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Day 1 – Diamond Mineral Hockey Festival

Game 1- Guyana National Under-21 vs. Malvern (Trinidad & Tobago) (Males)

The first game of the tournament saw the youngsters facing off against an experienced Malvern. The experience factor worked against the U-21 within the first 5 minutes of the game when the Trinidadians scored their first goal. Following this initial penetration of the inexperienced defense there was a relentless attack by Malvern. Their constant attack yielded results at the end of the half the scoreboard read: 6 – 0 in favour of Malvern.

The first half proved to be a somewhat humiliating and demoralizing blow to the U-21, but they were not to be outdone. As the second half resumed there was a sense of renewed vigor and determination by the young side. Though frustrated they persisted in attempting to penetrate the defense of Malvern. They were rewarded with a goal after only 4 minutes following the resumption of the game. This however did not stop Malvern from continuing their barrage of their defense so as to secure their victory in the opening game in the tournament. What happened for the remainder of the game was much to the dissatisfaction and dismay of the U-21 players and their fans. The final score for the first game of the tournament was: Malvern 12- Guyana National Under-21 1.

Game 2- Malvern vs. Queens Park (Females)

This game saw two Trinidadian teams facing off. The first indication I got from these teams was they had relatively good knowledge of each other’s abilities and weaknesses. This was evident in the way the teams were able to hold off each other for most of the first half. This spell was broken by Malvern with a skillful goal that caught the goalkeeper off guard. This was followed closely by Queens Park to equalize before halftime.
The second half was more energetic and entertaining for the fans. This was mainly because the game took on a more physically aggressive pattern by the teams. Despite this, Malvern were able to secure two more goals to their advantage. A valiant attempt by the females of Queens Park was however rewarded by another goal to their credit before the final whistle. The final score was: Malvern 4- Queens Park 2.

Game 3- Everest Hikers vs. Old Fort (Males)

This proved to be the feature game of the evening. Not only was the playing on the court fast paced and skillful but the response from the fans and spectators was to its peak. The first team to strike was Everest in the opening minutes of the game. This led to a relentless attack on their goal by the Old Fort strikers. Their efforts were rewarded 9 minutes into the first half to equalize. The efforts by each team to keep the other at bay were successful until the last five minutes of the game when the Everest struck again to secure an advantage going into the end of the first half. However, Old Fort were not outdone, just before the first half ended they scored the equalizing goal on a penalty corner.

The excitement experienced during the first half was repeated and even multiplied in the second half. Hikers regain the lead with a spectacular goal by Mark King from the top of the Old Fort circle. Old Fort responded with two quick goals to take their first lead of the game and put the Hikers in a tough position to regain the advantage or at least to equalize. This wish was granted when Timothy Mcintosh used a short corner to secure the equalizing goal. The final score was: Everest Hikers 4- Old Fort 4.

The tournament continues until Sunday and should feature other teams such as; Everest female, Trinidad Defense Force, Queens Park Men and GCC male and female. This tournament promises to be an exciting and competitive one.
by Andrew Ross

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Things That Do Not Make Sense (Part 2)

There is a Broadband ad which features a young lady walking up or down, whichever, an alley in lingerie and a lab coat. Now that ad's been on for quite a while and I still don't understand what on God's green earth she has to do with broadband. So Broadband is fast. By including her in the ad, dressed as she is, are they implying that she is "fast" as well? Believe me, I am not trying to be disrespectful, but the ad makes no sense. I know that "sex sells" but honestly!

'Creative Jewellery and Pawn Shop' has an ad in which Linden Jones is having a meal with a young lady at the Original Dairy Bar. At some point he realizes that he doesn't have enough money to pay for the meal and tries to leave to go get money to pay. He is stopped by one of the employees of the establishment and told that he cannot simply leave and come back without paying. After being reminded that he is wearing a big gold chain and several gold rings, and enlightened on the fact that 'Creative Jewellery and Pawn Shop' is right up the road he is seen going to the pawn shop to get the necessary cash to pay for the meal. It seems just a little senseless to me that someone would forbid me from leaving to get money initially, but then because I claim I'm just going up the road to the pawn shop to get the money, I'm allowed to go. Rubbish!

If you've ever been to the National Cultural Centre then you've heard the rules and regulations read once the show is about to begin-about the use of cell phones, and taking photographs, etc. What I do not understand though, is why they include the dress code in that announcement. If I am sitting in the auditorium, listening to the message, isn't it that I don't need to be told what the dress code is? Isn't it that I am dressed in accordance with the dress code and that if I am not dressed appropriately, but am hearing this message from the comfort of my seat, that the staff simply failed to do their job? I just think it's a very unnecessary inclusion.


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