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GuyExpo 2007

 Guyexpo 2007 was hailed as a success by all that not only took part but also by those who were afforded the opportunity to encounter the event for themselves. As you are aware each organizers of an event always promise to come bigger and better than the previous time. Well the organizers of Guyexpo 2007 surely outdid themselves as compared to their presentation in previous years. There was a general improvement of the presentation as well as exceptionally designed showcases which caught the attention of the patrons.

The hassle of buying tickets at the entrance of the event was taken into consideration by the organizers who instead of putting the ticket booths right at the entrance, placed the ticket booths on the streets leading into the exhibition site. This initiative worked as a deterring factor to the long lines usually created and the confusion that takes place as a result. The security checkpoints were well organized so that women and men were searched as they entered the site separately. The security personnel were also very courteous to a man in a wheelchair attempting to get into the event.

The first sight that greeted persons attending the exposition was a wildlife theme display with a macaw and a monkey hanging from two trees forming a canopy bearing the logo: “Guyexpo 2007 Partnering for Progress”. The designers chose a wildlife/jungle setting for the entrance into the event as well, creating a replica of Guyana’s rainforest with representations of its creatures in the tunnel leading to the main center of the event. There could be clearly seen replicas of caiman, monkeys, snakes as well as a jaguar. To add a nicer touch and a bit or authenticity to the display speakers were hidden among the trees playing sounds of nature, making one feel as if they were actually walking through the forest floor.

The way in which the booths were displayed is also to be complimented. There was almost full utilization of the site for booths. The way in which the exhibitors choose to decorate and display their booths was also very attractive and interesting. Most choose to integrate the rainforest theme into their displays, at least those located on the exterior of the buildings erected for booths. The larger organizations chose to spice up their displays to attract attention as well as to get a competitive edge. There were three exceptional displays that came to mind. First was Digicel who sought to add the car of speedster Mark Viera as a part of their display. This attracted customers to their booths in hundreds and it also proved to be a favorite spot to take photographs. Secondly was GT&T who utilized the skills of a sculptor to make an excellent replica of the Kaiteur Falls. This display was given a special spot in which photographers made very good use of the working replica fully equipped with running water. This breathtaking presentation was specially made by GT&T for Guyexpo 2007. Finally there was splashmins. They sought to make a scaled down version of the fun park. This was fully equipped with two power boats with models in bathing suits as well as jet skis in the specially dug out pond to represent the creek. This presentation was well received by those in attendance and attracted a lot of attention to the site.

The variety with which Guyexpo 2007 presented is also unparalleled to previous years. There were presentations form local producers, manufacturers and importers. There were representations of large, medium and small enterprise businesses. The event was not only attended by businesses but also by NGOs and non profit organizations such as the Red Cross. There were also provisions made for foreign countries to be represented by virtue of their business sectors. This is a movement away from an all Guyanese show and an opening up of the economy in keeping with the principles set out in the CSME as well as taking into consideration globalization and not restricting investment into the country. Not only was this good for the companies but it was a step in the right direction in terms of making Guyana a viable investment opportunity to the rest of the world. The variety of the displays made it almost impossible for one to see all the displays in one visit. If the displays were not enough to encourage you to keep going every opportunity you had, the car put up for grabs probably was your motivation. Guyexpo largest cooperate partner Clico Insurance Company Guyana; put a 3million dollar Toyota Carina up for grabs. To get a chance to win this car all one had to do was buy a ticket and write their contact info on the back and drop it into a rotisserie to stand a chance of winning.

The entertainment aspect of the event was well organized and catered for the tastes of almost every age group and musical preferences of everyone there. All one had to do is wait and their choice of music would have been presented. Guyanese artistes were given an opportunity to do their thing for the large crowds gathered. There were well organized and well choreographed dances, well tuned performances and excellent comedy. Not forgetting the excellent job done by the DJ’s on the turntables representing their respective sound systems expertly. The entertainment aspect of the show was so appreciated that GT&T even sponsored an entire evening segment. The blue power concert on Sunday evening was well received and provided a wide range of local artiste with an opportunity to perform for the local crowd. Their performances were well received and appreciated by those in attendance.

Guyexpo 2007 was such a success an extension was requested, but this was quickly refused by the minister of tourism. The reason this request was turned down was the fact that every year Guyexpo is usually held for 4 days then held over for a fifth night, this year however the event was held for 6 days taking previous years into consideration. The impact of this year’s exposition and the opportunities it afforded local and foreign investors cannot be fully seen at this point but from all indications Guyexpo 2007 was a monumentally successful representation of Guyanese culture and manufacturing potential, it also afforded Guyanese the opportunity to see what the world has to offer. Guyana was indeed put on show at this year’s event and I can hardly wait to see what is in store for next year.
by Andrew Ross

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The Price We’re Willing To Pay

