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Ignition Concert Post Report -WildFire

As we have just concluded our IGNITION CONCERT for 2008 we would like to give an official statement about the event and some of the occurrences at the end of the show. As the production company controlling this event we accept and take blame that there was some disorder during the main and final act Bounty Killer due to the sound & light company technical difficulties. We wish to clarify what happened and make it clear as to why things unfolded the way they did.

There are international news stories that have reported incorrectly based on a certain newspaper's spin on the concert. We are not saying that there wasn't a problem that caused a chain reaction of events, but there needs to be some clarity as to what happened since the reporter was very inadequate in doing her job. She has made statements quoting from us when she has never officially spoken to any representative from Wildfire Productions.
First of all there were no major problems for the night until the sound & light company had severe problems with their equipment. This happened about 20 minutes into Bounty Killer's performance. The entire sound and lights shut down due to negligence on their part. Bounty Killer showed extreme patience and sat on the stage and waited for the power to return. It came on again for approximately 10 minutes which Bounty hyped the crowd only for the sound company to lose power again. Bounty, unlike his usual self, sat down on the stage again to show the Guyanese people that he had no intention of giving a short performance nor intended to leave. When the sound was back up again Bounty apologized for them and asked the people to please be patient and that these things happen. The crowd was with Bounty all the way, but then the sound went down for a third time. At this time it was 2:05 a.m. and the police said it was cut off time as they did not see the sound getting back up again efficiently. At this time Bounty was instructed to leave the stage, and this upset the patrons there as they wanted more of Bounty Killer. This frustration led to bottles being hurled at the stage in protest of Bounty coming off prematurely. One newspaper made it appear that bottles were thrown at Bounty Killer because of his lyrics and performance but this was not the case. As we can report the bottles were hurled as a result of the power outage from the sound system so many times, and for the fact that people did not get to see the main act Bounty Killer which they wanted to see.

As there was no power for the emcee to call for order on the mic, the police took matters into their hands and fired off some warning shots to disperse the crowd and to stop the bottle throwing before someone got hurt. This worked effectively as the bottles stopped immediately and the crowd exited the venue. People left safely as there were no reports from the hospital of injuries the next day.

While the problems that were encountered are not the direct fault of Wildfire Productions we do accept some amount of responsibility. We understand that we need to be more stringent with our suppliers such as the sound & light company since they have caused us much embarrassment and potential danger for not being efficient with their equipment. Also, the bar service that were serving beverages deterred from our agreement and sold them from the bottles instead of plastic cups. This was totally unacceptable and they too had endangered persons there. However, as this has already happened we can only implement a more strict and severe penalty clause on suppliers who do not work efficiently and accordingly to our instructions.

We would like to thank the thousands of fans who came out to the Ignition Concert and as reports had it, they enjoyed themselves thoroughly with the exception of the ending part of the show. We once again apologize for the chain reaction of events that occurred and will work harder to ensure that it doesn't repeat itself.

Wildfire Production Team


Wildfire Production Press Release

The fuse has been lit and is rapidly burning down to the IGNITION Concert on Saturday as Wildfire Productions have everything in place and accordingly, all systems are go. Tickets are readily available at Nanda's Boutique, Medicare Pharmacies, Beepats, White Castle Fish Shop, Nigel's Supermarkets, Matts Record Bar, and Giftland Officemax. The advance tickets are $3,000 and VIP's are $10,000.

Special emphasis has been placed on security as National Park does have its weaknesses in the perimeter. However special security consultants have been contracted and measures are in place to ensure that the venue is well secured. The police have been very co-operative in advising about the necessary precautions to take. They have also expressed their stringent no tolerance attitude towards firearms and unruly patrons. No drinks or food will be allowed into the venue as there will be food and beverage franchises selling same. There will be two security checkpoints, and anyone entering the venue MUST have an OFFICIAL ticket. The entrance will be the Eastern gate on Thomas Land road. Also, Thomas Land road will be used as a one way moving east to west. Parking will be in the Malteenoes cricket ground. VIP ticket holders will have an exclusive VIP Parking in the National Park itself with the entrance from Carifesta Avenue, but VIP Patrons MUST have a VIP ticket to be able to get through security from Carifesta Avenue.

Due to popular demand, we will be having a morning show dubbed “The PRE-IGNITION Matinee Show” featuring QQ at the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall. We have had many requests from parents of/and students alike as many would not be allowed to attend the evening concert as it is catered for adults. In reacting to the demand we have decided to organize and execute a show for this crowd. QQ will be the feature artist with Guyanese artists such as Jory, Gialiani, Typheon, Ilaman, Mystic and Young Fyah performing. Tickets are $800 VAT inclusive for children and $1,200 for the adults who need to accompany the underage children.

