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Guyana Fashion Weekend Night 2

The Guyana Fashion Weekend closed on a high note last evening at the Buddy's International Hotel. The proceedings that evening were dominated by Guyanese designers and models. The Master of ceremonies for the evening was Ronnie Morris, who opened the show by singing a well-received rendition of "You raised me up."

Patricia Coates was the first Guyanese designer of the evening to showcase evening and casual wear. This presentation got the evening off on a positive and promising start. Her collection included lightweight, colourful and stylish pieces, which the models displayed with confidence and elegance.

Next was the sister team of Nikisha and Nuddine Telford out of Linden. They displayed an array of colorful designs that were party-oriented, racy in comparison to those of the other designers, and which provided a true reflection of youth. They also sought to integrate some semi-formal and casual fashion into their presentation. The Telford sisters presented their fashion line dubbed "Climax Designs" for which they were OR and were also awarded the title of "Most Promising New Designers" by the publisher of Shabeau magazine. Along with this title, the young ladies will receive a full pictorial and editorial display in the magazine, and have also received a trophy. The young ladies were offered a grand opportunity to showcase their pieces at an international fashion show to be held in Trinidad and Tobago sometime soon. Guyanese publisher of Shabeau magazine said that she will continue to support Sonia Noel in the presentation of Guyana Fashion Weekend, and is very honoured to give back to her country.

Designer Rhonda Dunbar's segment included semi-formal and casual pieces. She began her career by designing the costumes for the group X2. Because of the encouragement she received, she proceeded to design Adrian Dutchin's costume for the 2006 Soca Monarch competition, which he won. She also designed the costume which he performed in at this year's competition.

Lou Ann Jackson followed with her colourful designs of casual and evening apparel. Prior to this, only female models were selected to showcase the pieces. The male models used for this presentation brought added flavour to the proceedings as they showcased not only the clothes, but also their chizzled physique much to the satisfaction of the females in attendance. Her pieces were mainly hand- painted and featured accessories to enhance the look.

Derek Moore was up next. He presented his "D' Adlaid" fashion line, which consisted of simple, fashionable evening wear. His clothing line also included some semi-formal pieces which were perfectly displayed by the beautiful and confident female models.

Andrea Braithwaite introduced her line of "Timeless Treasures" to the gathering. Her designs were elegant, stylish and comfortable. She also included in her line, provisions for full- figured women who would choose to be elegant, fashionable while maintaining a modest look. She pulled this off seamlessly, taking into consideration different age groups and body types. This was important to note as it shows her experience in dealing with different types of people and her ability to therefore make adjustments to suit any client.

Sonola Forte kicked off the second half with evening wear from her "Bumble Bee" collection. Her stylish designs were displayed with chic and grace by the local and international models. Forte's designs consisted more of close-fitting clothing than loose flowing apparel. Following her display advisor to the President and PPP/C M.P., Mr. Odinga Lumumba addressed the gathering. In his address he congratulated the committee on a job well done and outlined some benefits that can be gained by hosting such an event in Guyana. He also said that this event allows the world to see what Guyana can produce in terms of fashion and entertainment. He also applauded Sonia Noel for her vision and dedication to the project and stated that "this woman has belly" to have executed such a monumental and historical event in this country.

Trinidadian Dominique Laroche unveiled his "Wearable Art" to the fashion enthusiasts present at the Buddy's International Hotel. He utilized black veils to cover the head of his models to add a different flair and a bit of flavour. The high point of his presentation was when one of the male models came out in fawn slacks and a cream long sleeved top. When he was headed back and halfway down the runway the model turned around, took off his top, turned it over, then reveal a reversible side to the top. This was received with amazement and satisfaction by the females present. He also showcased a beautiful flowing white wedding gown with a matching male veil. This was an interesting insertion into the night's proceedings.

Anetha Daniels followed with African print. This 30-year Guyanese resident of England shaked things up a bit by playing the recent hit single "African Queen" as catwalk music to fittingly display her African print designs. She also presented matching male and female African bridal apparel which was most delightful and entertaining. Donna Dove resides in the USA but originates from the twin island republic and brought her "Sugarcane" collection to the shores of Guyana. She expertly fitted both male and female models with colorful hand- painted clothing to reflect the bright colorful nature of the Caribbean. She also made provisions for full figured women in her line.

