in and out of the National Stadium throughout the day.

Tickets are available at Upper Level Barber Shop, Nanda’s Boutique, Nigel’s Supermarket, JR Burgers, Matt’s Record Bar, White Castle Fish Shop, and Stadium View. Early bird tickets are already sold out and limited VIP’s are available Nigel’s Supermarket, Gifltand Officemax, Nanda’s Boutique, and Upper Level Barber Shop. We would like to extend thanks to our sponsor F&H Printing for their support in all our activities.


Grow More Food Festival

The new Guyana Marketing Cooperation in collaboration with the Agriculture Ministry held the Grow More Food Festival at the National Stadium Providence. The event was widely perceived as a success based on the attendance and the response acquired by those who attended the event. This event was in keeping with the recent drive by the Ministry of Agriculture to encourage large, small and medium scale businesses attached to the agriculture industry to grow more food. But this initiative is not aimed solely at the business sector and this event was an opportunity to also encourage families to engage in the planting of kitchen gardens and other small scale agricultural activities to help to offset the effects of raising food prices locally and internationally. Though this initiative is not a new one it is a timely endeavor considering the state of the global raise in oil and food prices.

The event served as a platform for businesses in the agri-industry as well as those businesses who utilize agricultural products to showcase their various products and/or services. The showcasing of these entities would serve to broaden their customer base by giving them publicity and exposure, cause improvements to be brought into the agriculture industry by showing businesses there are others in their field thus forcing them to improve their standards to compete more effectively in the marketplace and by extension benefiting the consumers because competition forces businesses to improve on the quality of their products and services, and it will also serve to improve the agriculture industry as a whole and by extension the economic condition of the country.

The booths on display were an attempt to showcase the various aspects of the agricultural industry. There were displays ranging from the raw products all the way to the finished products and products made from the by products of agricultural materials. There were farmers displaying vegetables and fruits which can be grown on a medium to large scale basis. There were livestock present to show the potential of that aspect of the agricultural industry for development and expansion. Companies that supply farmers with the vital equipment and chemicals that are necessary to the successful production of the produce and livestock were also present to show their products. The skilled craftsmen who utilize the by products of agricultural production were also present to showcase their talent and products. There were even representatives from the fisheries sector there to show the fruitfulness of the land of many waters through the aquaculture industry. Items used in the preparation of food were also on display that can be found locally made by Guyanese companies. As compulsory at any Guyanese event there were numerous food and drinks bars for patrons to enjoy wholesome Guyanese food and drinks all day and night. Not to be outdone were the persons who source and sell plants of various kinds, from seeds of decorative plants to those of agricultural significance like tomatoes and peppers to assist those persons desirous of starting or enhancing their own kitchen gardens, as well as persons selling seedlings and small plants of various kinds.

Even though the primary purpose of the event was to showcase the agricultural potential of the Guyanese people there was also an entertainment aspect of the evening which was appreciated by those in attendance. This part of the evening was to showcase Guyanese and regional musical and creative talent.

There was a fashion display that showcased the creativity of our very talented designers while at the same time showing off some of the best models we have locally. The works of various designers were on display depicting both male and female clothing as well as apparel for various events, indicating the versatility of the designers. It must be stated that the models did an excellent job showcasing the pieces chosen much to the satisfaction the large gathering.

Musical performances were given by local and Trinidadian artiste to entertain the large crowd and to bring the curtains down on a day filled with information and fun in a wholesome family setting. For more on the musical performances be sure to check out the gallery.

By - Andrew Ross


Guyana Fashion Weekend – Ready and Rearing to Go!

Guyana Fashion Weekend took Guyana by storm when Sonia Noel, turned her dream to reality at the end of August in 2007. Celebrities, diplomats and general patrons all wondered how they could top such an excellent production in 2008. Noel and her team have been tasked to think out side of the box to produce an event which is more spectacular in 2008.

Plans are well on their way and an indication of this was clear on July 12th and 13th when the casting team of Rudy Saul, Richard Young, Negla Brandis, Donna Short-Gill and Kofi Branch met at Zoom in to audition model hopefuls. Over 100 models showed up over the two days expecting to be a part of Guyana’s premier Fashion Event.

The casting team expressed a sense of excitement with the beauty of the female and male models that auditioned for the events. It was also noted that the passion of the models was amazing as many of them couldn’t wait to find out if they were chosen to model on the eighty foot catwalk.

Guyana Fashion Weekend takes place from October 1st – 5th 2008 and will feature three fashion nights instead of 2 nights previously held in 2007. Sonia Noel also encouraged the public to get their tickets early in 2008 because sold out crowds in the previous year caused many persons to be disappointed when they arrived at the venue.

GFW2008 is being deemed as the event where fashion comes to life and expects fashion from Guyana, the Caribbean Diaspora and the French Caribbean. Media from Europe, North America and the Caribbean are also expected to be a part of the event.

Public Relations services provided by:

The Design Factor (Barbados)

Kofi A. Branch


Tel: 592-698-5195


Guyana Fashion Weekend Castings Continue Tomorrow

models models1 models2

The first day of Castings for the Guyana Fashion Weekend took place at Zoom Inn Hotel, Street. Some sixty (60) hopefuls were excited to come before the panel of casting directors, Donna Shortgill- Guyana Today hostess, Rudy Saul – veteran technical producer and Kofi Branch – Caribbean Fashion Producer.

Kofi Branch, who also doubles as Public Relations Director for the event, said that the first day of castings was exciting and it was great to see new faces at the audition and was amazed to see the enthusiasm.

Castings continue tomorrow at 1300 hrs for Designers and at 1500 hrs, models will have the opportunity once again to strut their stuff to be a part of the event.

Models requiring more information can contact Ruth at 613-7457 or Kofi at 698-5195.


Guyana Fashion Weekend Casting brought forward

Models and designers hoping to be a part Guyana’s premiere fashion event, Guyana Fashion Weekend are asked to note that the date of the castings for Models and Designers have been changed. The information came from Public Relation Director, Kofi A. Branch.

Interested models who think they have the look and charisma to be on the catwalk of the prestigious event are invited to audition on July 12th and 13th 2008 from 3 – 6 p.m. on both days at Zoom Inn Hotel on Croal Street, while Designers are asked to audition on Sunday July 13th 2008 from 1 p.m. – 3 p.m.

Guyana Fashion Weekend takes place on October 1st – 5th 2008 and is expected to be the greatest display of fashion from USA, Europe and the Caribbean Diaspora.

Persons requiring more information can contact 613-7457 or 698-5195.

Public Relations Services provided by

Kofi A. Branch


Tel: (246) 237-8708

Tel: (592) 698-5195