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The site is undergoing a few visible and performance based changes. The changes listed below are in relation to the main (index) page.

Events Block
Hiccups: We didn't cater for international events although they were Guyanese related and we have a large Guyanese userbase.

Remedy: The flyer previews have been removed. Also the international events are marked with their respective country flags.

News Block
Hiccups: The news listings weren't uniformed and lacked professionalism in the display.

Remedy: The previews were removed also with the fonts were reduced to accommodate long headlines without disrupting the layout.

Groups Block
Fault: Only one group was displayed and the image was somewhat big.

Remedy: Four groups are displayed instead with the images reduced but yet clearly visible.

Comments Block
Hiccups: There wasn't one. Couldn't see the last 'x' comments. You had to browse thru the entire site to see what was different. Silly on the part of the coder.

Remedy: Its implemented.

Profiles Block
Hiccups: Same as groups.

Remedy: Images reduced and five artistes are displayed.

Blogs Block
Hiccups: Wasn't one.

Remedy: Is one.

Videos Block
Hiccups: Only three were displayed and it was bulky.

Remedy: Image dimensions reduced and six videos are displayed.

Polls Block
Hiccups: Wasn't one.

Remedy: Is one and coded to be unobtrusive and user-friendly.

Mailing List Block
Hiccups: Was one. Then there wasn't one.

Remedy: Its now back taking record of your email to send you specific updates.

Footer (all pages)

The other major change is the footer. It now displays over thirty links to different parts of the site. Some of the links dynamic to keep things fresh for you.

There was one, now easier accessible in the footer.

More to come later.

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All Good Things Must …

Come to an end! No, I'm not referring about This is in relation to GT&T SMS being sent freely from online. I saw this one coming when they reduced their rates to $1 per text message and denied a few sites. GuyanaLive was among the last of the Guyanese sites to have the free SMS working and they were accused by "GTLIES" and "HINNY-EFFECTS" of sabotage in a recent meeting.

On the bright side; we have $1 messages! Our overseas folk just can't message us.

Stay tuned to more of my updates.

- The Outsider

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