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We apologize for the recent two days of downtime and the slow site. It was unavoidable and we did our best. Let me explain what happened.

The server that GuyanaLive was previously hosted on had a major hiccup. The power supply had a fault and it blew and caused a bit of damage. The drive was not damaged and was placed as a secondary drive in another server and the files and databases were then copied. I'm sorry but we just couldn't run to Digicom or Starr Computers for a $6,000 (+VAT) power supply and plug it in. Reasons? It would not physically fit and the power supply is for a server not even located in Guyana.

(Yes Digicom and Starr Computers, you're welcome for the big up.)

Another reason why it took so much time is because the DNS (domain name system) had to propagate.  Long story short. was pointing to 'server a' and it takes a while for all ISP (internet service providers) to get the updated records to direct users to 'server b'.

The second server (the one we're currently hosted on) just isn't capable of handling the load it previously had and the additional. Therefore the execution times have increased causing a delay of page load and timeouts.

A backup PSU (power supply unit) is scheduled to be delivered to the data center today.  It would replace the first and we'll see if any further damage was done. If so another R900 server would be ordered.

The gallery database has been marked as corrupt but I'll get over that one like everything else. By the way, we have 4 events to publish. Its all uploaded and waiting on the gallery to be fixed.

We received many calls, emails and IMs concerning the recent downtime. I never had a chance for a full explanation so here it is.

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Carifesta Designer Profile – Alexis Ryan [Anguilla]

Mr. Alexis S. Ryan made a start in the world of fashion as teen, covertly sketching portraits with various styles of clothing and accessories. He was discovered by his textile teacher who encouraged him to share his talent with others

His first sketch came to life at age sixteen, when he designed a prom dress for his twin sister. In 2002 he was commissioned to design two dresses for the Miss Anguilla pageant; the dresses were subsequently awarded second and third place in the evening wear segment.

To date his designs have been featured at Essence of Style, Taste of the Caribbean, Virgin Islands Fashion Week as well as in Shabeau Magazine, Caribelle, and ITZ among others

Alexis has started his own clothing line, TheoChris Designs with his mother Marilyn Ryan as a partner and co-designer. The motto for the line says it all, ' TheoChris - Dare to be noticed - Clothing for individuals who like to stand out in the crowd.’

Alexis’ believes that that the clothes you wear have a lot to do with how you feel as a person, TheoChirs he says is about you being able to express yourself how you want to.

Designs By Alexis Ryan



Guyana Fashion Weekend Model Castings

In 2007, the inaugural Guyana Fashion Weekend brought together the best of Guyana’s and by extension the Caribbean’s designers for two spectacular showings of fashion at Buddy’s International Hotel. The event forced the eyes of regional and international media houses to focus on Guyana as it stated it claim as the new Fashion Mecca of South America and the Caribbean. Now, it’s time to do it all over again.

The second annual Guyana Fashion Weekend will be held in October and plans are well on their way to making the event bigger and even more successful than the 2007 event. A new venue with a larger capacity, more designers and even an added night of fashion are all some of the addition to the new event.

The directors of Guyana Fashion Weekend 2008 will be hosting a model casting for persons, male and female between the ages of 16 and 25 on July 18th at 6 p.m. and July 19th at 4 p.m. The casting will be held at Zoom Inn Hotel at Croal Street.

Models needing more information should email at or call Ruth at 613-7457.


Nominations Committee for Accolade – The Music Awards of Guyana

Guyanese Musicians, producers and persons ancillary to the music industry are one step closer to finding out who will be nominated as the crème de le crème in their field. This happens as the directorship of the Accolade Awards announce the nominations committee whose job is to research and then nominate the most suitable persons for the proposed categories. The nominations committee is made up of the following persons:

Burchmore Simon - Music Producer

Kerwyn Bollers – Entertainer

Sean Bhola - Song writer/ producer

Malcolm Ferreia – Radio Announcer/DJ

Jaya Devi Manickchand – Attorney-at-law

The Accolades team revealed that musicians will be nominated in some thirty- three categories ranging from Lifetime Achievement Awards to Entertainer of the year, to Song of the Year with a long list of others.

Artiste wanting to submit their music to the nominations team should contact Mr. Burchmore Simon or call 698-5195.

The Music Awards will be held on November 30th 2008 at the National Cultural Centre and is promised to be an evening of glitz and glamour from the red carpet entrance to the last performance. Guyanese patrons can expect local and regional performances from the best in the business.


Carifesta Designer Profile – Janay Reymond [Anguilla]

JanayFrom a very young age nineteen year old Janay Reymond was imbued with a flair for the art; she designed her first dress at age twelve for a cousin who was participating in the Miss Anguilla Pageant. She has always aspired to own a clothing line and that dream became a reality with the launch of the independent label Feelo’Je.

Janay chose the name as both a dedication to everyone who inspired and encouraged her to follow her dream and to capture how much designing is a part of her life. Feelo'Je means Feel-of-Jay: the feel being her passion for the art of fashion and her love of designing, the Jay being what she is affectionately called by her family and friends.