The final designer was, most appropriately, Ms. Sonia Noel. She brought the curtains down on this inaugural Guyana Fashion Weekend by displaying her fashion line "Mariska's Designs". Her pieces were accessorized with leopard spotted hats and scarves and added spice to the display. She also sought to display her versatility and skill by displaying a pair of models wearing the same coloured clothing but in different styles. To seal the deal so to speak all the models who participated in the event were asked to take one final trip down the catwalk. This event is expected to be an annual feature and will grow, as the years progress, to attract even more international attention and will hold a significant place in our country's entertainment and tourism sector. Congratulations to the committee particularly Ms. Sonia Noel, on a job well done. Thank you for your vision and determination.

By Andrew Ross


The Spoken And Written Word

For a long time I have had a problem with the outright misuse of grammar as well as the death of the English language in our society. I’m tired of hearing “I’s Guyanese” as an excuse for the incorrect usage of the language. Even if I am to (reluctantly) excuse the misguided babblings of the ignorant person on the street, I most certainly will not excuse those in the media who are being paid to ensure that messages are related clearly, effectively and structurally correct to the public. I have recorded only a few examples but rest assured I will be on the look out for additions for the article as I continue to ask the question “What is the purpose of the editor?”

  • I was very upset to hear a repeat of bad grammar as the annual August 1st activities at the National Park were announced. Last year the public was informed that on August 1st “all roads leads to the National Park.” We were again graced with this announcement, but I am pleased to note that they finally heard their error and corrected it. It only took them one year.
  • There is a bookstore located in the vicinity of the bus park-if you do not know it, it matters not. But for a few weeks the store’s slogan was “Education Build’s A Nation.” When I first saw it I was appalled, especially because of the type of establishment. I had planned on either going in to or calling them as they seemed to be unaware of the error, but was glad to see it changed without my input.
  • While this year’s “GT&T Jingle and Song Competition” was coming to a close it was announced over and over, and over again that “the Finals of the GT&T Jingle and Song Competition Finals will be held” on whatever date. Have mercy. I can tolerate, not understand, but tolerate that being aired once, and maybe even twice, but not several times right up to the very event. It was completely inexcusable.
  • Double Day International Hotel, Restaurant and Bar had a notice on the television stating that they offer, among other things “a relax and spacious environment” and also “stock alcohol and non-alcohol beverages.” Enough said.
  • In the August 24th edition of the Kaieteur News an article on my absolute favourite local artiste Mr. Edward Neblett went a little something like this: “Employed at Scotia Bank this talented, focused, family-oriented and God-fearing are words which best describes gospel singer Edward Neblett.” What?

I do not understand exactly why people continue to be paid to “ensure” that everything is as it should be when this is what they produce on the radio, television and in the newspapers.


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Guyana Fashion Weekend Opening Night

The Guyana fashion weekend 2007, held at the Buddy's International Hotel, got off to a very good start last evening with an excellent display of fashion locally, regionally and internationally.

The brainchild of local and international designer Sonia Noel, the event was handled with strict professionalism. The time printed on the tickets was 19:00 hrs, this time was upheld and may have hurt those who like to be *fashionably late*. According to a source, at 18:00 hrs the first two designers scheduled to display their pieces already had their models ready for the catwalk; all they had to do is keep cool until show time. This alone shows the level of preparedness and professionalism present in the organizing and executing this presentation.

The models were excellent in their presentation of the pieces they were selected to perform in, the females were graceful and poised as they strutted their stuff down the catwalk. Their appearance came to the pleasure of the men in attendance. The swimsuit and lingerie segments were exceptionally entertaining and fun to watch. The models were of differing ages and body types. The designers expertly fitted them with pieces which matched each body type and age exquisitely. The male contingent was atheistically received by the many females in attendance. There was hearty applause, whistles of approval and even shouts of encouragement coming from the packed conference room. The men moved confidently along the catwalk displaying swimsuits, shorts & casual wear. There was one difference when a male and a female model appeared together holding hands wearing matching black lingerie. They appeared to the pleasure and satisfaction of the gathering.

The music chosen for the event was mainly soca, pop, and some funk. This fast -paced music was no challenge for the well-trained models who were able to step to the beats with accuracy and style. There was one notable change in the music which caught my attention. Designer Cleon Cummings, out of the USA, started his segment of the program with Vybz Kartel. This was the only time during the evening that a dub, hip hop, and reggae mix was added to the music selections.