The parents and I finally made it to the Suarez Family Circus on Tuesday, October 22nd. There was a very small number of persons there, but each artiste executed his or her act as though it was being viewed by thousands. As wonderful as the show was, though, the purpose of this article is not to comment on the performances. I have heard many complaints over the last few weeks concerning the admission fee to the circus. I have also heard complaints about the prices of items at the concession stands. The basic truth, from which this all stems, is that as humans we are hardly, if ever, satisfied. We keep wanting more and more, but at no cost to us. We say we want better, more wholesome entertainment, but are only willing to pay the price of a poorly put together show. To attend the circus anywhere in the world one would pay no less than the equivalent of G$2,600.00-and this is at a discounted price which comes with several restrictions. I do understand that there is a big difference between the price of a drink at the circus and the price one is used to paying on the road, but be fair – the organizers have incurred expenses which they must take care of. They have the several performers and a maintenance crew to pay, equipment to maintain, as well as traveling costs to cover. Apart from these, there is also a giraffe and not one or two, but seven Bengal tigers that need to be fed. Now unless you intend to volunteer your body for the greater good –to allow others to attend the show at a slightly lower cost- your complaints are really unreasonable.Further murmuring stems from the G$2,500.00 price tag put on having one’s photograph taken with the tiger. No, I do not have a job and those who “work hard for their money” will probably say that because I am not spending my own money I do not value it as I should. But let us think this through. Were you to focus on the $2,500.00 and decide that that was just too much to pay to have a photograph taken, tell me when would you get that sort of opportunity again? We have no such creature here, so in order to see this animal again one would have to travel abroad – transportation costs + the possible admission fee to the zoo + whatever miscellaneous expenses. You do the math. Very often, people hastily take things at face value and immediately push them to the side because of cost. But I think it is very important that we all think each situation through and seriously weigh the benefits against the disadvantages. Consider the likelihood of another such opportunity presenting itself, then make a well thought out decision, that was not based solely on finances. The next time you’re tempted to be cheap, remember the French proverb which says that “It is a wise man who lives with money in the bank; it is a fool who dies that way.”
- Bless

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Timing in Nature

When each of us was a baby it was natural for us to "do our business" whenever and wherever. We sensed the call of Nature, and responded as was natural for us. As we got a little older it became natural for us to raise our hand, or tug at our mother’s dress to indicate that Nature was on the line. For most of us, we are now at the stage where it has become natural for us to hear the call of nature and respond accordingly only when it is appropriate; we respond once we have found a clean toilet. There are many males to whom this does not apply, however, as they just find a post, a tree, a wall, anything that’s stationary really, and carry out the task at hand. For the sake this article, we will politely ignore these young men.

During multiple discussions on sex, the recurring argument is that "sex is natural." This is true. We are sexual beings created to feel the urges we feel, but as with the above illustration, what is natural changes as we mature. In the immature stage, we let go whenever we felt that tingle. Likewise, in the immature stage of sexual and emotional development, we may tend to give in to the urges we feel by engaging in sexual activity. However, as we mature we should understand that though the urge is natural, there is a more appropriate way of dealing with it than simply giving in. I mean what would this world be if we all went around urinating and defecating on ourselves? Just as with wanting to use the toilet, we ought to wait where sex is concerned. We owe it to ourselves and our partners to wait until we have gotten to that safe, secure and private place, that place where responding to the urge is truly acceptable and without shame and regret. In the first example, this place is the toilet; in the case of sexuality, this place is marriage. Regardless of the arguments offered, this is the only safe institution. This is the only institution in which sexual activity will come without regret and a sense of empty and momentary pleasure. This is the only institution for which God created sex. He created it. He knew it would be pleasurable, but as with all things there is a time and a place.

I do understand that initially, decisions may have been made in the heat of the moment. But I am one of those who believes in what is known as "secondary virginity." I believe that there is something honorable in a woman wanting to, after having made a previous ill-guided decision, keep herself for that man she plans to spend the rest of her life with, that man who also wants to spend the rest of his life with her, and proves it by making her his wife. It is simply not enough to promise without the ring, that you are "gonna get married anyway." This doesn’t cut it; it just doesn’t. The same goes for males. A major part of a relationship is compromise, but sex is one thing that should not be compromised. If you love someone you will want the best of him or her, you will want to be a part of his or her mental and emotional growth. The only way to help someone grow is to hold his or her hand and politely decline the sexual advances. Let the person know that you too feel what the urges, but that giving in to the strong temptation is not the best decision you can make as a couple. I believe that whatever is meant to be will be, regardless of how long it takes. If at the time your partner decides he or she cannot wait for you, let him or her go. This is easier said than done, I know, but he or she will be back if you are meant to be together.

Remember that we grow by learning to control ourselves. We avoid being laughed at in primary school by learning to control the urge to go to the toilet and waiting for permission from our teacher. Gymnasts perfect their skills by learning to control their moves. Swimmers become internationally recognized as champions when they learn to control their bodies and their breathing. We become our best selves by learning to control the urge to do what seems easy at the time, but really is detrimental in the long run.


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