Since the official launch of her swim line on July 1st, 2007, entitled, ‘Feelo’Je’s Traffik Jam', Janay has created waves. She has showcased her pieces at: WMM's 'Show Me Your Body in St. Kitts, the Nevis Fashion Weekend, Virgin Islands Fashion Week and many fashion events in Anguilla and St. Maarten. Her designs have placed in the top 5 at the 2007 Miss Earth Pageant courtesy of Miss Je T'aime Cerge; won best swimsuit at the 2007 Miss Venus Model Pageant, and won third runner up Miss Caribbean Culture courtesy of Miss Latoya Hughes.

Its Janay's belief that a woman has the ability to be whomsoever she wants; a woman is strong, sensual, stylish, beautiful and ultimately powerful and throughout her designs she brings to life that factor.

Designs By Janay Raymond

Janay2 Janay1 Janay3


Carifesta Fashion Village in Full Bloom

As Carifesta returns to its homeland from August 22nd -31st 2008, they are many expectations and much was promised. One great promise is the fashion village which will be hosted at the Sophia Exhibition Site. Some months ago, Sonia Noel and her team of industry professionals were given the task of planning the Fashion Focus aspect of Carifesta.

Now, just over eight weeks before Carifesta X, Noel is assuring the Guyanese public that plans are on stream and that she is more excited than ever to be a part of this great Caribbean “mixing bowl.”

Some may be wondering what to expect and looking to mark their calendars for the major fashion shows. Miss Noel explained that there will be 3 main event shows, two displaying fashion and one displaying hair styling and accessories. The first fashion show will be hosted on Sunday August 24th, the hair and accessories show will hit the runway on Wednesday August 27th, while the second fashion show will happen on Saturday August 30th.

The Fashion Focus team also assured that the best of Guyanese models will be on show. This assurance came from model trainer Richard Young who said that because of the huge turn out for the model casting (over 200 persons were there), the panel was able to select from a wide spectrum of faces, looks and ethnicities to come up with the right mix and representation of persons to strut on the catwalk.

The Fashion Village will open on August 23rd to the public from 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. and will continue with the same opening hours until August 30th 2008. Each day except the days with the mega shows, there will be free workshops for persons viewing the exhibition. Patrons can learn about personal development, hair and skincare, view make up demonstrations, have a make-over and even find out how to wrap their heads for different occasions.

When the Caribbean comes to Guyana on August 22nd to showcase their many talents, it is quite obvious that the Fashion Village will be filled with beautiful exhibits, lots of designer clothing, top class fashion events and workshops to make every one more fashion ready.

Carifesta fashion focus … In Full Bloom
Public Relations Services provided by

K. Akeem Branch

Managing Director

The Design Factor

Tel: (246) 237-8708

(592) 698-5195



Renaissance Entertainment launches Musical Inferno at Sidewalk Cafe

Rennaissance PictureIt will be all glitz and glimmer next Friday when Mario Amrez’s ‘Inner Power Band’ teams up with saucy singer Syd Hooper and keyboard player Prockta to unleash one of the most scorching ‘Musical Invasion’ at the Sidewalk Café.

Forum will be used as official launch for Mario’s original song, ‘Messenjah’ which he says will stir the souls of those listening.

Popular soul and gospel singer, Mark Hall will also for the first time perform the original ‘Meant to Be’ live for the audience. While this song was written by Mario himself, the musical arrangement was put together by Mark.

This gala event will take different entertainment flavours on the last Friday of every month and will showcase some of Guyana’s most rated singers, musicians, poets and other entertainers.

Rennaissance Picture
In an interview with Mario yesterday, the talented singer disclosed that this time around the band is readying itself with musical selection aimed at taking patrons to an hypnotic peak where there is no return from ‘the rush of enthrall’ that will be created at the venue.

Mario and his top notch team of vocalists and musicians every last Friday successfully take their supporters down a memory lane filled with sweet notions as they unleash their customary ‘Rock Fantasia’ which is gaining countrywide popularity.

The Renaissance Entertainment group presents "Friday Night Live" at the Sidewalk Café on the last Friday of every month.

This feature is a musical variety concert that will feature some of Guyana's best artistes and musicians.

Renaissance Entertainment would also like to invite other Guyanese artistes' to participate in this show.

Interested persons can contact Mario on phone number 233-5640 or email him at


Fashion Village Heats Up Another Degree

It’s the start of the summer and it’s already heated but the team producing Carifesta Fashion Focus has raised the temperature a few more notches to ensure that the Fashion Village is better than ever for Carifesta Ten with the addition of a third show which will showcase fantasy hair styles and accessories.

Chairman of Carifesta Fashion Focus Sonia Noel explained that many times the work of the hairstylist, jewelry and accessory designers take the back seat to the clothing on display and now the Fashion Focus Team wants to highlight their good work.

Without letting too much out of the bag she explained that the show will be staged as a runway show but with some twists to feature the ancillary industry professionals.

The Fashion focus team is urgently looking for hairstylists who are interested in being a part of the show to promote their talent. For more information, hairstylists are asked to Ruth at 613-7457.

