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Ignition Concert

Wildfire Productions is committed to our role in developing the entertainment industry and so we are set to ignite with our first concert for 2008 with other concerts to follow.

This being our first concert for 2008 we chose the name Ignition as it is our startup concert, so to speak, for other concerts we have planned for the year. People are already familiar with our last concert of 2007 THE INFERNO CONCERT and can expect just the same quality and better planning and promotions surrounding the IGNITION CONCERT from Wildfire Productions. The IGNITION will be featuring some of the best artists in the business such as the legendary Bounty Killer, the ladies man Wayne Wonder, and the youngest dancehall star QQ.

What to expect

If people did not get into the partying mood for 2008 then this is their ignition. We have chosen artists we feel will give high quality and entertaining performances for the different likes of reggae music. QQ being the youngest should not be confused with inexperience. He has quite a number of songs including the dancehall hits Stukie and Tek it to dem. His stage performance is unreal and many will be surprised when they see this young fireball burst unto the stage. Wayne Wonder’s lover’s rock will definitely have the ladies crooning down memory lane and the fellas going back to the good ol’ days. But Wayne, being the veteran he is, has maintained with the dancehall scene and like a true veteran grew with it. His new album has current hits that play in the dancehall and radio. He is known for classics such as Saddest Day, Live and Learn, Excess amount of Loving, and newer hits such as Anything goes, Hold me now, Exposed, Bounce Along, No Letting Go, and the list goes on!

Then there is the legendary and mighty Bounty Killer. If you do not know him by name you know him by reputation. Bounty is a seasoned veteran performer with many hits and international collaborations with artists such as Damian Marley, No Doubt, The Fugees, Busta Rhymes and others. He has been nominated for grammies and given 4 star ratings by Rolling Stone. One of the more popular factors here in Guyana about Bounty is his rivalry with Beenie Man. Even though they are friends off stage, they are fierce competitors onstage. Bounty is very popular and many can expect great things from him at the Ignition concert… he will be definitely one to start things up for Wildfire and Guyana for 2008!


Even though the economy is challenging right now and not many sponsors are on board, we do recognize the need for consistent high quality entertainment. With Carifesta not too far off, we feel that the timing for our first concert is just right so that people can come out and have a great night of entertainment. We would like to thank:
Ansa Mcal through their product Carib Beer , F&H Printing who will be printing all fliers and posters,

Caribbean Airlines, White Castle Fish Shop, Facts N Roses


Our sound systems are Lionhear, SLingerz, Stereosonics, and Fusion. We will be having many promotions where people can win prizes such as cd’s and tickets in the coming weeks. People just need to have their ears and eyes open. We will be doing our artist sing-a-like competition, 98.1 hot fm radio call in program, dance off competitions, and others. Also, the Wildfire Productions team will be randomly visiting parties, and events to host competitions on the premise. So party fans will all have opportunities.

Other information

Tickets will be on sale in approximately 1 week and advance tickets are $3,000.00 while VIP will be $10,000.00. A limited number of early bird tickets will be available at$2,500, but as usual they have started to sell and are on a first come first serve basis. More information on early birds can be given by calling 623-8675, 642-8990 or emailing Persons can also visit our website Securtiy is a major concern for us as it is on all our events, so we will be ensuring strict security measures are in place. More info will be available in the coming weeks.


My Rotting Remains

The agony was too much. I’ve never cried so hard, my thoughts were scattered, I was confused and angry all at once.

I knew about the outcome of this but yet I was obstinate and had to have my own way. I sat at the edge of my bed with tears flowing down my pale cheeks; the sun stood still with its gleaming glow. It was as though it was punishing me for what I had done. The world scorned me.

Tim and I had been married for several years. Together we started our family and little by little we built ourselves the perfect home, or so we thought. As the days went by, "Tim was forced to work out of town to help feed and support the family." Like any wife I supported his decision. The nights seemed endless and the days kept crawling. I was forced to spend my lonely nights crying the dry tears. I missed my husband so dearly; I longed for his kisses.

A day out with my girlfriends changed everything I once felt for my husband.

"Mark," the voice said softly. I turned slowly with a question written on my face.

"I beg your pardon?" He looked straight into my eyes; I could feel the stare piercing my skin.

"Mark," he repeated. "My name is Mark, I live just a few blocks away from you, and I’m sorry if I stared too hard but I was taken back by such radiant beauty."

I blushed, and with a bright smile I got up and introduced myself;

"Elizabeth," I said. I was already lost in his eyes, and his smile made me tingle all over.

Mark and I eventually left the group and made it to the park. We became mutual friends. He knew I was married but we both enjoyed each other’s company. We spent days together; thoughts of my husband barely crossed my mind. I was dangerously hooked on Mark.

Nothing seemed possible without him…we had endless pleasure together. This was an affair that I was determined to live with. I was willing to give up my entire family for this man. He treated me like a queen, dining out at nights, and unexpected gifts of love and affection. I was putting my wants before my needs. He adored my children and they loved him, but little did they know he was their mother’s secret pleasure.