Patrons are URGED to buy their tickets early and get in the venue so as not to miss the show. On average it will take approximately 3-25 minutes to enter the venue depending on what time patrons arrive. The earlier the better as the crowd will not be so huge. Gates will be open at 7pm and the show starts PROMPTLY at 9pm with the Brutal Jammers warming up followed by Ilaman, Mystic, Typheon, Gialiani, and then Jory. The International segment will commence at 11 pm starting with QQ followed by Wayne Wonder and Bounty Killer. We advise patrons to get there early so that they may get their full money's worth from the event.
Persons can also lookout on NCN 11 to see the LIVE RED & WHITE Party from 1pm-2pm on Saturday the 19th April. This will be simultaneously aired with a LIVE radio broadcast on 98.1 Hot Fm. Fans can get to see the artists of the IGNITION CONCERT give interviews.

Wildfire Productions would just like to thank our sponsors Digicel, Carib Beer, F&H Printing, Caribbean Airlines, Nanda's Boutique, White Castle Fish Shop, Facts'n'Roses, Dyna's Embroidery and Giftland Officemax. Also we would like to extend our thanks to the patrons who support our events as they are the ones who encourage us to do more for Guyana's entertainment industry. We thank you and hope you are all there to come and Ignite Guyana with us on Saturday!

Wildfire Productions Team


Bachelors’ and Bachelorettes’ Auction

The final year law students of the University of Guyana with some help from the West Indies and Sri Lanka cricket teams held a bachelor and bachelorette auction in the Savannah Suite of the Le Meridian Pegasus Hotel. The event was held with the aim of acquiring funds to compile a Journal and Yearbook for the final year law students. The highest bidders of the evening would have the opportunity to have lunch with their respective bachelor/bachelorette at the Buddy’s International Hotel.

The bachelors presented to be auctioned brought much delight and excitement to the large female gathering. Considering the fact that there were a greater number of females in attendance as compared to men the response received from the crowd was considerably high. There were a significant requests for the bachelors to 'take it off' by excited females in attendance. They were successful as it relates to two of the bachelors one of which took off both his shirt and vest much to the delight of the ladies in attendance. Despite the fact there were more males than females in attendance the bachelors received considerably lower bids than the bachelorettes. This fact may or may not have been attributed to one of the stipulations stated on the ticket. The stipulation was "Heterosexual bidding only". The bachelor that eventually acquired the highest bid was Mr. Steven Rogers.

The bachelorettes presented were all beautiful and immensely attractive young women. The reception they received by the gathering was very encouraging to the young women and even had the females in attendance cheering. Some of the males in attendance even acquired permission from their female companions to bid on the young women. The highlights of the evening however were the bidding for Melissa Alfred and Samantha Matute. Bidding for Ms. Alfred was intense and fierce by virtue of her beauty and appeal. The attention acquired by Ms. Alfred was much to the delight and satisfaction of those in attendance. The bidding was spirited and fierce as the prospect of having lunch with such a beauty was incentive enough for the men in attendance to keep bidding higher. The bidding was so intense that the final bid was $40,000. The bidding session for Ms. Matute was as energetic and as spirited as that of Ms. Alfred. This fact can be attributed the fact that she happens to be a law student and also to the fact that she is from Belize, which is interesting to know. Her beauty in addition to the prospect of having lunch with such a beautiful woman was enough to motivate the men to bid generously. At the end of the bidding the opportunity to have lunch with Ms. Matute went to the young man that bid $45000.

In addition to the bachelors and bachelorettes up for auction there were also two autographed bats up for auction. The bats were autographed by the players of the West Indies and Sri Lankan cricket teams. This welcome addition to the evening was well received by those in attendance who wished to have these collectibles in their possession.
There was an entertainment segment to the evening which featured fashion and music. The fashion aspect of the evening was an opportunity to display Tie Die and Hand Painted creations of Ms. Jacobs. The males confidently showcased their pieces while the females elegantly displayed cocktail dresses. The designs were colorful and comfortable clothing that can be worn to various events. Mr. Sheldon Walcott entertained the gathering with musical selections done by the group 24K of which he's a member. Performing the single "Turning me on" was much to the pleasure of the large female contingent in attendance. This musical interlude was much to the pleasure and satisfaction of those in attendance more so the women.

This event was well organized and executed which was evident in the success acquired. It would be fair to say this event was a success and the patrons had their money's worth. The special effort made to promote local talent through fashion and music was also noted and a tribute to the thoughtfulness of the organizers.

By Andrew Ross