Public Relations Services provided by

K. Akeem Branch

Managing Director

The Design Factor

Tel: (246) 237-8708

(592) 698-5195



Guyanese Music Producer Tops at RMAA in Canada

Guyanese Music Producer Ernie Trelfall took away the Top Producer category at the 2nd Annual Canadian Reggae Music Achievement Awards last Sunday. The purpose of the Reggae Music Achievement Awards is to publicly recognize and highlight the outstanding contributors to the reggae music industry in Canada. This was long time coming since its existence Ernie's Reflex Studio has been a main studio for top Toronto artistes like Shadrock, Steele, Blessed, Avetha, Micheal Thompson, Smallman, Trinity Chris, Spex of Flow 93.5, Cyborg, Bro G, Kim Davis, Patrick Blair, Nana Mclean. As a musician Ernie holds a Grade 8 Music Theory Certificate from The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music London England and he perfected his engineering skills at Harris Institute for the Arts in Toronto. "It was nice to see a Producer category at this awards because usually its the artiste that takes all the glory" he said. "Lots of work is done with the artiste in the booth and at the console to get that polished sound we strive for". Ernie produced/engineered and build riddims for 3 time winner Steele's Album Love Of Jah for whom he thinks can stand alongside any Reggae artiste worldwide. Ernie , who visits Guyana quite regularly has produced top hits for Guyanese artistes including CBU contest winner Ian Fraser, Compton Hodge's "Umbrella Party" and "Balloon" Timeka Marshall's "We Should Separate" , Mingles Band, Pamela Maynard, Mighty Rebel, Young Bill Rogers, Big Red "Taking De Road" "The Cricket Dance Riddim" "The Airbourne Riddim" and numerous other singles. His latest Guyanese work was his engineering on the 2008 Carifesta's theme song which was recorded at his hometown Studio "Kingdom Friends" by his close friend Danley Major who also produces top songs in Guyana. Ernie has also worked with international artistes , the Crusha Riddim which he build features Junior Ried, Vybz Kartel, Elephant Man, Kiprich, Alozade Zumjay and Einstein and he has also worked closely with George Nooks, Glen Washington , Spice, Brigadere Jerry and Norris Man whom he has on his All About Love Riddim. Besides Digital Multi-Track Recording ,Mixing and Mastering, Reflex Studio also offers services like , Dubplates, Remixes, Movie Music Rendering, Voice Over w/ EFX, Keyboard Synthesis and Drum Machine Programing, the 14' x 11' soundbooth is equiped with tested soundproof. All popular software programs are supported. For more info on the studio email Ernie at or visit


A Celebration of the Music Industry

The Vision

Accolade coincides with the strategic efforts to "promote Guyana", by showcasing its rich and diverse arts and cultures. The unique exhibition of our local talent (at another level) is the continuation of the unleashing of our vast potentials in the music industry.

Once again Guyana will be making its mark in the international arena by rewarding artistic excellence in the music industry through a premier event comparable to international Award shows such as the Grammy's and the one produced by BET.

Indeed, the line up of fantastic performances will represent a climax for the local entertainment diehards and at the same time promote and represent a hype for the local music industry. Guyanese are asked to prepare themselves for an event which can only be billed as an excellent experience - from red carpet entrances to outstanding local and regional performances from a mind blowing awards ceremony to interational celebrity endorsements.

The music industry is at a critical crossroad and deserves every effort to highlight its achievements, motivate its artistes, elevate standards, encourage artistic excellence and utilize talents that may be inclined to engage in negative endeavours.

It is both opportune and ideal that this venture, capitalizing on the positive experiences coming out of Guyana's successful hosting of Cricket World Cup, (CWC), Rio Summit, Guyana Fashion Weekend and Commonwealth Finance Minister's Meeting, (CFMM) all held in 2007 and CARIFESTA 2008, be staged at this time.

This celebration of achievements in the music industry will be Guyana's most prestigous gala event.

"Arrowhead" our promotional group (registered under Business Names: Registration Act Chapter 90:05) is therefore desrious of advancing strategic partnership for high-level media coverage and public participation as part of our inclusive approach to maximize the potential of the music industry.

The Objectives

  1. To recognise, appreciate and reward local  artiste and music professionals for their contributions to the striving music industry in Guyana.
  2. To extend motivation and provide exposure for local artistes, all relevant to the growth and development of the music industry in Guyana.
  3. To provide an opportunity for local artistes to market and highlight their talent as a product.
  4. To enocurage and promote qaulity as well as to increase meaningful involvement in an effort to ensure the overall development of the music industry in Guyana.

Live up to the prestige and challenge!

With an event of this magnitude, the music industry will catapult to a new level providing great benefits to be derived all for the maximum advantage of your company.

Coming fully on board will facilitate the upward climb of business by connectiing with thousands of locals, overseas-based Guyanese and non-resident visitors from North America, United Kingdom and Caribbean to more than six events during an eight-month period.

Proposed Dates and Activities

The fantasy of creative entertainment!

June 6th 2008 - Official Media Launch

July 25th 2008 - Cocktail Launch

October 4th 2008 - Accolade Fashion Event

November 30th 2008 - Pre-Show & Cocktail Party Accolade Awards & Mega Show