I looked at myself in my bathroom mirror, I looked beautiful and youthful, I smiled more often and I felt that youthfulness I had with Tim. My heart told another tale, I can never love two men at the same time. I tried convincing myself that it was infatuation, but Mark was very charming and he had become a part of me. You’ve got to stop this," I whispered to myself. "An affair will just ruin your marriage and besides Tim will be back," I assured myself. I refused to listen to myself; I set aside every negative thought I had about Mark and let my passion take the best of me.

Mark decided he wanted to end this 'fling,' he wanted out. I was shocked. I had already given him the best of me and now I was left heartbroken. I pleaded with him not to end our relationship but he just kept shunning me. I felt ripped, inside a burning desire for Mark. Many nights I cried the tears of regret. I was now left alone.

I stood there dumb.

"How could you?" I screamed as I tried to hold back my gushing tears.

He glanced away and playfully kicked about stones on the ground and said

"Some things are better left unsaid."

I froze, my heart froze because I watched my lover walk out of my life.

My husband returned home and I felt reprehensible. I was scared but I vowed not to let my guilty conscience ruin my marriage. I spent most of my time longing for Mark. I rejected my husband's embrace; I only wanted Mark's touch. I pretended that everything was all right when really I was burning inside with desire for another man.

On a bright Saturday afternoon, as I baked cookies for my kids and listened as they ran through the house screaming, the buzzer on my door went off. As I walked towards the door, I wiped my hands on the kitchen towel and gently flung it on the kitchen counter.

"Good afternoon, Madam," the mailman said with a huge smile.

"Good afternoon to you too. May I help you?"

He gave me the telegram and calmly walked away. It had been a telegram for me, and it was from an unknown name, but it was addressed to me. "Who?" I thought to myself.

It read, "Mark died." Stop. "He died peacefully." Stop. "Package to follow."

"Mark died,"I whispered to myself. I felt my stomach growl, suddenly I felt dizzy. I became numb; the walls looked as though they were closing in on me. I was spinning helplessly.

The package that followed had a letter from Mark, and in the privacy of my room my tears rushed helplessly down my cheeks. I sat at the edge of the bed unsure of what to expect. As I read the letter my heart raced and my thoughts were cloudy and gray. He had left because of his illness, an illness that killed him, he regretted every hurt he caused me but was happy that in his lifetime he met a woman such as me.

As I read the letter my husband came in only to find me slumped on the bed in tears. He took the letter from me but I was too ashamed to fight back. He read with disbelief, his anger grew faster as he too broke down with tears of betrayal and hatred.

"Forgive me," I pleaded with him.

The scornful look he gave me made me realize that our vows ‘for better or for worse,’ were all just a sham. He hated me no less, I made him cry. The man I once loved I compared to a man I lusted for. I was scorned amongst everyone. It had been an excruciating affair.

My rotting remains were a disgrace. Now I have to live with the guilt and the poison of what I had done to my family, and myself. I have allowed my lust to consume me and my consequence is definite, the house with the picket fence is broken and all my dreams shattered all at once. I am HIV Positive. God! Help me now…. How can I stop these tears from falling down helplessly.

Copyright © 2008 Tashandra Inniss

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GFW: Ready to Go 2nd Time Around

Sonia Noel, CEO of Guyana Fashion Weekend has informed that the annual event is ready to explode for the second time in Guyana. The prestigious fashion event was staged at the end of last summer at Buddy's International Hotel and attracted over eight hundred (800) patrons each night. The red carpet event saw the who's who in Guyana, Minister's of Government and even the head of state His Excellency The Hon. Bharrat Jagdeo.

One member of the International Press said, "Guyana Fashion Week is a very important and necessary addition to the emerging list of international fashion weeks. Sonia and the staff at Guyana Fashion Week have given national designers the opportunity to present and be represented on a global scale. GFW also showcases the best of Guyana as well -- whether Fashion or Tourism, Media, Restaurants, or Government. It's a win-win situation all the way around. Guyana Fashion Week was really an eye opener and I look forward to its growth." This statement was echoed by all persons who caught a glimpse of the event live, recorded or in print.

Guyana is now a new fashion Mecca and CEO Sonia Noel says she is looking forward to working with new and exciting talent for the 2008 event. She also expressed pleasure in the countless phone calls she would have received from persons wanting to be a part of the event in one way or another. She also added that in 2008 she would love to see designers catering more to men, as males are now a lot more fashion conscious.

The bar will be raised in 2008! Designers will have the opportunity to undergo more training prior to preparing their collections, a greater scope of designers from the Latin American and French Caribbean Regions will be invited to showcase their collections and patrons can expect models to be in fine form when they take that strut on the catwalk.

The Government of Guyana was instrumental in the 2007 show and Noel informed, "What is even more exciting is that Guyana Fashion Weekend was invited to be a part of the Carifesta 2008 programme! That means that a broad spectrum of visitors will be in the country to witness the most amazing fashion spectacle in Guyana. This gives designers the opportunity to broaden their horizons and interact for greater business opportunities.

Guyana Fashion Weekend will be staged from August 26th – August 30th and its planned to be mind blowing! Persons needed more information can call 592-680-6325 or email at