The designers who showcased their outfit brought a blend of the various styles of clothing. There were sizzling displays of swimwear and lingerie, elegant displays of casual wear, and to a lesser extent evening and formal wear. Some designers decided to spice up their displays with body and face paintings, costumes, and one designer even used hats in addition to the designs. Some designers displayed their matching male and female pieces which was a good sign of versatility. The majority of the designers opted to use a mixture of male and female models for their presentations. Sonia Noel on the other hand decided to showcase her collection utilizing only male models. This decision was certainly not contested by the female contingent of the large audience.

On the down side, my opinion is that the seating accommodations left a lot to be desired. There was no clear distinction between the V.I.P and L.I.P-less important people- seating areas. I was made to understand the only difference between the V.I.P tickets and the ordinary tickets was complimentary drinks. Some parts of the room were still hot despite the fact the air conditioning was on. Despite this, the evening was hailed as a success by the many patrons who made this a sold out affair. This event has undoubtedly propelled the fashion industry, the entertainment arena, the tourism sector and by virtue of that the country even more unto the international scene in a positive light.

From all indications the event was a tremendous success. It was considered a success not only because it was sold out, but because there were several notable figures present. Some of the more notworthy individuals there were His Excellency President Bharrat Jagdeo, the Minister of Tourism- Mr. Maniram Prashad - and Franchise owner for the Miss Guyana World pageant and M.P. Mr. Odinga Lamumba. With this level of support the event was bound to attract the attention it received.

By Andrew Ross


Disgruntled Employees of the Year

Many of my most disturbing experiences when just trying to conduct my business, revolve around those persons who are working at certain places simply because bills need to be paid.

It is sad that so many people never seem to realize the dreams they held as children- to become a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman, a singer. It is sad that they have had to settle for “a lil guard wuk at di school up di road” or “lil hold on cleanin Miss Mavis house.” I feel for them; really I do, but IT IS NOT MY FAULT!

Why so many Guyanese employees seem unable to keep personal issues off the professional scene is beyond me. And I will probably never understand why they feel the need to roll their eyes, suck their teeth and grunt at me as though I am seeking a favour. I am not the reason GPL cut off your light, GT&T cut off your phone, you have no lunch, you and Charlie broke up, and you are on the verge of living on the street. I am aware that I may be coming across as an iceberg, but that is not the case at all. But, do pardon the absence of my apology when I disturb you from that oh so important telephone conversation filling Susan in on “di tek ups wit Rachael and she chile faduh.” And pardon my lack of understanding as to why when I buy original chicken I cannot get some hot sauce because it is for people who buy spicy chicken- now theirs is hot already, I would think mine is the one that would need the sauce but I guess I am just twisted like that.

If someone could tell me why the employees at stores that insist on prices like $1186.00, seem more annoyed than I when I stand there waiting quite patiently for my $4.00 I’d be much obliged.

Have you ever noticed that for a long time the Passport Office and Immigration at Timehri seemed to have the most dissatisfied, unpleasant, miserable-looking persons working for them? I was always quite displeased to be greeted by sour faces upon returning home. I’m happy to see that this is no longer the case at Timehri, but the employees at Passport Office could really do with some polishing, and lessons on smiling and speaking to people like they are people and not animals.

It would do these and all other “Disgruntled Employees of the Year” a world of good if they’d keep in mind that “if at the end of the day everything doesn’t turn out just perfect, SO WHAT?”


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Local Group Artistes – First Born

Watch It Deh Watch It Deh Watch It Deh! met with one of Guyana’s rising reggae culture groups last Saturday while they were shooting a video for the new hit single “GOT STYLE” at De Kulture Ambassador, Lot 97 David Street Kitty. The group “First Born” is signed to Vizion Sounds Records which deals with promoting peace and producing conscious tracks about everyday life. The new video had guest appearances of other local artistes such as Marlon Sansculotti aka Benji Diamond, Travis Carter aka Jad Kid of Truly Bless, Barrington Braithwaite and Shefetah of De Kulture Ambassador. Managing director Kevin Adonis assured that the vibes and energy were electrifying throughout the performance. First Born will be performing at the upcoming Guyana Music Expo, which will also feature other local artistes at the National Park.

One of their main goals is to take Guyana to the pinnacle by uniting Guyanese through their music and spreading love and unity.

by Randy Hope 

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